War Thunder Memes | Part 8 v2

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Source: MrSteveGamer

Remade this because I’m not giving some random fake company claims on ads for one of my videos when they don’t own the rights the video and the thing they’re claiming isnt even in the video.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Zdgj4TV

Why not join KdFVW my War Thunder Squadron? After all it is unlike the stuff below =P

Special thanks to A 10 and Kian Zolfaghari for being sponsors =D


  1. Thoutgh the last clip was a meme!

  2. Oliver Lykke Olesen

    i swear, the tyler1 video is all of us

  3. 2:00 American space program

  4. Tchou-Tchou Productions

    Check the sound of your videos, I cannot hear a nuclear bomb on a clip, and on the next clip we are ear raped by the grass moving 7 miles away

  5. For fox sake, please turn volume normalization on this videos!

  6. 2:05 people with that bad of a connection should be kick from the game until there connection gets better

  7. Remove kebab

  8. ???

  9. I cant hear shit

  10. oh that name tag “Clown Penis”

  11. What vehicle is on the thumbnail, looks pretty cool.

  12. rip headphone users

  13. 3:13 “Like you’re kissing your sister” THAT WAS IN THAT MOVIE WTF?

  14. Audio is gone

  15. Revolutionary Gaming69

    When you get banned from a *WAR* game for innapropriate language

  16. Oh Clown Penis, what would we do without you?

  17. 1:11 the little tank that could

  18. 1:42 German technology has Cleary surpassed us

  19. gas mask brother 90

    1:49 we have flying tank

  20. World of tanks is better

  21. 1:42 Spectrum Internet be like.

  22. U got gaijined so hard

  23. Joshua Aldecoa Morfe


  24. Frederik Claeyssens

    *Laughs in Beyerdynamic DT1990’s*

  25. 7:23 in reality fuel tanks can stop heat

  26. Whats the Tank in the miniature

  27. Ух сука, нихуя не понятно, но очень классно

  28. 1:50 *when you chew 5 gum*

  29. will those headphones in your description help me to hear the very low audio level in parts of this video?

  30. 2:17 that’s so true.

  31. 9:50 clever… Metallica …And justice for all.

  32. Stop yelling no one cares.

  33. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You may be fast

  34. 5:43 actually I imagine myself doing that every time xD

  35. 澤人志Hitoshi Sawa

    5:25 dead i dead ???

  36. 5:22 the best one lol

  37. Hey Hitchcock 45 you killed a extremist religious person

  38. Dzintars Jakovelis

    Worl of tanks better

  39. Прикольно)

  40. Пидарас ебучий

  41. нихуя не понял но смешно


  43. 0:54 whats that music (the meme version)

  44. First one and to some degree the second are so quiet compared to all the other memes.

  45. Oh my god it’s a super pershing


  47. Anyone know the original movie where 5:23 is based off?

  48. Do someone have a link for 5:20?

  49. Why are the videos so quiet? I can barely hear them without headphones.

  50. If you don’t want to get cancer, play air RB.

    • You are joking right?

    • ​+MrSteveGamer Tank battles are cancer. Armors are not modeled realistically and it leads to so much bullshit. People using low graphics and modifications to sound file to spot others more easily. The amount of bullshit kills are through the roof, idk how you can argue that. In air RB luck is 99% less of a factor than in tank battles.

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