War Thunder Memes | Part 9

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Source: MrSteveGamer

When you aim for ten minutes for part 10 but then realize you haven’t made a part 9 yet.

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  1. 5:28 100% replica of my life in WT

  2. To be fair 75mm german shreds everything at its tier.

  3. m8s I have 1558 hours in this game and still stuck at early 6.7s Gemany, UK and USSR

  4. That bomber cit memes should’ve been the entire scene with a 2min repair

  5. Obj 906 doesn’t get hull break, shot it twice with Long 88, 1 shot killed his crews and components, second shot do nothing, it hits the Ammo rack but it disappears only, the shrapnel also got eaten by it, before i could get a third shot, he repaired and his crew is back on the gun, and he one shot me

  6. 9:20 please explain

  7. Captain J. Dreadful

    1:01 and 1:42 Is DEFINITELY me! 😂😭😂
    Don’t stop making these man Their too freaking *GOLDEN* 👌👍

  8. Remove Kebab

  9. Looks at repair cost…Tiger ll P,Tiger ll H,Tiger 2 105mm,Maus:I don’t feel too good

  10. Spaa with radar is so true. Gepard is a salt mine.

  11. end more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It’s only from your channel can I find my special niche of memes…. which is high quality war thunder memes 🙂

  13. Quality stuff, I‘d sub again if I could



  15. Its the memes that keep me playing honestly. Thanks for the motivation I need to grind without premium.

  16. grandmaster of nothing

    When the M1 abrams don’t do shit to to your IS-4M.

  17. subscribe or I tell the FBI you possess loli lewds

    A moment of silence for all the wallets brutally murdered in the Victory Day sales

  18. *MrSteveGamer I Don’t Feel So Good*

  19. 3:17 XDDD PRECIESLY!!

  20. The one at 2:45 was the best

  21. Happend the same agains the kv1

  22. bomber one is so accurate when you have heavy damage

  23. As good as the F2’s gun is, engagements with it in a T-34 still come down to skill, spotting, and shooting first. The Soviets get plenty of vehicles that are (much) more OP than the F2, so I’m not sure why Germany can’t join in on the fun (heck, even the T-34 57 is great, that isn’t too far from the first T-34s).

    Edit: This is medium to medium, against certain KV tanks, a little bit of angle and a little bit of angle are able to stop the F2’s round in its tracks, but these would mainly be encountered in an uptier situation.

  24. Not funny

  25. I see what you did there. Just post each video when you make it, and then once you have enough to make it 10 minutes, compile it all into one video…

    Sneaky sneaky

  26. When are they going to delete the panther 2?

  27. 1:30 literally the first thing that came to my mind when i started flying bombers

  28. I actualy liked Silent thunder.

  29. He say like a pro die like a noob

  30. This was simply beautiful

  31. I know where you get that thumbnail 😉

  32. Goks The giggly Goks

    Where is that drifting bit from

  33. Nándor Koródi

    What’s that shitty stabbing clip?

  34. Alfredo Potato Gaming

    Why did you do so many reuploads? Running out of good memes?

  35. I actually enjoyed silent thunder though…

  36. Soy de River soy de River yo soy

    you are the only good war thunder memer out there, i can relate to everything in here.

  37. aplause for the guy who did nothing but managed to respawn 3 times

  38. Its been awhile since I’ve played Warthunder, did they make the Tiger 105 and Panther 2 hidden?

    • Not yet but they plan to supposedly.

    • They wont be
      Because it will break the balance of tanks
      It already suck as it is. Because gaijin’s an idiot and they are always matched to the cold war era tanks which the german tanks have no chance to fight
      Also the RU light tank should’ve been a researchable tank

      Fuck you gaijin
      Eat a dick

    • Dicker Max Yeah they can suck a big “Dicker Max”

  39. Aleksis Daniels Ekks

    3:40 …. But i like Silent Thunder! x-P

  40. 1:30 I’m a bomber player and this is so true when your trying to get to base

  41. “After all of these battles I conclude that around 1942 the soviets should have resigned from armour thicker than 10mm”

    for a second, I thought this would devolve into a cyka blyat bias meme post, but instead, went to a “sUpeRiOr GeRmAn eNgInEeRiNg” post and capped off better than I expected.

  42. The panther 2 part tho….

  43. The Coronet Shop

    1:03 whats the scene from?

  44. Maarten van den berge

    Make a coeilian I kill every thing

  45. But I love silent thunder

  46. Kaiyre Saunders

    im installing this now and this video is gonna tell me if ill play it or not.

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