War Thunder NEW HEAVY British Tanks! Conqueror, A39 Tortoise (DEVBLOG)

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War Thunder HEAVY British Tanks! Conqueror, A39 Tortoise (DEVBLOG)

Tanks INFO – http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/


  1. First or bad yt ?

  2. Not first!

  3. two :)

  4. 360p only ??

  5. If you didn’t watch the first episode, I highly recommend it so you can
    follow the tech tree! Here is the link

  6. Thanks for the support everyone! WOO 🙂 Hope this make your Monday better!

  7. i’m number 7

  8. Hi Phly!

  9. awesome video

  10. 200k hype

  11. more tanks for us to struggle to kill lol

  12. herreuh phly

  13. Second off the day

  14. Young brony Youngcraft

    Notice me phly

  15. Can’t wait to start the British tanks!

  16. that’s some really big guns

  17. Why only 360p? now it just doesn’t look right…

  18. 360 p common!!!

  19. the conqueror is like the M103, same sounding gun (probably a placeholder)
    when you were going to say the gun size I was like ‘120mm’ and you said
    120mm and I was like “fuckin’ knew it lol”

  20. Warthunder video’s always makes me moist. +1

  21. Want them to do churchill AVRE. 290mm Petard mortar derp gun ftw!!!

    Not that im not happy they have British tanks, im loving the 4 we have at
    the moment and cant wait for the rest!

  22. The matilda is just… *Has orgasm*

  23. I’m too early.. Cya in like 1 hour… Kappa

  24. Chemistry´s the best!

    can anyone tell me how the “-pounder” system works? (e.g. 2pounder/
    6pounder etc.) is it the weight of the gun?

  25. 360p? cmon this isn’t the stoneage anymore!

  26. 10:18 Pli the conqueror has a rifled gun for fin stabelized heat rounds u
    need a smooth bourd gun so the conqueror cant use heat.

  27. When is this coming out?

  28. At 1:22, are you sure he hasn’t escaped from a Panzer Iv now…….

  29. Plhy did I see bad or In the previous video the T-44 had a lower battle
    rating than now?

  30. 13:28 I know where it is

  31. 13:28 I know where it is

  32. 360p hype

  33. oh I hope the churchill gc is treated better here than on world of tanks

  34. 0:50 Matilda captured by italians lol

  35. *Talks about the front of the Conqueror but shows the ass* gj phly ; )

  36. I sense the a39 tortoise being a 6.7 or 7.0

  37. On your comment about the maus being more useful than the Tortoise, the
    maus would be impossible to hide, the tortoise has a lower profile, and the
    faster reloading gun allowed it to take out more targets quicker, and that
    gun was a 90mm AA gun with a stupid long one peice shell, look at the
    chieftains hatch vid on it to see how big

  38. the Archer has the gun mounted backwards.

  39. oooh!! lovley

  40. so, protection or comfort? I take both a.k.a. the mighty Jagdtiger!

  41. I was hoping for TDs of the AT series and the Mighty Churchill Mk.I with
    its hull mounted 105mm howitzer.

  42. TOG II* when?

  43. HESH all the way, good old British ammunition

  44. You’re great,man!This video is awesome,I really like the british tank
    destroyers,they’re gorgeous!

  45. 16:45 I like how all the penetration holes are from the sides. Literally NO
    pen holes in front. :)

  46. who else is still waiting for apdsfs.????

  47. Just gimme the Chieftain already ! :D

  48. The British have, by a wide margin, the shittiest way of classifying guns
    in the entire world. Incredibly obfuscated classifications

  49. Could be wrong, but the British Tank tree is unlikely to have HEAT because
    we used HESH instead.

  50. I’d probably take safety over comfort any day

  51. 34 KPH on the archer is a LIE! It’s a valentine; BACKWARDS! This tank (In
    world of tanks) is slower than the T95!

  52. CC6 CGC and Challenger Hope all of these not suck like in World of Tank

  53. Fly younare so cool /like your videos.

  54. Phly your going ham with the videos today.

  55. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  56. Will riveted armour fall off when firing at it with HE?

