War Thunder NEW TANK! – E-100 SUPER TANK HYPE – War Thunder 1.53

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  1. hi

  2. So what are ya’lls feedback for me on my semi rant about Russians vs the
    German heavy tanks?

  3. hey phly keep up tge videos

  4. aww yess

  5. 1.53 release in 2040

  6. so finally there is something that can stop 400mm pen shells! GJ gaijing!

  7. notice meh senphly

  8. custom battles would be fun with it lol

  9. Not quite as heavy as a 747… well, actually 400,000lbs less. Still, the
    hype is strong.



    Will it be like the Su-76 where you get obejctives or like the mastermind
    quiz where its off-site quiz(that I got f**ked out of) or will it be like
    an La-174? God please dont be like teh 174, i dont have the maus ;'(

  11. LowSettingsGamer -cro_gamer

    just 3 minutes since this video was uploaded..god im good :D…GJ Phly

  12. what about IS-7’s and T110E3, 4 and 5’s and… USS Iowa’s and shimakaze’s

  13. Under 301 club

  14. Cant wait for update!

  15. I’m telling you now, it’s not hype at all.

  16. Hype for what really? gonna be useless just like the Maus and will get 1
    hitted just as easy by HEATFS

  17. under I-301 club lol that’s a terrible joke

  18. Going to be premium, going to be shoot with one shell, going to fall
    against T-10m. So don’t pull it War Thunder!!

  19. 40 km/h. Sounds good!

  20. JPzE100? seems legit :D

  21. E-50 E-75

  22. Well I guess I’ll never be able to use this if it’s not in the game
    forever. Thanks Gaijin

  23. If you wanna play the E-100 now, play world of tunks.

  24. we all know how to kill it and the maus thanks to girls und panzer

  25. 12cm E100 as reward tank, then later on 15cm E100 may be released as a
    standard tank?

  26. well phly, this is something I would play: C-47 that you can launch
    paratroopers from on enemy Pillbox area and capture the AA and pillbox XD

  27. Maybe some British tanks…

  28. Jovan Schiebelbein

    This fucking game is done

  29. Hmm, would love this tank. But I’m not getting it in time, for sure!

  30. yeaaaaaaaah

  31. Why did they model the 15cm cannon if it’s gonna have only the 128mm? It is
    clearly the 15cm cannon on those screenshots.


    its ze E100 TIGERMAUS. ze real BRICK HAUS

  33. Mrorome Trololololo

    17cm gun is a hoax. Sorry bro, it was made up.

  34. E-100 hype?? It´s just another unrealistic bullshit like Maus….

  35. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    so everyone stuck in rank 3 can never get it

  36. Dat Maus Haus

  37. This make me want to vomit….they add a tank but you’ll have impossible
    tasks to do….I remember, just to get a tier 1 aircraft as gift I had to
    play 1 entire day, so I can’t imagine for that. That’s so
    stupid….everybody don’t have infinit time to play this game. I was an
    Alpha tester, I’m totally against this kind of practices.

  38. Can I get the e100 even if I don’t have tier five in any German tank lines

  39. Ranosian the Great

    Humpy Humpy lol

  40. i bet they only added this tank so they can put some uber over powered post
    war Russian tank to “counter” it

  41. михаил михайлов

    пробитие в 650 -это русский прикол!

  42. maybe this should be mobile version of the Maus,research will continue from
    the Maus
    maybe their E-50 (Panther) and E-75 (Tiger II) might be added later on

  43. 128cm Gun and its 7.3 Kg that seems right

  44. I have a question if you have the E-100 and if he is then taken out again
    one has him then still as the Tirpitz ??

