War Thunder – New Series!? I Need YOUR Help!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – New Series Ideas!?

New American Tanks and Planes in 1.49 Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, T-28 Super Heavy Tank, T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
New Russian Tanks and Planes in 1.49 Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, Su-57, Su-122-54, Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, IS-2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, Il-2 1943, Yak-9T and Yak-9K (new models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-38 1943
New British Planes:
FireFly F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire FR.47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
New German Plans and Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
New Japanese Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

Thanks for watching!


  1. you should do a new series where you start from the tier ones and make your
    way up to the tier fives

  2. Sharktoothrocks

    m6a1 merica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hetzer! or you will go into the concentration camp

  4. Battle request series: where we can request not only what tank you play,
    but what you do with it. For instance, I’ll request a Maus, KV-2, and Doom
    turtle vs battle. You and a few friends go into a custom battle, free for
    all, and can only drive one of those three. Maybe set it up so you each
    play a different tank. Or, you and your friends choose those three, and go
    up against an army of reserves.

  5. T34 1942!!

  6. Play the t 26

  7. LiquidMetalBath1

    Su 122 -54

  8. How about finally getting into “Call to Arms” !?!?
    I mean you love MoWAS2 – and i’m waiting for you to start the modern sequel
    since forever now ;)

  9. Hetzer!

  10. For another series do a 1v1 in custom battle against different people in
    tanks we request like u in a maus vs phly or Devil in a 103 or is4

  11. Ground battalion

    Squad with the same tanks and play aggressive 

  12. The hetzer

  13. baron can’t you do a vs kinda series like this : the hetzer and another
    tank of the same tier are much chosen can’t you do a thing like plhy does
    one and you do 1 and you go batlle against eachother

  14. You could do a series where we request tanks to be reviewed instead of
    being played like show armor mobility and test drive the tank show weak
    points, stuff like that

  15. Filip Krizmanic


  16. Kristoffer Blomkvist

    Play the hetzer. The jagepanzers littel brother.

  17. Hallows-Spectre

    well that hetzer’s gotta HETZ

  18. antonis psillakis

    realistic tank battles and always press 7 no matter what the case?

  19. A series to teach people the pros and cons of each tank and your tactics to
    play the tank effectively.

  20. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Drive the m36 slugger

  21. What about a different game? Try Project Reality 1.3 Standalone!

  22. Try out the arcade mode in wot.

  23. Santiago Llorens Delgado


  24. Kristoffer Blomkvist

    Baraon you can do same ide but in world of warships it shod be fun for a
    time edlist.

  25. Slugged Diamond

    Panzer loll

  26. You need to play ARK with Phly and Devil.

  27. Corne Doevendans

    Mayby somthing with planes or so

  28. do the t-95!!! or the 9 MM Gaz

  29. How about you do this but in RB with also planes in addition?

  30. Logan Arellanes

    Baron, can you try out the M4A2? I’m new to War Thunder and I would like to
    see it in action. Thanks!

  31. Phlys combined arms series is really good and enjoyable.

    For those who haven’t seen it, commenters suggests a tank/plane combo to be
    played in RB. It’s similar to this I guess but with an added factor.

    I’d like to see you do that, at least to see how it goes.

  32. Carlos Escudero

    Do the hetzer! For the student council!!

  33. Markus Rindesalu

    Do a plane request series too :D

  34. Richard Collins

    M6A1 FTW

  35. I need help with angling with tiger 1 and m4a3e8. Help Baron help!!!! 

  36. The pz II H

  37. you could put a link to a straw poll in your description

  38. Luis Armando Gomez Feliz

    How was the t28 build the Americans were getting betting by the Germans so
    they took a bunker put tracks and a 105 mm gun and the t95 only bigger
    bunker and more tracks. More the better AMERICA!!!!!