  57. Ey Phly, has Gaijin take your Press Account ? (because you were making
    funny Intros where you get strange bounces on Russian tanks ?)

  58. Tortoise was probably way more practical than a Maus. It was thought a
    fantastic gun platform and its role was just to crawl into fortresses in
    front of the infantry. Also the 32 pdr was the biggest high velocity gun
    available, and any bigger would mean bad gun constraints. Please note that
    they also put this 96mm high velocity gun on a mosquito at one point……

  59. Confederateno1 Gaming

    did any one notice the archers driver seat!? its reversed into battle, no
    shit, check it out! that will be intresting in war thunder! :)

  60. Confederateno1 Gaming

    thanks for the vid! love hearing it here, keep up the gud work and gameplay

  61. 88mm Flack gun is made for shooting 20,000 feat+ in to the sky now that
    shooting your tank would kill u in a matter of shoots

  62. I’ll take safety

  63. The Tortoise kinda reminds me of a Brummbar or Sturmtiger…just without
    the derp gun

  64. THE FUCKING HYPE LADS!!!!!!!!!

  65. my Tortoise o.o, I want it! now!

  66. roland moellenberndt

    TOG IS LOVE TOG IS LIFE!! bring the TOG into War Thunder

  67. I wonder if the Valentine archer goes faster in reverse like in WoT lol

  68. Still waiting for the Sturmtiger…

  69. SuperMClone - Revival underway

    10:52 This is also called the Archer. FYI

  70. Poor Germans 🙁 Will get REKT

  71. Hey Phly! What’s the deal with that Alan Watts speach in the background in
    the middle of the video?

  72. I want the tetrarch and then I will just get every tank destroyer

  73. The royal steel trailer is out

  74. I would have to assume the Conqueror to get Sabot rounds because,
    realistically at least, riffled gun barrels are not able to shoot fin
    stabilized HEAT rounds.

  75. heat can be fired thru a rifled cannon. it’s just doesn’t like to spin very
    well but it can be fired thru one!

  76. Роман Куражев

    PT76 FLOATS! Only in 1.55

  77. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    then sp churchill looks like an elephant.

  78. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    T95 vs A39?

  79. Confort!

  80. Actually Phly, the APCR for the Conqueror was a Russian translation mistake
    and it was supposed to say APDS (sabot rounds).

  81. Lol kV 1-75MM of frontal armour
    T34 45 mm at 45 degrees =79mm
    M4 Sherman 51mm at 60 degrees=81mm

  82. I doubt the British tanks will get fin stabilised heat rounds as they all
    have rifled guns and they cannot fire heat rounds

  83. I want to see the chieftain, that tank was produced in the 60’s like the
    M60 patton. That’ll be a good tier 5 tank to have also.

  84. BOYS coz I got the Firefly Scorpion I can get CBT, but how? can anyone tell

  85. I see an FV404 183 mm HYPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  86. I hope they get the B.R’s they deserve

  87. what about the FV4004? that was in the devblog why shouldnt we see that? i
    mean. its not fv4005 with its massive 183mm autoloader gun. but a TD with a
    120mm gun is still impressive enough to talk about

  88. bullcrap… most known brit tanks of ww2 era are firefly and cromwell ;-)

  89. Sir Stefan Channel!

    I really hope post 1.55 they give us the Matilda Hedgehog

  90. my nipple are hard

  91. anyone else think the tortoise is sexy?

  92. Hey Phly!I have one question!!Do you know when is war thunder going to
    release update!?Man keep making videos mate you are great!!!?

  93. Release British tanks now!

  94. Muhammad Aqsath Faza

    i’m done with the German tanks. German tankers will get raped

  95. rifled guns can fire fin stabilized rounds there are specially designed
    variants for rifled guns not sure that there was in timeframe(s) the game
    is set in but they can


  97. Dimitri “TheJollyBrit” Mason


  98. British box tank :P

  99. I feel like the churchills tracks are gonna been blown out a lot from
    trying to angle armor…

    IT DOESNT!!! How the hell do u think Germany gets around?