  45. Fuck 🙁 I’m stuck in T3 so it means I can never get it.

  46. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Thats so retarded, that Thing was never build -.-

  47. I’d prefer to see the E100 with the Krupp turret and the 150 mm gun but you
    know gaijin sekrit dokumints

  48. Wrong turret that’s maus turret

  49. Play the T34-100 the mobile bunker cannon.

  50. why not just make it a standard tank, like a various of the maus

  51. man in tier V the armor is useless with the HEATFS rounds…

  52. You know….War Thunder is shit. Loved the old promise (No prototypes) but
    suddenly, oh look, we add post War Russian Tanks and Germans have nothing!
    We’d better add some Protos….and now it is an even more Russiam Biased
    WoT. Okaym

  53. in a MAUS l fire the 76mm with one of the additional mouse buttons

  54. E 25 should be added

  55. 2:19 did i hear “kurwy”? :D

  56. Don’t care about the E100. MBTs rule

  57. Blu EaglEye (Herwin)

    Shit man…idk which tree to focus…russians or germans or americans or
    british (in the future) tanks…..?

  58. I hope they don’t even think about to implement one of the E-Series tanks
    in the regular game!

  59. Why do you have a house skin on your tank while other people cant see it?

  60. Oskar Andreas Berg

    I Wonder what kinda superheavy tank the brits will have?

  61. What ever, the E-100 will be on the RED team.

  62. We will get the Ratte landbatleship. Lol jk

  63. Good, now put in the Flakpanzer E100, with twin 88’s.

  64. Yeah, most germans tanks have a better reverse speed. But let’s not talk
    about the Panther and the Jagdpanther. That’s a whole different story: 55
    km/h speed and a very bad reverse speed!

  65. E25 and E50 HYPY

  66. I agree with your points, I do believe the E series, we’ll done of course,
    could be great.

    Gaijin should up armor the Tiger 2 105 and rename it E 75. And improve its
    reload rate.

  67. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    WELL I smell is7 slowly crawling to WT

  68. That thumbnail


  69. JGPAZER E-100 German TD

  70. i would like phly to bomb the maus with the 5000kg bomb

  71. We won’t get the rest of the E series (E-10, E-25, E-50 and E-75), because
    they were only blueprints, none of them were build, work hadn’t even
    started on them, the E-100 was basically the chassis (which was ready) with
    a Maus turret, so no problem there.

  72. Casper Bolding Kampp

    wasnt there something of a combination between the e-100 and e-75. called
    the e-90 crocodile i would like to see that

  73. Fasten your seat-belts fellas its phly fangirling or hating over a tank
    that will no doubt bring nothing short of havok and imbalance to the game !

    Phly calls it hype I call it goodbye to the under-competitive top tier
    Americans lineup, let the 150mm 1 shot sniping commence Gaijin have really
    sealed the nail in the already obviously growing coffin as a result I am
    sticking to low tier tanks and aircraft until Gaijin decides to get their
    priorities right and fix all the vehicles and aircraft flight models and
    performance stats currently in the game and they halt new content for the
    time being !

    Which by the way was was and still is what a lot of older RB and Decimated
    Simulator communities wanted a year and half to two years ago over
    compression of aircraft battle rating assignments and tiering and to a
    lesser extent the same problem happens with ground-forces and they managed
    to make it stupidly worse.

    They just can’t seem to find that perfect balance and I do not expect
    anything in regards to warthunder having remotely realistic stats and
    figures, I gave up hope on that a year ago 🙁

    Now do not take this the wrong way naysayers and haters I do adore
    warthunder and I still play it from time to time but it only takes me 30
    minutes of playing it to realize why I uninstalled the first 167 times but
    i find it very hard to ignore the glaringly obvious faults in the game
    whether it was added by the devs or was in the game from day one !

  74. Blu EaglEye (Herwin)

    That tank should be called MHAUS.

  75. I hope and pray that they don’t ever think about adding the IS-7 because
    that thing would dominate everything.

  76. E100 :0 Nice !

  77. we need the e100 and the e75 and e50 and e25 aka the mouse sniper

  78. Germany OP.

  79. Here I was thinking the T10M was a nightmare, this thing is better armored
    from the front side and rear when straight up compared to each other and I
    doubt gaijin would nerf the thickness of armor to compensate!