  39. Luis Armando Gomez Feliz

    Is 1 or baby gulag

  40. M1A3!!!

  41. Secret missions with tanks and planes maybe?

  42. Play the Pz.IV F2

  43. Mordekaiser “Pentakiller No.1” The Real BEAST

    Auto correct made that Herpes lol xD i obviusly meant heros and generals

  44. T-34 1942- Stalin’s Ferrari

  45. Do a challenge series

  46. glen-ross mullen

    Baron you must play the hetzer or you will get hetzed

  47. Let’s do Hetzer! Achtung!!

  48. The Cyborg Eagle


  49. Must play ze Panzer III L

  50. Maybe play world of warplanes?

  51. Sofian Bensalem

    play heroes and generals more

  52. M2a2 the dual turret

  53. t 50

  54. Do a serie of heroes and generals, in a asault squad with phly, mr.
    Sssssslickbeeee, and others…..

  55. M6A1 or McDonalds

  56. You can try more realistic battles? You can pull out fun combos with tanks
    and planes. yes yes I know phly is doing something similar, but you could
    team up with him. You guys are fun to watch when u play together + it gets
    more stressful and allot less forgiving then the arcade battles 

  57. Ze Hetzer going zo hetz 

  58. TheGhostTrollek dejvu


  59. Baron you should play civilization 5


    Plane request series????!

  61. Wizl The Blonde Alien

    use the kugelblitz you never use SPAAG

  62. What if you made a new account and start all over again and make videos
    about it, like a Let’s play

  63. Francisco Martinha

    STUG III F PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Maybe a plane request series for wt and for wow an ship request

  65. For a new game you could try the Arma 3 multiplayer you and slick could
    have fun with that.

  66. Could we have a series on deli meats?

  67. Pick warship in world of warships? 



  69. Oskari Tuomainen

    +BaronVonGamez How can y shoot with the secondary without firing main gun?

  70. Oskari Tuomainen

    Oh! And play Is-1. 

  71. Play the German Sherman tank! Please!

  72. M103

  73. Samuel Ward (Dash247)

    I have an idea Baron, and allow me to apologize first if it has already
    been stated, but what if you did a series were we, the viewers, could
    essentially assign you and your squad “secret missions”? Like, for example
    maybe: “Take a flight of P-51’s loaded for ground assault, fly behind enemy
    lines undetected, and harass the enemy airfield, destroying it’s defenses
    and preventing enemy aircraft from landing.” Anything we could come up
    with. Keep up with the good videos!

  74. J-Félix Nantel

    Do them awesome custom battle :3

  75. Or is4m

  76. M6A1

  77. Lazer GoldGaming

    Sherman calliope.

  78. Do a warthunder Academy were you teach new players some of your tricks and
    a plane request series will alse be good

  79. randomly chose tanks

  80. Realistic battles plz

  81. T-34-E85 l, I think that will be cool

  82. new series idea : tank simulator

  83. T-34-85E!!!!!
    Hello friend’s of war thunder!!

  84. Series Idea: Starter guide for planes/tanks in generell or for realistic
    battles. A how-not-to-suck.

  85. MasterReptile25

    Start a new series about tutorials!

  86. Baron do a request series on World of WarShips please

  87. battlestations pacific ships gameplay maybe that is good game?

  88. Hey Baron. I would love to see you play the M6A1. Maybe start a angling
    and tatics series. Love your vids.

  89. dubhead spartan

    STuH 42 G

  90. Christopher Good

    Ask people what planes they want you to fly

  91. Play IL-28 pls

  92. Justnyan Andsmile

    New series idea: How about you playing 2vs2 ore 1vs 1 in simulator
    mode against a skilled people like slickbee ore phlydaily and we can decide
    wich tank u all gonna use so we can se who the real masters are of that
    tank ??

    Sorry for grammer English is my 4th language :)

  93. Huntenboy_ Gaming

    Idea- Battles that happened irl like t34 vs tiger or Sherman’s vs Pz 4 like

  94. War thunder plane request series?

  95. Nicholas Saunders

    Jagdpanther plz 

  96. Naruto uUzumakii

    Tiger 2

  97. +BaronVonGamez How about some squad video’s? Teaming up with others (maybe
    matching stuff/Any game) 🙂 Just an idea :3

  98. Matthew Fielding

    My favourite are the lower tiers you have have so much fun with them just
    zipping around but I would like to see you do a challenge. You have to get
    10 kills in one match with a Tiger E and only die once ;)

  99. Jagdpanzer III or the hetez!

  100. Mechwarrior online is really interesting and fun I don’t personally have a
    PC but it fits the type of games you play and THE HETZER!

