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Binary Orchestra!


  1. Ryan the Hedgehog

    first ^^

  2. jeppe frosch petersen


  3. 13th

  4. Ah panzerlied good choice

  5. huh dicker :)

  6. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    oh yeah the mighty 4th place.

  7. like for the Panzerlied

  8. AH BTW! this thing has fucking crazy depression

  9. Dicker (Dick her)
    I’m bored

  10. Fun fact: In Germany the Panzerlied is forbidden by the government

  11. Psychosaur ЭИTITY ЦИЖИФШИ


  12. I hope a Derpgun :D

  13. love the battle of the bulge song in the background phly (I know it was a
    real song future smart alecs)

  14. Duck Duck Toys Studio™ (That guy called duck)

    so 1.57 is best for germans, Japanese, brits

  15. yo phly make a tier 1 battleships video for world of warships man that
    would be awesome

  16. Guys what do you guess would Gaijin would add next?

  17. Dicker……..max

  18. Duck Duck Toys Studio™ (That guy called duck)

    so 1.57 is best for germans, Japanese, brits

  19. Still waiting for Chieftain :D

  20. omg my favorite tank in a video and its my birthday my Day has been made :D

  21. did i say march 17th…

  22. ay love your vids. love from Latvia

  23. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    God damn, another tank for we German players to get killed by the Russians

  24. does anyone have the link to the picture in the first few seconds of the
    video? the one with the FW 190 flying over some Tigers, Panthers and other
    armored vehicles?

  25. German Hellcats but with low mobility but with heavy hitter

  26. ScipionLaurentiend

    good pronunciation on the maginot ….comming from a french speaking guy

  27. your german is so terrible! :D

  28. We still need the following
    P-47 Razorback models
    F3D-2 Skyknight
    F9F-8 Cougar
    Now Tanks

  29. Tjalling Snabilie

    the panzerlied! I love that song

  30. finally my personal favourite tank comes to war thunder!!!!!! ?

  31. Aw yes the big dick is finally in war thunder


    I bet it will be placed after the Nashorn :D

  33. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    I did not learn this bullshit

  34. how many vehicles will germans get this update

  35. wait can we even turn the gun?

  36. When will 1.57 come out??

  37. That’s my wallpaper :D

  38. isn’t this the Sturer Emil?

  39. Do I sense a challenge with this tank Phly?


  41. Jaakko Peltoniemi

    drunk hype!!!!!

  42. Armour piercing capped ballistic capped Nazi moon shell, Gaijin pls nerf

  43. Need Emil. And Sherman Grizzly, Cromwell 7, Excelsior, Skink, KV-7-2 and
    KV-7. KV-220, KV- object 223, Sturm Tiger, SU-50 203mm, VK 30.02 (DB),
    KV-1B for the Russians because why does Germans get it when it was stolen
    from the Russians. Lorain 105 and 150mm, Char B1 and Char 2C 90mm armor and
    big gun versions.

  44. Phly. A challenge video after patch 1.57? Take out the Nashorn and the
    Me-262 C-1a. Let see if you can kill something in the 7.0 or 7.3 match.
    With that awesome 88 Pak, you should get at least two kills. Remember man,
    according to one of the books I have readied when I was in college. A
    Nashorn scored a hit at a stunning distance of 6.2 km.

  45. Kiernan Gill Playz

    What recorder do u use

  46. Ducsai Barnabás

    Is that the Kepi blanc in the background?

  47. Lol don’t get too excited for this. It’ll most likely be as useless as the

  48. Opposite Catfish

    In the description you said paznerlied XD

  49. Let’s see how this thing is going to compare to the KV2 and SU100Y…

  50. I love that song in the background

  51. the driver has a duck face


  53. Patrick Lee JackOfAllBlades

    Phly is getting hard for the dicker. We all heard him at the end there.

  54. I just keep replay 6:55 lol

  55. Hype? What the hell are you talking about, WT can never create such
    feelings… just anger!

  56. Dicker Max- My Dick To The Max

  57. A tank bunker buster? This thing better ALWAYS pen no matter what (unless
    the armor of the enemy tank is ridiculously angled).

  58. [SFE]Jasonhalo002~NL

    So basically its a marder on steroids? :D

  59. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    Phly, you have to shout (sorry for spelling) SVIER CANNON whenever you kill
    someone with the Fat Max!!!!!

  60. The music is nice but offensive to some, you know Phly so better not use it

  61. dick(er) max :D

  62. So it’s a glass cannon.

  63. Comment104

  64. (dick)her

  65. My russian anyway OP sorry :)

  66. Yummy snack for light tanks

  67. +PhlyDaily thx for our Panzerlied
    Greetings from the Fatherland Germany ;D

  68. I figured when I saw the nashorn that it would come after the hetzer
    because before that are the marder open TD’s.

