War Thunder Memes | Part 9 v2

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Source: MrSteveGamer

Had to re-upload due to a copyright issue I was never told about. More memes for you guys I guess.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Zdgj4TV

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  1. Apparently no one reads description so I’ll put this here.
    The original was blocked by YouTube so I reedited it slightly and reuploaded the video.

  2. R u serious? Im the tanker, not you. You sat around at work watching world of warcraft vids at fastenal steve. Unbelievable.

  3. You suck. You sucked at your job and you suck at tanks

  4. 4:19 my life

  5. Whats the outro?
    I forgot

  6. What is that movie need source pls 0:11

  7. Крок Крокодил

    Пошел на хуй, гондон. Игра говно. Администрация гондоны и педерасты. Уебище, а не проект.

  8. I play World of tanks but understand the WT memes xD

  9. That kv2 meme had me in tears 😂

  10. redneck coyote railroader

    ohh yeah after my b25 loses one engine me I might make it back to base second gone OHHH F*ck well guess ill die

  11. 1:17 ok this meme is just lazy

  12. What’s the outro picture?

  13. I killed leopard 1 with br 3.7 sherman

  14. What is the song at the end? I know its a remix of panzerlied, but where can I find this saucy shit.

  15. 0:35 What is that Ace of Spade for?

  16. I remember raging at this guy in one of his streams cuz he killed me sturmpanzer lol

  17. What happened to the panther II

  18. mario christopherson

    What are your thoughts on the game Arma 3

  19. Fucking weeb shit

  20. I got a 75% M26 T99 sale card yesterday only to realize I don’t have the Calliope… Well guess who got another 75% M26 T99 sale card the next round. Fucking Gayjin

  21. Short meme two guys throw things at each other 1 is gajin other is germany;germany throws germany suffers at gajin and gajin throws mig 19 S at germany just idea in case you want new meme i can’t make it so maybe you could

  22. Thanks for uploading on my birthday!

  23. 6:46 *Crew Knocked Out*
    Player Credited for Kill: xXx_AmPhIbIoUsStAlIN_xXx (Object 906)

  24. Silent Thunder was fun.

  25. Wait! Did they really remove the P.II and Tiger.10.5?!

  26. What’s the song at 4:45?

  27. *Sees anime **9:58*

    _shoot himself_

  28. Ending song sauce plz

  29. what was that last song?

  30. when these memes are made with such high quality compared to the whole game

  31. 4:52 omau shindeiur

    5:03 NANI?

  32. lol 6:00 is soooo true!

  33. I wish I had the kind of talent that it takes to produce artwork like what was used for the last few seconds of the video. Tanks and humans are very different things, and it sometimes shows in different pieces of artwork.

  34. This is off topic but I just used a 200% rp booster spawned in a air RB game with my premium HE 219 and as soon as I spawn my fucking tail explodes and I get absolutely nothing from the match please fucking kill me

  35. My little PANZER LIED can’t be this cute!

  36. 2:17

  37. Movie from second Clip?

  38. I honestly had fun playing Silent Thunder.

  39. One of the best…Gaijin prob took it down, as it exposed too much russian bias! )))))

  40. What’s the movie in the second clip?

  41. sauce for outro pls dad

  42. Did the pander 2 got removed

  43. What’s funny people in this game sometimes think the maus is op but it is not the object 906 is and frances amx line just got a shit tone of buffs. American got good buffs but germany got none i suffer when ever i try to play the maus i wish they would fix certain br ranks.

  44. What is the name of the vid with the man dying slowly?

  45. Wot==🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  46. Anime ruins everything. now even panzerlied

  47. More aviation memes please!

  48. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    wtf is the knife guy part at 1:50 from?

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