  101. Aleksei NovaVaros


  102. Sherman 76,
    Any kind

  103. Can you play the m41 walker bulldog baron

  104. Just a recommendation to diversify the tanks picked for Tank Request; for
    up coming episodes, limit the choices to a single tier and let the viewers
    know an episode before what tier they need to choose from. EX: on one
    episode it’ll be tier 5, next will be tier 4, etc etc.

  105. Julian Wildhaber

    the halftrack with the 75 mm gun XD

  106. COH blitzkrieg mod :p and Red Orchestra 2

  107. MrPyromaster247

    Call the series (The Daily Grind) first video will be a top tier tank then
    the following clips will be tanks in the same line.. in order to get to the
    T5. so order would be like T5, T1,2,3,4…. make sense??

  108. Kurtis Lautenbach

    Battlefield 4/hardline

  109. New Player Series would be good for War Thunder and World of Warships. I
    would love to see the Marder 3.

  110. I want to see the is-3. No one really plays it and I want to know if I
    should go for it

  111. Joaquin Hernandez


  112. Greatness not guaranteed


  113. Hetzer

  114. Carry on ur tank request vids but add historical information about that

  115. Hetzer Hetzer Hetzer plz <3 

  116. Lorys Valenciano

    Play SU-122p

  117. Manuel Arocho Jr

    dude take out the m2 :D

  118. Garrett Hopkins

    Hetzer and Hs-129B (which ever one you please) In tank RB :)

  119. New series Ideas
    1. Tank History ( focuses on the history of particularly badass Tank crews
    during WWII.)
    2. Thomas the Tank ( Story based series about Tanks with faces.)


  121. Hetzer!

  122. For a new series in War Thunder you could do this but with planes instead.

  123. how about you try reign of kings? Perhaps you, phly and the slickest of
    bees can take over the server and dominate other players while having some
    great shenanigans for us to see also

  124. Play Arma III Wasteland with Phly or/and Slick :]

  125. Could you drive the m2a2? American tank.

  126. Hey Baron, if you’re up for some RTS try out the Wargame series from Eugen

  127. Wow and wot vehicles? So you do this voting thing and then you sail the
    ship it drive the tank.

  128. The Baby Gulag!!! KV-85 

  129. Dimaria Dimaria

    or just planes series

  130. David O'Rourke (Derpotron)


  131. amaru pettigrew

    Flank ank spank hetzer 

  132. Will you try the m10?

  133. Tiger II (H) or (P)!

  134. Leandro Nierras


  135. How about some more men of war assault squad 2

  136. Sir_Fiverton_EsQ

    Der Hetzer. Make Hitler and Lemmy proud

  137. M5A1 pls!

  138. Sherman Firefly

    Panzer 3 with 50mm?

  139. The Pershing plz!!!

  140. When you ask for a tank to play, you should suggest a tier that we have to
    pick from.

  141. Warband, prison architect, eu4, ark, rust. Any of these would make me

  142. Any reserve tank or I’ll tell Josef.

  143. 105 Sherman 

  144. Do a plane request series.
    Play the 3-inch gun motor carriage M10 (M10 wolverine)
    Because you get tier 5 tank request so often you could say no tier 5 tanks.
    If you are going to play heroes and generals will you try to do well. I
    find it more interesting and fun if someone is kicking ass rather than
    shooting a PTRD on a stuarts side armor when it is at almost a 70 degree
    angle with no chance of penetrating there. (hint hint)

  145. Hetzer. Because Hetzers gonna Hetz

  146. pz.II H

  147. andrew martinez

    Hetzer gots hetz

  148. Combined Series where you bring plane and tank ?

  149. I think a good series u should do is VEGA CONFLITC

  150. Colt Jordan (FlyingTigerVI)

    Po-2 is best tank. Drive that 

  151. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    I don’t know if you do planes, but if you do can you play the Hellcat, it’s
    been a long time it’s gotten any love from anyone. plz………

  152. Wyatt Bridgwater

    Play the IS-7

  153. Jagdpanzer 38(t) ‘Hetzer’!

  154. Michael Ferguson

    I noticed that Phly is doing a “combined arms” video or 2, maybe that would
    be a good idea for a new series.

