War Thunder NEW British Tanks! Armored CARS! Cromwell I, A34 Comet (DEVBLOG)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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War Thunder NEW British Tanks! Armored CARS! Cromwell I, A34 (DEVBLOG)

War Thunder British Tanks INFO – http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/


  1. Lol editing in the intro with that tech tree jpg messed up sorry! Enjoy the
    video boys! DEV IS OPEN BTW making videos for yall RIGHT MEWOOOO

  2. dubravko ostic (Conquest)

    53 seconds ago pfffffffttttttttt

  3. Navy? :(

  4. 5 seconds ago fucking rekt

  5. MiG-17 HYPEEE
    Also, This video hits me right in the Honey Nut Feelios

  6. No skink? very disappointed…

  7. I really hope they add in the Tog too.

  8. Tea time sirrr!

  9. 1.55 DEV SERVER UP BRO!

  10. Little late but oh well.. Very nice video indeed!

  11. we already have cars…. they just arent armored…

  12. War thunds please add sdk variants

  13. orlicin guns are like the ones on the North Carolina

  14. If you think companies that produced double decker buses is crazy, just
    remember that the gun on the A-10 Warthog is produced by the same company
    that makes coffee makers and microwaves

  15. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawx Omega)

    I wonder, do you guys want a War Thunder in the Cold War Era? The question
    is how would guided missiles work?

  16. when?

  17. first like

  18. If the Brits are getting armoured cars, I really hope that the Germans
    finally get the SdKfz 234 Puma :D

  19. oh dear Lord they are adding in the tortoise may the Lord have mercy who
    ever goes up against one

  20. you butchered oerlikon so hard the last time was the closest
    its the name of a swiss city so the oe is pronuced like an ö


  22. i hope they would add smoke for the tanks because why do planes have smoke
    and tanks dont just think how cool it would be to sneek up to someone while
    you put smoke on them

  23. My dad works at Roles Royes

  24. Soooo, a WW2 CV90-40?

  25. the centurion mk10 has a 105mm royal ordance gun not a 20pdr

  26. Tortoise in the game? :O

  27. I hope the churchill gun carrier is better on here than on wot

    SHIT IS AWESOME! *Queen approves*

  29. It would be dank if the Tetrarch gets an air spawn

  30. why u make me wait phly? WHY?

  31. <3<3<3<3<3

  32. In WW2 Frigidaire, the fridge company.
    Yeah, it made AT guns.

  33. gib puma pls

  34. yes yes very nice. But WHERE IS THE DO 335?! I want this so hard :3

  35. The Centurion Mrk10 has the 105mm, not the 20-pdr

  36. Ore-lick-in, you got it

  37. great Britain really needs to learn how to slope their armour lol

  38. the centurion mark 10 had a 105 mm rifled cannon same as the M60 and the

  39. Thanks for making all the video’s phly i realy like them

  40. No TOG II, No game

  41. can’t wait till german armored cars come out :D

  42. can’t wait for desert maps and play with the crusader

  43. Please add these tanks in the holidays so we can play the fek out of them

  44. Please add the TOG 2 and more

  45. now we are all waiting for the TOG-2

    Is that the chieftain mk 3 under at the end of the medium tanks?
    Watch out T-10m
    Your arse is mine

  47. How do you get on the dev server 1.55? How did it get announced?

  48. So does anyone think that we will get any Canadian tanks in the British
    tech tree? I would like to see the Skink SPAA tank (It’s Canadian) in War


  50. Reinoud Benoot (Latemius)

    With these armored cars they just have to add infantry…

  51. The 20-pdr was not based on a German gun, it was based on the 17-pdr, a
    very British design. Gaijin needs to check their facts before posting crap
    like that.

  52. PT-76 will float too :)

  53. Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here

    If only armored cars had a proper standpoint.

    Gaijin should add infantry (hear me out) as AI targets to attack
    objectives, giving a better war-feel and more use for machine guns and
    light vehicles

  54. Hope they add the Skink AA Tank :D

  55. The first 17pdr anti tank gun featured sabot shells and was the first
    weapon to do so. A modernised version of the 17pdr was reworked so it could
    be mounted into tank much more easily and the design was more efficient

    The Centurion had a first shot hit rate of 98%. Simply because it enabled
    the commander to zero on a target whilst the gunner deals with a designated
    target. Once the target is destroyed the commander takes Co trolley of the
    turret and swings the gun to bear on his target then reverts control back
    to the gunner so he can take his shot.
    Pretty much, it’s like war thunder, where you can shoot at one target and
    be looking for others during the reload.

