War Thunder – My Favourite Game (To Hate?)

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Source: Mentalgentleman

This will likely be the last War Thunder video on my channel for a while. I had quite a few setbacks whilst making it, so sorry for the wait!

I think it turned out pretty well, it was a lot of effort to make. Might stick with the format if people like it.


  1. The Mentalgentleman

    Quick comment because this video is gaining some traction, (thanks for the support!) and there are some things I don’t address in this video.

    I am aware that Gaijin recently significantly reduced RP and SL costs for foldered vehicles. I am also aware of the roadmap and that they seem to be committed to following it.

    I started this video a while back and didn’t want to force that info in midway through making it. I will probably end up revisiting this game in a few months after more changes have been implemented and see how it stacks up then.

    I still think the points made in this video are still valid, despite the recent update. Of course there are other things I don’t cover here, but I wanted this video to be short and sweet, unlike the grind :’)

    • Video in point, You need a life to reach top tier same grind nothing changed and cost of crew its so high You cant ace on top tier cuz You dont have SL, repair cost its still high… same crap…

    • They said they were fixing it but that was just a trick to calm the player base down but they totally just went in and said we would make more SL and XP but its actually at a bigger price and you are just constantly up-tiered where you are just target practice for higher BR vehicles @fireli Enigma

    • Including all the new changes, you still being right so, yeah, you nailed it mate, amazing video!

  2. magnific video comrade, wonderful. Mother Gaijin will be not happy with you. Also fuck jets, 4.7 is were the fun lives. Seriously, dont be eager to get jets, THEY’RE NOT EVEN FUN TO FLY.

    I think the modern era fighters dont belong to a simcade. Or they go full arcade, or they go full simulator. The midterm you will get small maps for their purposes and just mess. Its not dogfight, its mess af

  3. Love the video, great way to intro to people who aren’t sure… Play naval = farm sl and then you start loving it… Get even more addicted… Find the premium ship with best rp and sl multipliers and thank me later… Earnt so much SL on my USS Moffett before the nerf… Plus in arcade you can choose the planes you take its not just realistic… I’m sure you know this… More people to play the Great seas

  4. You scummy bastard how dare you use bushes

  5. mate ur editing is on point, really love it

  6. Music used?

  7. Love this a lot but idk if I can take your advice on getting a life. It’s dragged me In Loooonnng ago

  8. محمد بوحماد

    I’ve been playing this game since the tanks were added…and I haven’t spent more than $50 on it..total….I played it on PS4 and now on Xbox Series…The best level is levels three to five

  9. I play warthunder but only play ships.

    I’m befriending the bots before the A.I. uprising.

  10. I’m new to War Thunder. Downloaded on PS5 a few weeks ago. Can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this for so long. Everything gets old after a while. Sometimes you just need a break. War Thunder is for sure one of the top games out right now.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed the Gran Turismo 4 reference

  12. this video feels like a fever dream

  13. dude just got 100% accuracy on war thunder

  14. Everything below i take back

    Warthunder is a FUCKING GARBAGE ASS GAME


    >and during that summer it was the only game i played

    >300 hours

    O h n o

    O h n o n o n o n o n o n o n o

    * Looks at my video game time stats *

    But ye its a great game, especially when you get good with the tanks you like

  15. Jose Ignacio Hilera Dorna

    As a life long player of Gran Turismo and a long time player of War Thunder it bothers be to hear gt music over WT gameplay. Its unholy

  16. Man all they need to do is bring back the 20 br spread like it was originally and the br compression would be fixed 🤦🏻

  17. came from the post on r/WarThunderPlayerUnion
    really nice video!

  18. Before I was mostly playing WT, now I play super auto pet and LoL… Do I need help ? :’)

  19. Yes i just deleted this game as well brother!

  20. ive wasted 9 years of my life on this game… 💀

  21. This is truly one of the best videos that I have watched this year, congrats. Got a new subscriber

  22. Man i just love fighting is3 and is6, is4m and t110 in my tiger 2, so balanced

  23. If you’re a normal person with an actual life. Choose one nation. Play it. Enjoy it. If you have an actual life, you’ll probably only play a bit on weekends and maybe an evening in the week. This is how you avoid the depression.

  24. I have a love/hate relationship to this game. It can be a lot of fun, but on the other hand it can be extremely frustrating. My main issue with WT is the never ending grind but with the latest update they’ve made the grind a lot easier.

  25. The bill wurtz type presentation is great! Loved the video!

  26. Spot on, I put about 6700hrs into warthunder over nearly a decade but since dropping it (for the most part) I’ve been happier in my game time. What did it for me was the constant trolling by gaijin to genuine concerns and frustrations from their playerbase. Refusing to properly decompress and adding in tons of new stuff that’s nothing more than guesswork. It broke the game. They got too greedy.

  27. Тимофей Родионовский

    5:30 the most method is ineffective, I suggest you putting keys for going in a sertain direction(example w go down, s pull up) you will be much better and will be able to preform Hugh skill maneuvers(if you have 1k hours in the game like I do)

  28. This is such a well done video! Really love the editing, it was hilarious! Which editor do you use? I’d love to implement some of this stuff in my videos 🙂

  29. Men was it fun back then when they implemented ground forces… wish the game was like back then

  30. The two major issues with WT is one grinding will make a tree run out of patience, and two ECONOMY IS FUCKED.

    This is my conclusion after 1600 hours of playing it.

    Why it took me that long? Well those two things got progressively worse over time and economic crisis in my country affected me so much that I couldn’t afford premium accounts and vehicles anymore.

    If you without a doubt don’t have a single fuck given to how much money you can spend on virtual shit, go ahead and play War Thunder, otherwise, play something you can actually have fun without paying for premium account and vehicles because without them, you ain’t grinding shit.

  31. this game is like a heroin addiction

  32. i’ve been playing WT for 8 years, but haven’t spent more than 5E

  33. lmao i realised i was in this guys match XD

  34. Budget internet historian I love it

  35. My conclusion was: get every plane which is free up to rank 5.
    Now i have that, and a lot of premiums. Below 4.0, but still

    Still havent bought anything from gaijin

  36. as a beta player the new update has really fixed alot of the problems i’ve had. Just hope they stay the course. You also have instructor turned off.

  37. I’ve been playing since 2019 and have 6k hours now, I have no other advice other than its a perfect game run by demons, your maps, compression, economy issues, it doesn’t take much, a idiot with a slider and a off switch could easily turn war thunder into the best game ever made but gaijin has decided that they are the physical representation of greed and won’t let that happen. Simply put, don’t play it.

  38. Lmao the wingsofredemption clip at the end 🤣

  39. many hours spend ingame at 3k h???? bruh im at like 15k sth

  40. one of the best most acurate war thunder videos ive ever seen been playing since 2014

  41. i still love playing.

  42. The only game I play!

  43. I have 8000hrs playing this game! LOL!

  44. Forgot about the leaked military documents

  45. I remember leaving world of spanks for this game and thinking it was soooo much better… Then promptly giving up and quitting soon after. I’ve spent maybe 10$ on it total. Refuse to give any more. But what a piece of shit world of spanks is…

  46. Also, how much you think Gaijin pays content creators like Dollarpays to make all the videos with new top-tier crap?…..

  47. I feel old when i look at Wt, playing since I was 10 and now I am 19 🙁
    Btw nice video, you got the things right in this video

  48. Blud you definetely dont need 2500 hours for one tech tree. I have 2200 hours and have us air, ussr air and france air fully grinded out

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