  80. On the E100 in the thumbnail are the words= Diese Nüsse (theze nuts xd)

  81. I’d love to see the other E-Series tanks in War Thunder, though I feel it
    would be unlikely given that the E-100 is already really pushing how paper
    they’ll go with a vehicle, given that it only had a partial prototype,
    which is also probably why it is only going to be an event tank and not a
    permanent tank.

    Who knows though with the R2Y2s and all, we could get them in the end if it
    ever gets bad enough for top tier Germans.


  83. Where are the US T29, T30, Super-Pershing,T57,T110E5, and T110E4. come on
    Gaijin give some love to your American Brothers. =)

  84. E50?
    Now they need the E25 lol

  85. Whats the autumn special

  86. lewl humped

  87. How to win WT Ground Forces as Germany: 1) Are the Russians on your team?
    A) If yes, congrats! You win! B) If no, then you better hope they are
    really really stupid, otherwise, prepare to lose.

  88. the mini maus

  89. *Knocks on door*
    “Der Führer, is the Maus up to standard?”
    *Run’s off*
    *Behind the door the FührerFaps Furiously*

  90. So are they adding the E25 and the E50 and the E75?

  91. I want the P.1000 Ratte as april fool

  92. British tanks yet?

  93. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)



  95. Great, now put the E-50 and the E-75 (and the E-25 of course)

  96. World of Tanks Tank lol
    Ist in WT yes World of Tanks go fck away little unrealistic Game

  97. i hope the jg pz 100 coms dat has the cannon of the e 100 butt 100 times
    better 🙂 hype

  98. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Hear that everyone? Phly is humped!

    I always knew you were gay Phly!

  99. germans are so op

  100. The E-100 simply required too much fuel to keep running, and Hitler &
    friends were too low on ressources by that time of the war. Kind of a
    shame, I would’ve loved to see some real life action footage of this thing.

  101. where is the link from the forums ?
    i want to read it but cant find it

  102. they NEED to add the E series, absolutely, the E-50M it’s the only Match
    for the post war Russian and American (and soon British) medium tanks. Same
    with the Heavys, E-75 it’s needed. cheer phly

  103. Where are the British tanks?!?

  104. ryan “k1wi boy” mcknight

    E25 maybe

  105. E-75 HYPEEE!!! :D

  106. Welp. That’s a tank I won’t have.

  107. Ich würde das nicht Mobilität nennen, eher Glück, mega geil ;)

  108. Russia won the biggest tank war in History which was in Kursk so it shows
    that they are the best :D

  109. Night Stalkers Gaming

    And here comes wargamings take on Germany mixed with gaijin a platform.

  110. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    Dang they’re using the Maus turret

  111. wow… op

  112. Panzer VI Tiger H I

    it’ll probably be like this: herro this is war thunder if you want the
    stronk E-100 you must kill 1000 il-28 using the maus, you didn’t think you
    will really get the stronk tonk did you? that’s adorable go buy some golden
    eagles for comrade stalin.

  113. “Anything comes in our rear and we’re fucked” -PhlyDaily everyone

  114. Let’s get the 17cm case TD added, the JgPz. E100

  115. wtf is point in getting the E 100 it wil be shit the maus is shit takes
    hits like nothing that amor is going to do nothing. t10s just going to pin
    throw you like nothing

  116. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    We can and we should have only one E serie. We even shouldn’t have any of
    them as for the game in the current state.