  56. I also hope the Cruiser Mark IIA CS is added in later on as well. Since it
    had a 94mm howitzer, it’d be just like a low tier KV2! Wouldn’t that be

  57. Hey Phly. Would you ever play CSGO? Or are you only into War Thunder?

  58. Cant wait for the British tanks! Maybe they will put more balance into the
    game! Somehow!

  59. Croatian Pranksters

    Comet is love , Comet is life :)

  60. Royal power!

  61. Centurion with the 105mm?

  62. just need Japan then we can move on to naval warfare hopefully sometime in
    the future

  63. the crusador mrk 3 brew up when hit and they bailed out because the brits
    cant work unless they have tea time lads

  64. Phly did you see the Cheiftain Mk 5 on the tech tree? HYPE

  65. does anyone know if the devs are working on ships/navy. it would be so cool
    if they eventually did add it

  66. OMG FLY !!!!!! The Pt-76 can swim on the DEV server !!!!!

  67. I can’t wait to use my scorpion to research stuff

  68. 20% of the Comets load out was APDS, what’s the betting it won’t exist in
    war thunder.
    Anything with a 17pdr post july ’44 would have had access to this round in
    limited numbers. (Firefly included). Not accurate past 800 yards though.
    But if it hit… Seems that War Thunder are doing a balancing thing with
    the British line, not letting the 17 pdr work the same in all tiers, its
    the same gun on the Black Prince after all. Mind you the majority of rounds
    fired during WW2 would have been HE. That is why the Churchill lost its 6
    pdr for a 75, to take the US HE ammo. Same for the Cromwell. Some Churchill
    squadrons retained their 6 pdr on one or two tanks however as the APDS
    round did the work on tank on tank! Wounder if we will see that round in
    the British line?

  69. Im hoping for other vehicles too. Like the Sdkf 222 for the germans

  70. We should get rid of RB and replace it with HB, where tanks and vehicles
    that actually fought at a certain location would do so in game. That way,
    we don’t have to see t34s in freakin normandy and panzer 4s in guam. Some
    exceptions can be made for paper tanks (ex: maus can fight in berlin) or
    alt history (russians vs americans/brits 1945). But to do that, i think we
    will have to wait till jap tanks are released (guam). Or it could just be a
    new game mode.

  71. the union flag is upside down in all the pictures

  72. Here’s a question guys, i am big into model making and i have only built
    planes so far; I am getting a model HMS Hood on boxing day but i wanna get
    another tank (i bought a model king tiger but haven’t built it yet.) So
    should i get a PZ III or a Bishop?

  73. Ruhan Karsten Gaming

    Phly its an oërlikon

  74. Just put it in one video, you already money grab with 3 ads a video why
    separate it into 2 parts?

  75. I feel like pedo bear when a girl scout knocks on his door to sell him
    cockies. YES! YES! YES! I hope this patch also has the M48, GIVE ME MY M48

  76. Litterally Less then half an Hour ago i get to see that first tank. Didnt
    get to see much of it though.

  77. Let’s hope we get AVRE variants

  78. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Phly I believe the Centurion Mk10 has the 105mm L7 gun. (same one in the
    As the Centurion M5/2 was upgunned to the L7, and the next iterations were
    small modifications from there on out basically (machine guns, IR
    equipment, a few armour modifications too)


  80. Armored cars?? MoreOneShotPlez

  81. Ruhan Karsten Gaming

    South Africa still uses the “centurion” but its called the Olifant

  82. I see 6 symbols that combined together, form FV4005.

  83. It says we’re getting the FV 4004, that should mean we get the Fv 4005
    Stage ll with the massive 183mm gun!

  84. gajin thank you for this I’ll have you round for tea and crumpets

  85. Bofors for sweden

  86. just waiting for the Tortoise o.o

  87. Oh god, I think I’ve had a heart attack! Please help.


  89. Yay now I can have a british m22 my favorite american tank

  90. Or-Lie-Kun/Kin I belie Phly. Thats how I’ve heard them pronounced the most

  91. The Irish Defence Forces still had the 40mm Bofors guns as the backbone of
    the Anti air units up until 2012. It is a great weapon.

  92. Looks like pen central. No thanks. I’ll stick with my Tiger and I send 88s
    your way Britain. RIP with your flat sides and rear.

  93. 222 confirmed!
    Also i loved the Tetrarch in CoH 1 and in Faces of War(less so).

  94. Can wait to start grinding on the British tech tree!

  95. WTF?? they are going to add the CHIEFTAIN?? that shit is from like the

  96. conquererrrr!!!!! starts barfing a rainbow ===D:

  97. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    They should add the Crocodile. It’s a Churchill tank with a flamethrower
    instead of a machine gun. On that note, there were also flamethrower armed
    Shermans and T-34s. I think that would bring another really cool aspect to
    the battlefield. If you are on fire, you have to use extinguishers. But it
    wouldn’t be TOO OP, because the range of flamethrowers is less than 20

  98. Wi

  99. Will these be research able

  100. i want to see the cheiftain!