  101. the maus was not a better tank the tortoise was much more practical..

  102. Guaranteed the TOG II will be a premium. Fucking Gaijin -_-

  103. finnish charioteer spotted :)

    tog II M8

  105. like any of this matters in Russian bias WT

  106. I wonder if the archer will drive backwards like IRL

  107. The Romanian Reaver

    So they castrated the Mark 10 and the Charioteer. Sounds like Gaijin

  108. What everyone else is hearing: British tanks are awesome! What I’m hearing:
    The German 88 mm gun is overrated

  109. Conqueror: 150mm turret front and it’s angled. 225mm effective armour. King
    Tiger 88mm and 105mm can pen it.

    120mm gun on Conqueror has APDS and HESH round. APDS is 354mm at 1000m

  110. Conqueror will most likely have APDS as its gun is the British version of
    US M58 (On M103) which the Royal Ordinance L1 only used APCR, APDS, and
    HESH. If it gets HEAT the M103 will get HESH and APDS.



  113. The Conquerer should have HEAT, considering that’s the same gun that the
    M103 has. The only reason the Conquerer has HESH is because the British
    were the only ones to use it widely, IIRC.

  114. Outdoors Victoria (Ben)

    am I the only one that actually fuqin hates Churchills and thinks they are
    the fugliest tank

  115. Add the 183mm gun.

  116. 220mm of armour of tortoise and the German “long 88” with apcr had almost
    300mm of pen. GG

  117. It’d be really cool if you, Baron, Slick, and Devil had a 2v2 in Warthunder

  118. Be careful what you wish for. They’re probably gonna add the TOG I.

  119. Nobody is talking about the FV 4004? That thing will rock so hard.

  120. What people don’t know is that the Churchill tanks (both the A22 and the mk
    7) went up against tiger tanks with the 88mm gun. There was a battle that
    took place where the 6 pdr Churchills destroyed a pack of tigers (around 7
    or so) without sustaining any losses. They aren’t to be underestimated,
    looking forward to playing them

  121. games got worse ill never play it again

  122. I remember when things were balanced, then I woke up

  123. I’ll buy the premiums after Christmas since I enjoyed the firefly and the
    Achilles so much in world of tanks. Also always go with the comfortable
    tank, the Challenger TD was a TD so if you need safety you have already
    fucked up, die with class.

  124. Gregory “GJLRocco97” Lucas

    Safe for the win

  125. you skipped the FV4004

  126. Epic idea for CB: a39 tortoises vs t28 super tds

  127. id rather die comfy..heck if i do die, dont wana die not comfy.

  128. phly thank’s more truth and more in depth description always good vids

  129. YES! Thank you, Phly. I have watched and enjoyed your videos for a long
    time. In all that time, there has only ever been one thing that wasn’t
    great; It was you saying glacius and driving me nuts every time. Thank you
    for saying glacis. This christmas will be extra special.

  130. I were to put heavy fire on its tracks from far distance and go in closer
    by going on circles and fire a 30mm at its rotation, once that’s done, I’ll
    try to get a lucky shoot of a 30mm in its exhaust

  131. What a pathetic joke of a game it cant die fast enough

  132. Your Name (The gaming fruit)

    wonder if the Tog II will be added

  133. Why not cover the Soon tanks to come like the Fv 4004 Conway and the
    freaking Mk.3 Chieftain which will rekt every tank with its L11A5 

  134. It’s not the size of the gun but how you use it phly!!! haha

  135. Just so you know phly the 6pdr is superior gun to the 75mm

  136. Carnarvon has about 230mm of effective frontal armour. More then a king
    tiger of the same br.

  137. Waiting for the deathstar…

  138. brits dont use HEAT

  139. +PhlyDaily I was wondering if you could go back to World Of Warships for
    one vid and give a tutorial for starting battleship drivers. I got my first
    one yesterday, The South Carolina, and I struggled with it. It cost me a
    lot, and I don’t wanna get off it. I always look to you for good game
    strategies and thought you could help. Merry Christmas!