  117. Bombers: Bigger doesn’t work in front of us.

  118. Quintin Baumeister

    Maybe they’ll add some American reward tanks like the T-29, 30, 34, or
    similar test bed tanks. I’m not sure what Russia had that would fit this
    criteria, maybe an IS-7 style or some tanks in WoT’s object group. Just
    some food for thought

  119. JAGPANZER E100!!!!!!!!!

  120. When i saw this i nearly cummed i jumped in excitement

  121. centimeter, millimeter whatever


  123. Photoshop 5:10 really a photoshop

  124. well I would gladdy give gaijin my money but now they are just going to set
    up some stupid impossible challenge :(

  125. Great another paper vehicle instead of a real machine such as the P61.

  126. Russian AND American bias

  127. Well now I can have a MAUS an e100 and I guess the shit leopard 

  128. lets get the JgPz E100, and since we are going into big tanks then lets get
    some Sturm tanks in the house

  129. They call the maus a justice cannon for a reason

  130. So Germans get the E100, and Russians will get the T72.

  131. Hahahaha! nice joke about the US Tanks in that rant phly
    Really only the M60 stands a chance since the M103 doesn’t have the damage
    output as it use to and the M47 is just straight up shit

  132. the m103 is garbage after 1.5 pacth

  133. I wanna see them put in the p-1000 ratte in earth under as a summer
    special, would love to know the requirements for that.

  134. Should have started with Germany , I started with the Soviet Union

  135. Estion Terrariagaming




  138. Kristian čolak-barać

    no No NO
    Im crying fot the 150mm gun
    come on man everyone likes it more than your smelly ass Gajin

  139. I want to see the JagdPanzer E100 in this game, The one with the 173mm gun.

  140. DutchGamerBrothers

    Its so funny every time war thunder is copying the tanks from world of
    tanks it’s just so funny to see how desperate they are for new tanks

  141. I watched this video just because you had Sgt. Schultz in your thumbnail!

  142. Yo Phly where the British tanks at man

  143. always loved the e-series tanks. had them all in wot before i sold my
    account… but dont tell nobody ;)

  144. Phly I just was playing WOT blitz and I got 7 kills in a Pz. B2 that is the
    whole enemy team. I got the mastery badge top 1% of people who have played
    that tank in the last week.

  145. Its a Russian-made game so yeah, the Russian s are going to be biased, and
    have more good tanks.

  146. I hope they add the t58heavy tank for the americans

  147. Thats fun… the text written on the tank in the thumbnail litterally
    translates to: Deez Nutz (Ger-Eng)

  148. Phly love your videos, keep up the great work.

  149. How do you use binoculars in a tank?

  150. Just to let you know, the E series wasn’t supposed to be a “super
    beefed-up” version of normal tanks, they were just a replacement for ease
    of production. They could have actually performed worse.

  151. Turning into WoT, paper tanks everywhere. More WW2 tanks vs tanks from 1965

  152. Oh wow! a E-100!……where the hell is my M48?!

  153. Plz nu 100000000 hour ass competition first place required achievements to
    I’d hope it will be like that one Russian jet we had awhile ago that still
    had to be grinded out like a normal tank just with a limited time.

  154. Sees e100 in the video*eyes widen* no… No,no no no no nooooooooo

  155. FlyingPenguinBanana

    Im happy that the germans are getting new tanks because we desperately need
    them for tier 5. And i really hope e25, e50, e75 gets added too. I bet you
    now that these tanks are being added brits will get the chieftain,
    americans will get the early 105mm ambrams (lol), and t62s and t72s…
    Because you know Gaijin hates german tankers lol

  156. no other e series atleast the e100 was pretty much produced just not put
    together turret tracks hull suspension gun but yea germany

  157. That was a panther chazi on the picture that was fake

  158. They need to put the E-25 in. omg that will be AMAZING!!!

  159. why is the leopard 1 in the game and no MBT-70? If they put it in the game
    i hope they put it on the american side as a regular tank and on the german
    side as a premium tank.

  160. Grammar Nazi Commander

    Maus vs E-100

  161. srsly. WT you’re better than this

  162. LoL. American, Russian prototypes- ok.
    German prototypes- no.
    Typicall War Thunder players logic.

  163. WoT has had this for ages

  164. Justin Vandenhouten

    I like you put sgt Shultz on the little image but I see nothing nothing!