  101. And the British know what armor is lol

  102. PublicTransportationBelgium

    Allright, they release some techtrees the moment when my midterms start.

  103. OP AF, hope the 40mm will be at BR 5 or something.

  104. +PhlyDaily phly, the PT-76 will be able to swim next patch. It got leaked
    on the forums. You can also view the British tanks in the den server

  105. so we can expect MG fire to just pop our tires and give us a flat tire XD

    T-44-122 WITH THE PE-8 PLEASE

  107. The Cat With a Top Hat

    wow, the Centurion mk. 10…. that can’t possibly be a response to the
    addition of the Centurion Action 10 to World of Tanks.

  108. Did anyone else notice that the tank under the “coming soon” note on the
    medium tech tree looked like it said chieftain? That tank was late 60’s I
    believe, which means it’s gonna be the most modernized British tank to go
    against t-54s and leopards, with reactive armor

  109. We need the Ram 1&2 for the British tree

  110. lol that tetrarch is soooooo cute!

  111. Mark Sun (HighExplosives)

    Anyone noticed the Cheiftain?

  112. The British tanks look so weird with all the flat spaces. I wonder if the
    Russian T-34/85s and panzer 4s with the good guns will shoot right through
    the armor.

  113. hi phlydaily the centurion mk10 is the tank that the israeli used in the
    six day and yom kippur wars and was the best centurion tank and was in
    service with the idf till late 90s

  114. phly…. its time to shake the dust off the p-40. a good looking fighter
    with some awsome skins. good luck

  115. Phly can you play the German battleship roon on world of warships plz

  116. I just can’t wait for the tetrarch. Favorite tank in World of tanks.

  117. Yo Phly if you didn’t know, the dev server has already been up for a bit.
    Check the forums for details. Features a beautiful desert tank map!

  118. I bet you we will have to pay for them

  119. how man millimeters is a 17pdr gun equivalent to

  120. how many millimeters is the 17pdr gun equivalent to

  121. also cant wait to fuck shit up in squadron realistic with the centurion

  122. hardcoreminecrafter9

    i want T7 combat car

  123. if you can drive Panthers and tigers right they are a formidable opponent

  124. Its pronounced “or-le-con” really easy

  125. Bob Semple tank when????

  126. *Hears Phly losing it about the first crusader with it’s 40mm* PHLY, WE
    This will be the 3rd tank in WT with *A* 40mm.

  127. DarkSideSixOfficial

    People are going to bitch about that armored Car. Imagine 5 rushing you and
    serpentining. RIP m9.

  128. Ok. If the Brits are getting armored cars. Add the South African Eland 90.
    Put it under the British tree

  129. The bofors has a 4 round clip

  130. Or-lick-ons

  131. the mk10 could have a 105

  132. I wonder what happens if u hit a tire on the armored cars? Will u still be
    able to drive? Will you get a flat or stop like a tank with its tracks

  133. CROMWELL!!!:DDD

  134. and world of tanks it’s a tank that you’ll want to kill FAST because it’ll
    screw you up big time I learned that the hard way

  135. Phly all British tanks of WW2 had reliability issues. Of all of these tanks
    the only one that really worth much was the Comet. The Comet’s 17 pound gun
    had a shorter gun tub than the Sherman Firefly. That is why the gun was not
    as hot, yes it should have sabot round since the first sabots where
    designed for the 17 ponder. The Centurion MkIII is your British tank of the
    Korean war, and it was a bad ass. The Mk10 would have had a fume extractor
    on the main gun, and active night vision in an IR search light.

  136. 12:38 Ch-ch-ch-chie-chief-CHIEFTAIN Mk3!!!

  137. Phlydaily they could add the m20 armored car the chases was based on the
    gray hound

  138. Phly are you gonna play more battlestations pacific and compare it to world
    of warships.

  139. Armoured cars eh… BRING OUT THE PUMA ?

  140. The Centurion Mk.10 has the same L7 gun as the Leopard 1.

  141. I wonder when this will be added in game.

  142. i hope the firefly is not premium

  143. They need to implement smoke grenades.

  144. why do gijin hate panthers?

  145. Time to stop playing my panther

  146. Very professional video phly as always.

  147. Rip German tanks

  148. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. The 20mm that sounds like the Hispano cannons are actually Oerlikon FF
    cannons, Oerlikon ”FF” cannons. Yep, it’s the product that’s called ‘MG
    FF’ over to Germany. lolz?

  150. Ohhh i knew it!!!I knew that they will add Crusader MkIII….CoD 2 has it
    too….i was so hoping and they will add it…and they did it!Such a good

  151. Berkay Kaan Taşkın

    You say Greyhound I say Puma pls.

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