  140. I don’t care what British tanks are gonna be in, I DEMAND THEY BRING THE
    TOG2 INTO WT!!!

  141. Welp Us is going be rekt by some Britts in the 5.0 xD

  142. 1.55 means PT76 = battleship it was in the dev server video

  143. I don’t think the early Churchill will necessarily be a BAD tank, I imagine
    it could be quite good for example on city maps? And on non-city maps I
    imagine you would probably want to advance in cover of the terrain as far
    as possible and get brawling as quickly as possible, instead of heading for
    traditional firing positions. How good or bad it will be will definitely
    depend greatly on the BR they slap on it though, since the one big pro of
    this tank is the armor it would be terrible if it gets a BR where it will
    constantly get penned.

  144. they’re waiting to release the tog 2 when they add the navy

  145. I bet for the British tanks there would be a new module called tea
    dispenser that if destroyed reduces crew efficiency :)

  146. A few additions/corrections: 1. The 6-pounder was actually a better
    anti-tank gun than the QF75mm, as it had better penetration, especially
    with sabot rounds that it later got. However the 75mm was chosen for the
    newer Churchill/Valentine as it could fire US shells, including a decent
    high explosive shell for infantry work, which the 6 pounder couldn’t fire.
    2. The Conqueror’s 120mm gun was a licence built version of the M103’s gun,
    but firing different rounds (APDS and HESH, the devs called it APCR because
    of a translation error). 3. The Archer’s 17-pounder gun was actually fitted
    backwards, as if it were facing forwards, it would have made the tank too
    long. 4. The Churchill GC carried not a 17 pounder (unfortunately) but an
    old WW1 anti-aircraft gun (of the same calibre as the 17 pounder).

  147. oh man I really hope that there going to get the death star from wot in war

  148. I would take 1000000000000000% safety over confort

  149. The reason on why the british mad the tortis that way is due to the tank is
    slow but armored, if theu where to put lets say a 152 mm main gun in thier
    that would mean long reload which means the enemys would have flanked the
    tank or the tank would miss then the long reload which also mest the enemy
    tabk would leave with out nothing, the reson on why the put that gun in is
    for the reload so armor and gun with reload but slow, that was on how the
    british thought at that time

  150. Comfort for the crew members of the tank because they can work beter

  151. “Chieftain medium tank” -gaijin entertainment 2015; honestly gaijin is the
    shittiest company ever they have the most wannabe historically realistic
    but actually not at all realistic game ever created, and their balancer is
    probably drinks a lot vodka before work, I mean is-2 vs Leo 1, great idea

  152. P-42 mustang

  153. i cant even british yet bro…. when !!!

  154. +phlydaily the T28 and the tortoise where made for the same reason.
    A little thing called the Siegfried line, a line of fortifications that had
    emplacements of heavy AT guns and artillery EVERYWHERE

    The gun on the t28/t95 was made to break the fortifications wide open, the
    tortoise was basicly to roll up, say “THIS IS THE NUMBER OF SHITS I GIVE!
    COME AT ME NAZIBOOS!” and have enough ammo to stay there all day and punch
    each AT gun in the dick while sipping tea

  155. I don’t think the conqueror mk 2 will have a fin stabilised round because
    the tank barrel is rifled.

  156. Whoa’ Is that a tank?

  157. The Matilda should do well at tier 1 >:D

  158. Bring tog!!!!!

  159. phly y u gotta be so mean

  160. Tog 2 hype

  161. they need to add the FV215b(183) “Death Star” lol

  162. Most of English tanks are infantry tanks with changed turret and gun…

  163. Warthunder players rarely know about experimental tanks… except for Tog II
    And the Charioteer later had a 105mm L7A1 gun mounted instead of a 20

  164. Hey, the new version has already been released for public. Play the German
    Churchill in combo with the new Ju-88A-1.

  165. Happy Valentimes bro

  166. poor germans, good thing i’m playing the allies more 😛 😛 (the us/ussr)

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