War Thunder New OST — Ground Forces

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of War Thunder and on the eve of the new year, we have prepared an extended War Thunder soundtrack for high-rank ground and air , which will also be available in the Apex Predators update. The soundtrack contains 20 tracks and has a runtime of around one and a half hours. In addition to new compositions, old tracks have been remixed and remastered, and also include live drums for the Air Force soundtrack! The new War Thunder soundtrack will be available on streaming platforms in early 2023.

Original Game Soundtrack
Ground Forces Vol. 2


Composed by: Jimmie Asche, Nikita Mokrov
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Pavel Stebakov

00:00 – Incoming
05:00 – Persistence Hunting
10:20 – Nigelcore
15:06 – Steel Rain
20:49 – New Power
26:46 – Scorched Earth
32:15 – Fields of Heroes
37:39 – The Is On The Way
41:58 – Aftermath
46:59 – Victory will be ours



  1. Does this mean they will add new voice commands?

  2. This is great

  3. Advance Austraylia will forever be our true king.

  4. my brother in christ where is this played

  5. Will we get new naval OSTs?

  6. 18:51 Doom combat sounds good. I love the sawmill sounds.

  7. When up to Spotify

  8. Nigelcore is badass

  9. This is awesome! I was literally thinking the other day that the only thing WoT has over WT is the music but this fixes everything! You guys are amazing!

  10. Please make an OST named “Attack the D Point”

  11. They actually named it Nigelcore. What mad lads

  12. I wish War Thunder had a single-player PvE campaign that would also give new players the chance to play all tiers in a pretty small amount of time by just progressing in an epic story that is being told with this OST playing alongside.

  13. Nigelcore is just my favorite.

  14. It would be pretty cool if one of their new OST’s is something along the lines of “Assault On Delta” as a homage to the infamous “Attack the D point!”

  15. The CAS is on the way is warthunder doom soundtrack

  16. So this is where all that new power music ended up
    Very very nice

  17. I honestly think Aftermath is my favorite ove to open the game up to that song!!

  18. Has nobody noticed the mw2 theme

  19. This soundtrack remind me of Wolfenstein 2

  20. Q for Gaijin’s team? Is it worth it for us to play against the Russian nation in any BR or is it best when we enter the game to just wait in our base for them to come because no matter how we play against the Russian nation they win! It would be good if we could see who we were playing against, because if they saw before entering the game map that we were playing against Russia, they would not even enter and save our SL.

  21. 25:46 best part imo

  22. Some of these could go into my adrenaline EDM/Cyberpunk mix…

  23. Bro can you make about victory is our extended version please?

  24. Gotta say it, remixing ground track 3 to nigelcore was the best thing ever, good job gaijin

  25. When the music is fire but the game is on fire:

  26. 37:39
    Bruh. Beginning sounds kinda like DOOM 2016

  27. Nigelcore is not just a soundtrack. It’s an experience.

  28. I don’t know what’s going with my console but this soundtrack was on it back in 2021

  29. Persistence hunting reminds me of early 2000s and the old call of duty and transformers

  30. is there any way we can use the beautiful orchestral music in modern tank battles? this music is awful and distracting

  31. “Nigelcore” had me rolling in laughter!

  32. Steel Rain it’s one of the most badass. It really goes well when Top tier MBTs engage in brutal combat

  33. If you already got the original soundtrack on steam is the new one going to be free, and if so will it be in two separate files or will the old ones be replaced?

  34. Wow it sooo badass and cool! Cant wait when it will be on spotify 🙂

  35. I have to say, I *hate* this new hard rock OST. The old one with the orchestra and such was so much better.

  36. “SOMEBODY ATTACK HIM!” actually makes sense for song title ngl

  37. The start of Incoming vaguely reminds me of the opening theme of greatest tank battles of hystory

  38. Somehow this music gave my merkava a boost for survivability

  39. How about some better artillery?

  40. Spookwagen-The Great

    Can we please get the soundtrack for “The Battle is on!” trailer?

  41. I like that you guys threw in the New Power update theme.

  42. 24:04 War Thunder original OST: “Ode to the T-34”

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