  155. Guthrie Glasgow

    make a new acount and play to tier 5

  156. BARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play the hetzer 

  157. Jaicob Breitbach


  158. what about unturned?

  159. do the t-60 :D

  160. Baron I’d suggest doing an “ugly duckling” series where people can vote on
    the planes or tanks that are not typically used. Plane for example like the
    P36 or the G-50. Something that typically doesn’t do well, so we can see if
    you have a good game or not in them.

  161. +Donnavan or the M6A1

  162. For a new series: Plane Requests

    Anyway, you should play in the ZIS-30 Russian SPG. It’s my fav. SPG.

  163. M6a1

  164. More “Mount and Blade”, with North & South mod, also more “Kingdom Come:
    Deliverance”. Your vids are the best Baron (and even better with slickbee).

  165. moltar2-manfredvonritch

    Call it I need YOUR help, which you play with subs 

  166. Play the Zis-30! You’ll get sea sick instantly 

  167. yeah

  168. Do a mount and blade series! That would be awesome!

  169. what about a challenge video? or series for example m3 stuart playing in a
    tier two

  170. Emil Lorenzo Sansan

    PZ2 H Hitler’s little assassin

  171. Plane request series for WT maybe

  172. Hetzer please I really want to see it

  173. hetzer

  174. Kristofer Carlson

    More M5a1 Stuart gameplay. Its a cute little tank that you just want to
    hold in the palm of your hands and play with. It also seems like a tank
    that you could easily own and operate as a private owner.

  175. It’d be cool to see some request custom battles of face offs or even no win
    scenarios like see how many tigers your Sherman can kill before they toast

  176. Nicholas Stojanovic

    WHy does this game contain planes that werent in ww2….

  177. Play the game Blitzkrieg. Its a lot like Men of War Assault Squad

  178. Gerome Rebollido

    warship request series or gun request series for heroes and generals

  179. Ashley Strudwick

    IS-3 Plezz

  180. Red orchestra 2 -Rising Storm

  181. We need change it up, play some flak panzer. I would like to see how well u
    play it. Like if u agree

  182. do a my first sereies with WT in backround

  183. Sneaky Snake in the Locust!

  184. Baron, why do you not fly planes that often? How about the occasional plane
    request series please I think many of us would enjoy that!

  185. you should do a series and play with subs can i add you baron i play on the

  186. M6 tier three I think. One down from the 105

  187. Stalin`s land battleship

  188. RemusKingOfRome5

    Bren Gun Carrier .. Churchill

  189. Kugablitz plz

  190. Jonathan Anacona

    Troll series! 

  191. Kv-85 

  192. Eucadian Lead (Emporer of peace)

    hey baron what about the sherman or make a pershing cause thos 2 are my
    favorite american tanks please

    • Eucadian Lead (Emporer of peace)

      WAR SHOGUN 2

  193. Play the M6A1 heavy tank 

  194. Kathryn Shacklford

    M4A3 W(76) “best job I ever had” Sherman. You MUST have something stupid
    and American painted on the the barrel (so, basically put peanuts on the

  195. Urban Fighter Airsoft

    T54 1949 Stalins Rodent.