  165. I got fed up with the Russian BS, so I switched from German tanks to
    Russian tanks. reduces problems by about 50%…. still, I shouldn’t have to
    do that to enjoy the game

  166. Jagdpanzer E100

  167. Hey baron idea put on Kursk put German t3 and Russian t3 (no tigers or
    is-1) then on the other side have jumbos rush the Germans and Russians its
    a TON of fun

  168. How about fixing the magic Russian bounce armour and the BR system and then
    add the E100?

  169. i’d like a version of the Rath, obviously not like the true tank, but with
    that design… but is impossible

  170. The Jg Pz E 100 :D

  171. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    For april fools next year gaijn should add either the B-52 Stratofortress
    or the Panzer 1000 :D

  172. Great, more heavy tanks, but its been so long, please Gajin, MORE BRITISH

  173. WHY ARE THEY NOT ADDING THE 150mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That makes me not want to
    research the e100, It would be so much fun with the 150mm.I’m sad now :(

  174. Whelp, time to polish my rusty GF skills. I will waste a day of my life on
    getting this tonk.

  175. hello world of tanks bye war thunda :'(

  176. GRIMREAPERwillEATyou

    Lol WoT already has the E100.. Hah! :3

  177. German players: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! Other players:

  178. Friendly Darkwraith

    I really reallyyyyyy hope gaijin introduces a bunch of the E series tanks..
    Germany sure needs them

  179. yes its here

  180. Does armour really mean anything any more in Warthunder? I haven’t played
    much War Thunder in the past year, but since they upped the pen of most
    guns i don’t feel armour means shit…?
    And the crazy pen of late tier HEAT shells surely is going to wreck these
    heavy tanks?

  181. As he flanks and kills so many so how bad are they

  182. there is a big difference between mm and cm

  183. Much of the problem is due to the neutering of map sizes. Notice how even
    in the Maus, you had to stop yourself from spawn camping because it was so
    insanely easy to get to their spawn. When the maps were big, despite the
    Germans’ slower speed, they could set up forward firing positions and let
    the enemy come to them. They could also use their range to their advantage.
    But now, with the Arcade ranges, all fights are close up brawls usually in
    towns. The only reason Mozdok isn’t a city fight is because there was no
    town on that map, but you can bet that they would have. I still hope they
    revert this change and make the maps large again.

  184. conner “Dat gamer”

    e-25 HYPE

  185. Rozell is a Dank Memer

    I guess gajin has thrown realism out the window

  186. Sargent Shultz! Childhood made.

  187. i hope we get the Leopard 1 Gepard/Jaguar AA >:D

  188. Getting humped lol

  189. @ PhlyDaily: 7.3 Kg… even for a HVAP shell…. its way to low for a 15cm
    shell. It is a fake. Thats for sure!

    We can only have this E-Series tank. Since this is the only one that was
    built. Btw: The 10.5 Tiger II is practically an E75… Gaijin will not
    introduce tanks than were not at least in a prototype stage. The Tiger II
    was tested with the 10.5 but it did not work out. (Look at the x-ray
    view…. the breech hits the second loader in the stomach). The rangefinder
    is also E-75 equipment. The Panther IIs Hull has been build as well. Not
    the turret though. Only the 7.5 Schmalturm (narro turret) was in service
    with the Panther F. The 8.8 version has not been build since it would have
    been too cramped in there. (They put a Panther G turret on the Panther II
    hull wich is in a museum in the US)

    Thats why we have those tanks, even though they did not exist as a whole in
    real life. But they were not just pure blueprints like the E50 or E-TDs.

    Greetings from Germany

  190. I would prefer if they would put in the sturmtiger instead of the e-100

  191. lmao that house skin is awesome

  192. resurrected gamers

    is this a joke??

