War Thunder Memes | Part 18

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  1. In this episode: Heli talent competitions, terrible hit boxes, ATGM bar fights, and 4005 atomic fire.
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    For the full memes playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW8JzDrsS3_vLpp4sFMPZd4qLm5nqYzWU

  2. Thotaro Joestar

    1:58 guy did you seriously pop the video recommendation when the hit display showed up

  3. anyone know the piece at 4:12?

  4. what is that first part with the anime from
    sauce ?


  6. Ah yes the War Thunder memes

  7. Doom music at 5:15

  8. Arrest.

    Slap them with the threat ALONE and things will be changing in a HUGE hurry

  9. Gavrilo Princip

    Death to anime

  10. Are u a chinese t3485 cos ur kinda gai

  11. Deadpool Randoms

    You know… it’s almost fun

  12. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    hate anime

  13. sooo i was going to start playing thunder after i watched philly , but after watching thing gringy video memes dont think its will be a fun communauty to hang with lol soo lame memes

  14. So much low effort

  15. But the maus is canceled to the game?

  16. Mr. WHITE SHARKs

    fu ck you china 0:55

  17. peppejaclap 0161

    anime weebs DansGame

  18. Cyka blyat! IdI Nahui!

    WTF is wrong with China

  19. Okay Steve gamer

  20. Memes for players who rush a random line get to 6.7 tank with the rest being 4.3 and an airforce consisting of the highest plane being a a FUCKING 109F4 OR A P47 YOU FUCKING KID YOU UNSKILLED BASTARD THINKING YOU ARE GOOD AHHHHHHHHHH

  21. Oh hell yeah man I think you and me have the same computer tower case. Amd gaming series?

  22. One time my dad was a Kv-2 and he shot and missed a tank and a piece of the shell shot up in the air and hit a plane destroying it. The physics are broken.

  23. GeT FrEe GoLdEn EaGlEs

  24. I exactly knew what was comming from that foghorn the second the clip started 😂

  25. 6:59 Nice skin

  26. Inverted V12 Powerhouse

    Pretty sure PL is on the client side not server

  27. I mean what can I say besides this is some really correct memes.

  28. 10:17 guy doesn’t know how to range find lol

  29. Wow looked into the sponsor and its a fake company that all the reviews suggest its a scam

  30. Anyone know what the clip at 4:12 is from

  31. You mad ‘cuz you bad. Simple

  32. Canadian Waffenswagger

    i personaly disslike the chinease tec tree
    its a fking fac machine

  33. Got another ad for war thunder on a war thunder video, and one for WOT on a WOT video… i think youtubes algorithm for ads needs a bit of a push about where it should put these ads. Probably better on videos about tanks and stuff and not videos about the game itself.

  34. What about using the app with a steam account ?

  35. Stop advertising fakery! This app is garbage! Good vid doh c:

  36. 6:22 lmao

  37. I’m gonna beat your teeth in with these fucking corner icon bullshit. Cant see anything that make the snapshot

  38. 1:22 jelly man

  39. 0:26 – Me in my A7M1 when I see an ASU-57 from above.

  40. Dont ser why this should be funny.

  41. And that’s why the US tech tree is imbalanced shit, because Gaijins are sucking asses for donatable minority.

  42. 08:17

  43. Can someone tell me the name of the outro music? Thanks.

    • Legend has it the great prophet “description” will tell you if you’re lucky enough to be graced by his presence

  44. Ok but whats the name of the anime in the first clip. Asking for a friend

  45. 6:21 someone know name of this film

  46. Stop with the fake eagles advertisement god damn

  47. Lenny the burger

    how much did they pay you to promote the scam lnao

  48. Agent Bill Wilson

    they really ought to make east germany part of the soviet team

  49. The normal dude 1833

    06:23 ha ha. It’s funny because it’s true!

  50. Shit channel. Clearly trying to be like Dita.

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