War Thunder – Merkava Mk.3D “The Hard Hitting Prize!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Mk.3D is currently available through the current Crafting event “Strategist”. I was able to a bit of an early at this beast and it is fun. The armor is capable and the transmission/engine eats shells as you would expect as they are placed in the front of the tank. The Cannon and its ammo are devasting. (Actually has the same Penetration as the Ariete which is the most pen current in-game). If you are working late into the night grinding to unlock this tank.. good news, It won’t be a lemon.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. 15:47 awwwwwww

  2. I am never a fan of potato salad until I have potato salad in front of me, then it’s great. …but for BBQ, it’s baked beans and creamy coleslaw all the way.

  3. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

    Considering this this was designed to blast T-60s – T-70s its unsurprising this slaughter happened.

  4. Hey bo I found your squadron and went to join it but it said in the description y’all were looking for members over 18 and I’m 14

  5. Would you guys consider playing among us Bo?

  6. They shold give it as a gift to israelin players, or make it a gift to players that have top tier or 5 year of play

  7. “IR says danger!’ 😀 I prefer coleslaw over potato salad.

  8. I like potato salad.

  9. “ROLLING THUNDER!” We have a new TBLF battle cry. We can finally replace “ YIKES” and “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

  10. I have a question. Do i need to get the previous vehicles like uncommon rare then ultra rare. 80 intel per vehicle?

  11. Don’t hide under a bridge during a tornado haha

  12. Do you get this from crafting everything or getting the path to the very bottom?

  13. Wow, great video

  14. This is the reason I don’t play War Thunder. THIS is the only tank I really wanted to play BUT it is a reward tank so I am SOL. They could have at least made it a premium. Would have been a slam dunk buy for me.

  15. XD I love how Bo panicked and got caught by complete surprise that he said “Oh jeez jump scare!”

  16. Bear your creeping me out with your tank spooning

  17. Why they made the event so hard bro this is no fun!
    I’m playing 2 days now and I finish only 1 part and merkava need 2 more! I dont have time to play so much:(

  18. Ok Bo, check you fillings out by biting on some aluminum foil….wait then see if you can pick up FM!

  19. a Texan got ambushed by a russian tank, shameful LOL

  20. I like potato salad

  21. For all man potato salad luvers, here you go. Potato Salad – Recipes For Baked, Easy, German, Red …www.potatosalad.org

  22. The turret on the merkava kinda looks like the heads on the 2005 war of the worlds tripods

  23. Taco Bell Liberation Front?

  24. I have to ask a question of any long-time War Thunder gamers out there. I am just starting off. Can anyone suggest any downloadable content that I simply cannot do without?

  25. I just found these guys and i love them i watch like ten or more vids in one night and im loveing it keep it up and ik im a new sub but can u do more air battles and can it be bomber only plssss i rl like bombers in this game and u guys sound like pros so im trying to learn how to aim with my gunner lolol but love your vids a lot 😊😊😊

  26. It was good to see you in game yesterday, our game was awful so I’m glad it didn’t make the cut haha

  27. Bruh, I have absolutely no idea how this event works, but this is the first one that I am able to participate in, and get cool shit

  28. I really need help trying trying to grind for the fletcher class. Username is EvanBGamer

  29. when does this event end on war thunder

  30. Show us tank stats pls

  31. i got two ads for raid: shadow legends in this and it’s ok.

  32. Merkava is only known for blowing up T-54s and thats it, it can’t even compete with Russian T-14 Armata’s or the T-90S, T-90MS

  33. War thunder is no longer a popular game

  34. Ribs, slaw, tater salad!

  35. back to back they faced each other draw their swords and shot each other….

  36. Can you get that thicc tank on the market?

  37. Is Bo using a special grafic mod or anything? The tanks looks way cooler than typical if they go boom… Can someone help me?

  38. Only mustard potato salad is fit to eat. The only mayo coleslaw I didn’t love had cucumber in it, and cucumber sucks ass! They can keep the vinegar and sugar coleslaw. Macaroni salad is hit or miss with me.

  39. OK I just got one quick question did you spend golden eagles or did you grind it out and be truthful (bo)

  40. What’s the repair cost on it?

  41. No, do not hide under a bridge in a tornado. Bad, bad idea.

  42. Great video! I love the Merkava!!!!

  43. Just secured mine. Finished the third run and in 8 hours I’ll be a proud owner.
    I mostly used US 2.3 lineup (2x M5A1, M16, P-40C). Earned myself a bunch of lions and finished research on F-80C & M46.
    To be honest, I was lucky I was on leave, these events aren’t exactly doable around working hours…

  44. Who doesn’t like potato salad when at a barbecue it’s very good

  45. Best advice I can offer anyone out there is to run as far and as fast as you can away from this soup sandwich. You’re only cannon fodder for the long time players. They’ll just kill you over and over and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. you’ll never “git gud” as they want to say. Buying crap won’t help. Premium account won’t help. This is simply an exercise in futility and frustration.

  46. What’s the pen power can you respond

  47. At around 11:47 he shot a round through a wall and down the barrel of that tank, wow

  48. What’s the rep cost for merkava 3d

  49. TankBoy2005 -244TH-

    i like your top tier videos plz do more id like to see an M1A2 video at some point keep up the amazing videos 😀

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