  196. ZSU 57-2, BT-7, T-34(-85), Maus, T95, Please

  197. Hetzer gonna hetz you to the golaug 

  198. Sim battles series?

  199. Hetz!

  200. Luke Okins (Lukethevillain)

    Panzer IV F2

  201. Try playing Rust or Ark, Space engineers?

  202. Josh Spain (Jman809)

    Play as the Hetzer 38(t)

  203. Dear Baron, Hetzer.


  204. Grant Wolfsangel

    You should play more mount and blade barrrrrron

  205. Once ships come out for war thunder then do those

  206. Armando Marcial Alonzo

    Swarm with the KV-2 and ISU-152 vs tier I

  207. Can you do a plane realistic request serie

  208. Yea baron u need to do more heroes and generals such a awesome game!!

  209. Everett Wentworth

    Why don’t you get the better in there better got to hetz

  210. Damian van kleef

    go for the derp sherman, it is very fun to play.

  211. play the hetzer

  212. Hey, Baron! Love the content. Keep it up. The heroes and generals vids are
    awesome, and is worthy of a series. Your doing great! (^.^)7

  213. PayDay2 is coming out on PS4 this month. Could make a series on that! Also
    for War Thunder, could invite a subscriber that plays this game to jam with
    the crew. Don’t know how good a video that would make, but you might be
    able to mutate it to your liking. Regardless, you’re doing a good job mate.
    This ANZAC salutes you.

  214. It would be good to see tactics, keyboard mapping tips, joystick mapping,
    how to set up custom battles.

  215. Do the f2 it a great tank for it tire and in destroy everthink 

  216. Heroes and generals!!!!
    Looks awesome.
    Adds the inf aspect that you haven’t quite been able to make too many
    videos of. 

  217. FranKolej Gaming Channel


  218. Series ideas. For war thunder tank and plane reviews. Since a lot of things
    don’t always get requested. Its nice if you unlock a tank or plane to have
    something to look up and watch to see on how they preform. Strengths and
    weaknesses. And its more fun to have a video than reading off Reddit. Also
    Heros and Generals is a cool game and makes fun videos to watch especially
    if your with the squad but it is kinda a grind monster to get new stuff so
    unless you have a press account or want to pay for stuff it may be harder.
    Best of luck and enjoy your videos.

  219. Grant Schoolbus

    +BaronVonGamez you could just give us a number of options in the comments,
    leave us to vote them up and pick the winner!

  220. Hetzer for the Win. pls

  221. How About series Of How too Shoot Plane In RB using a spa


  222. I would say ship request, but they aren’t out yet. Maybe plane request?

  223. Alex van Giersbergen

    +Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy That’s an awesome idea 🙂

  224. Baron in order to pull a Robin Hood shot your shell caliber has to be equal
    to or smaller than the enemy’s gun.

  225. Play heroes ad generals and KSP, i know it might not be quite what you
    normally do but its just great…

  226. I’d like to see you play the T28. It wrecks BTs and Panzer IIIs with its
    Shrapnel rounds, then you have APHEBC rounds for Panzer 4s and such. It’s a
    small Land-Battleship from the Russians.

  227. A good series would be us requesting to see how to counter tanks and
    planes. It would help newer players lots, and could appeal to a larger
    audience than only people seeking entertainment. Not that you need more
    views or that’s why you would start the series, but it would be an added

  228. American overall BR 5.0 tanks. Things that are crushed by vehicles from
    Panther to Tiger and everything in between.

  229. Flaming Silver Arrow Gaming

    Please play some more Heroes & Generals your last video was so good.

  230. Id really like to see the 105mm tiger. thinking about it

  231. austin jagodzinski

    try to play mis-matched tanks and see if you can still be such a boss.

  232. any t34

  233. TheGamingNinja NL-US

    Plane recuest serie?

  234. Sdkfz 140/1 Is it an AA gun?

    As for a new series… Try squadron battles.. It will be an Epic journey
    (You will need 7 friends)

  235. Stalin gullag fridge derper !!!!

  236. Intel HD 2000 Gaming


  237. antonis manolakis


  238. BestofShooterGames

    play the Hetzer next! Für das Vaterland Kamerad!

  239. T80

  240. Maybe a plane request series.

  241. M4A3 (105) And Do Sim Battles with the Squad or Bomber Formations 

  242. M19 TGMC, great vids baron, new series title “Tits and Giggles”

  243. the t-54?

  244. Panzer kampfwagen IV F2 pls

  245. Pz.III

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