  69. Funfact:the german troops just went around those heavily armourd bunkers in
    the french line.

  70. you call it ‘”SVIYA” cannon,i call it ‘BLYAT” cannon

  71. it might be added after the hetzer because that td line ends on hetzer

  72. Oh god it’s the vacuumer max D:

  73. If there is going to be a new tank destroyer line for the germans but
    really all the tanks in the new line are spgs then we can expect the HUMMEL
    and proberly we can get the GW TIGER

  74. we want sturmtiger!

  75. Why not help people? Because you have this channel? help me whith the sound
    package in war thunder!!!

  76. Would love to see the rhm borsig at tier 5 with a 128mm. Also the dicker
    max had better one shot t34s or I call Russian bias. However I think it
    will be greatly flawed as if u miss and the enemy is playing even the
    slightest attention then u will die due to a long reload.

  77. Panzerlied!! <3 (btw u spelled "Panzerlied" wrong in the description)

  78. That french lolol

  79. Phly is from usa?

  80. I’ve watched this video once more just because of the new thumbnail.

  81. Rank III? My mighty IS-2 (6.0) will love this!

  82. mm?

  83. Guys listen!
    There were reports of Hetzer with its 75mm gun penetrating IS tanks from
    the front from 2km away!!!
    So imagine what will a high velocity 105mm gun do to T-34’s hull armor!

  84. Sharpclawasaurus

    Ah yes.

    Biggus Dickus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  85. Riptide Gaming (Thomas Finnegan)

    Hey Phly, I had an idea for a custom battle you could do. Everyone plays as
    PT-76s, and enters the lake in Poland. No-one fire up to a certain point to
    avoid a sniping battle, and wait until medium to short range and then have
    a mini naval battle.

  86. The Standard Gamer

    That first image is my background :D

  87. jasef stalin suck

  88. Btw it’s not Nash Horn it’s Nas Horn

  89. Panzer lied!

  90. but that thumbnail tho.

  91. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    still waiting for e50m and e75…

  92. I like these German Tds makes me feel more early war idk but I like it I
    can’t wait for the nashhorn is it premium or no and if it’s not what tier
    is it in

  93. Thank god that this tank has a different gun than the STUH, which currently
    sucks in game

  94. many words died this day

  95. Lol nice thumbnail

  96. OMG ur german is AWESOME xDD

  97. dicker max > nashorn> sturer emil! that”ll be perfect

  98. Alessandra Vikander

    schwere kanone? you mean FEAR canon.

    I’ll just leave…

  99. 10:24 “I am getting pretty hard…”

  100. War thunder need these crazy vehicles!

  101. So, Marder’s bigger, dicker brother?

  102. I want something in between the panzer 3 and the tiger. BR jump from 3.3(?)
    to 5.7. Seems you need to research the tiger last at that rank to keep a
    competitive lineup.

  103. gasdorfic muncher

    you dicker around to much in this video phill…current BR system makes
    this worse than paper ..tissue ?

  104. Thats it boys! Phly is gona german TD…..soon. Rip jagpanther, we ll never
    see you get Phlyed :(

  105. Why couldn’t you use deustches vaterland Panzerlied new version as back
    round music. It better

  106. Y u no Sturer Emil?????

  107. Arnór Franz Erlendsson


  108. Good choice of music at the beginning :D

  109. It sounds so funny if you try to spell a German word.

  110. Please dont do any more of these stupid foreign accents… i know i know,
    you wanna please some fans, but it sounds fucking awful… just say it
    normally and nobody will get mad.

  111. Copied from WoT!

  112. +PhlyDaily pls for your next combo you should play the Centurion and the
    Hawker Sea Fury aka the Kora Kombo

  113. Why are they adding german things??? We need more soviet!! WE HAVE TO MAKE

  114. Jonathon Hopkins

    Did anyone else notice the face on the right of the tank

  115. Anton Morgenstern

    can I add you as a friend in war thunder?

  116. Still waiting for the T-29

  117. They should add the Hummel as a durp gun 150mm of German power

  118. Andy Play's [BogAco]

    march 7th*


  120. Andy Play's [BogAco]

    schwere kanone, rougly translates to “Big gun” if i remember corectly

  121. phly! that’s crazy! I commented on “ask the developers” for the nashorn to
    make the dmax (my favorite tank ever) AND THEY FUCKING DID IT! I SO HYPED

  122. March 17th? i Thought Today Was The 7th

  123. Requiescat in pace German language. Im no expert but I know how pronounce

  124. 9:42 The leopard has an AP round with an explosive filler?

  125. As much as I love you phlydaily your pronunciation sucks ass

  126. Sir Stefan Channel!

    They need to give us the Hummel tbh.
    The Ruski’s have the KV-2, so why can’t we get the hummel?

  127. Yay another German death trap….
    I am looking forward to the t44-100 tho

  128. Wrong the kv-2 has more explosive filler than dicker max

  129. anyone else notice he said March 17th? XD


  131. well in war time I’m sure it was suppose to be a sniper. thus staying far
    from the enemy. and we all know if enough range you can withstand any shot.

  132. Sir Retarded The Eagle

    Someone get Hanz on the line, we have a new job for him…

  133. when is the 1.57 comeing?

  134. Inb4 Sture Emil announcement in devblogg
    if so my guess is that the Sture Emil at either late tier 4 or 5 with it
    128mm cannon that’s longer then the jagdtigers =)

  135. Panzerlied love that song

  136. that gun is HUGE just like my …

    90-100 mm penetration ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  137. I’m still waiting for Bastogne as a map…

  138. I’m still waiting for Bastogne as a map…

  139. my dicker is at max o7


  141. wait did you said tier 3? TIER 3?

  142. Dicker Max what a name

  143. PANZERLIED!!!!

  144. Futuristic Bacon

    oh my god if the dickermax gets put in im going to splooge!

  145. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    The tumbnail is on point

  146. jonathan vallely


  147. Justin sénéchal

    I’ve been waiting and requesting this for months now

  148. phly it is the seventh not seventeenth

  149. Oh yah das…

  150. the beginning picture is my phone background

  151. What is that picture in the beginning?

  152. Phly, where’s the Nashorn? .-.

  153. Phly the p3-YOU GOT A HOLE IN YOUR LEFT WING, umm… the P38–YOU GOT A

  154. KKTrain Springer

    Aww! Looks like a baby Ferdinand!

  155. Unless you are in tier 1 50 mm or armor will not do anything but catch a
    machine gun bullet, and it would be lucky if you do that.

  156. Charleson Leonardo

    I wish there was a game similar to war thunder but with modern tanks and
    with fighter jets

  157. Phly your opening picture is my fucking phone background XD

  158. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    This tank was slow as fuck.

  159. The Smegel Gamer

    Classic gaijin, “leets ad moar tenks” “Ivan, ders a lot rong wit r gem, wee
    shud prolly ficks eet” “stfu Nikolai, gtfo of my offeece ur fired”

  160. The N0o_b game r :3

    They better add artillery tanks the the Hummel for example

  161. Never say anything remotely French ever again.

  162. The music from “The Battle of The Bulge” movie made this video even better

  163. lol dicker max

  164. Derbla Melichar (Derbla Gaming)

    I mean, damn phly I like tanks and all but really? Your getting hard about
    it? XD

  165. Finally the Germans get a derp gun worth using :D

  166. mad max

  167. Is this the tank that killed Private Jackson, the sniper in Saving Private
    Ryan. I think it is.

  168. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    Great Just waiting on the Sturer Emil….

  169. hey Phly the Nashorn’s pronunciation I believe is Nas-Horn. The sh is not
    pronounced in the word


  171. I hope that APHEBC will at least have t34’s APHE damage:P

  172. Wburrgess Burgess

    so i guess they’re gonna put the Sturer Emil in the tech tree soon too

  173. Sd.Kfz 234/2 “Puma” plzerino Warthunder °^°

  174. Wouldn’t they just add it to the marder line?

  175. Its a “nice to have” but this thing will go the same way as the Nashorn
    ingame….its literally useless. U CANT PLAY SUCH THINGS THERE LIKE IN RL
    Its just a big grey target,with little gun traverse and no armor…..u
    maybe have one or two shots with this thing than u are toast! Just there to
    feed the soviet BIAS…..
    If they wnat to add something useful take the E Line.

  176. Jayden Holzhauser

    Is that a red VS blue reference in the thumbnail I see Phly?

  177. Lupercal Imperatus

    The song, is panzerlied.

  178. Your german worst than russian

  179. Eason Wong (Stcom88)

    in Wot asia, we call it “THE DICK” XD!!!!

  180. Hi Phly! i really love how you pronounce the german words. keep up the
    great work. bigup from austria ;)

  181. Hey phly! can it be that you don’t play with Baron and Slick anymore??

  182. have you heard any news about the chieftan mbt for the british tech tree as
    this is the same era as leopard 1 and m60 tanks

  183. “used as an anti-spg td” Really dude? A self propelled gun is a self
    propelled gun. A td is a td. An assault gun is yet another thing… you
    know a StuG as in Sturmgeschütz. that is german for assault gun.

  184. “Dickus Maximus”
    (Uncontrolled giggling in the background)

  185. lmaooo the first picture you used with tigers and fws is my wallpaper

  186. So, they literally ripped an le.fh 18 from its placement, threw it into a
    Pz.IV and gave Hans a spanner.

  187. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Das ist doch wohl der Wahnsinn! Was kommt als nächstes? Deutschkurse für
    alle Spieler dieses glorreichen Spiels, namens Kriegsdonner?

    I really wonder what that sounds like for somebody who doesn’t speak

  188. Yelling German words just sounds so much more natural….SCHWERE KANONE!!!!

  189. Phly. Do you know when the IS-2 Mod 1944’s br is going down in 6.3 from 6.7
    also? I think they will left it there like that but the goddamn tier 5
    tanks destroy ma sht in seconds and when I shot them with it does less than
    a fart

  190. Greynolds17 _rssqc_

    this tank is a fucking blast in WoT….they fianally adding it in WT

  191. Thnx gaijin. Give us more ez kills

  192. Mg will still pen lol.

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