  193. 5:58 yea much scary sight for IL-10s and P-47s

  194. why the e-100 have the same turret,gun and cammo than the maus

  195. Whats my man fatso doing on the cover?

  196. T-10M will just pump that tank full of holes, not to excited but hey, its a
    nice tank :)

  197. Guys can america get good tanks for once

  198. thatbattlefield dude

    you are talking about jgpz e100. we have it world of tank. plz don’t hurt
    me for saying world of tanks

  199. Chemistry´s the best!

    Diese Nüsse :’D
    I hope they will add customizable writings for your tank.
    oh and you will have to do customs battle pt76 against torpedo planes ;)


  201. Somebody stole the design from that other game.

  202. germans need all they can get to combat the cold war era allied/soviet

  203. ricardo osorio cisternas


  204. The thing that always got me excited to play War Thunder was the historical
    conflicts. I wanted to be a Spitfire pilot downing German bombers over
    London or a Sherman commander brawling with panthers in Berlin, but the way
    the game is going is just killing my buzz. It all started with alternate
    history and the potential addition of the E-series is the kicker. My love
    for the game was based on my fascination with the Second War and its
    battles. Now I’m just sad that the game will never be a simulation that I
    wanted. It just feels too arcadey overall. I remember back 2 and a half
    years ago when the game had a certain charm to it that it just hasn’t
    gotten back. Man I’m all sad now. :(


  206. Gaijin needs to add nation specific tank sights

  207. Bruh add the E-25 XD

  208. How i can upgrade to the new version

  209. I literally did nothing for a week, then got the DB-7. I dunno what

  210. If i remember correctly, the E-100 is actually slower than the Maus. :P

  211. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    I really want the E-100 I just hope I don’t have to pay money anywhere to
    get it

  212. I really need to know what we will need to do to get this tank…

  213. FINALLY! A person with a “Press account” (if you can still call it that)
    that says there is something wrong with the game!

  214. Argument is still valid …. Was just that the house camo was OP !!!

  215. Payton Smith (DuckyonQuack)

    Wrong turret, prefer world of tanks model much more

  216. Payton Smith (DuckyonQuack)

    H44 in wows!!!

  217. We need to get the E-25, that sneaky little bastard.

  218. Christian Labanowitz

    phly bro its not Leo-pard please google it…..

  219. lol WoT 2 incoming. You guys remember that April Fool’s potato event? They
    clearly made fun of WoT there. Now they are trying to copy them LOL I am
    saying this because they are about to implement a spotting system that is
    similar to WoT. Invisible tanks incoming!

  220. I can’t wait for E-100 that will be awesome. By the way i love your’s
    videos PhlyDaily i love it

  221. Nick Young (SlowSteadySqueeze)

    Maus Haus for the win!

  222. Fuck it, why not just go all out and make War Thunder ground forces WoT
    with a better game engine. That’s after all where we’ve been heading for a
    while now. I hope they put some more effort into events so I can play a few
    games without seeing more than half of my team in non existent paper

  223. ill be ready to grind with my maus and jadtiger

  224. mini maus

  225. bl-10 isu soon?

  226. You know they are doing this because they are running low on players.
    Bringing in a super rare tank that anybody can get is a way for them to get
    a tonne of players playing this game.

  227. I hope they will add E-25 too.

  228. They need to add the Super Pershing

  229. E25 tank destroyer might be added

  230. an E-25 would be fun its a small, fast,low profile, and fast firing tank I
    hope it gets added

  231. too bad i already have the e100

  232. More than likely there be the addition of the IS-7

  233. Now we just need the World of Tanks EU forums Terrible E-100 thread to be
    added to the War Thunder forums and I will be really hyped for this.

  234. 12.8cm cannon Was on the prototype, 15cm Was a later project
    17.3cm Was on the jag e100

  235. If they add all e séries… Is 2s will suck dick. They Will add is 3s and 6
    and Maybe 7

  236. the E75 never made it to being Build the E 100 was Over Hyped and is to
    easy to kill the M103 will eat them alive all day long so will any plane
    with a 40MM or Bigger Gun as the Top plate on the tank is only 1 1/2 thick
    its to easy to pen in a full dive you should know Phly you do it yourself..
    FYI this is Decptivecobras..

  237. Humped lol really I wached that part 100 times lol

  238. when are the British and has tanks coming out. and the 1:15 patch is that
    for the PC only it does include PS4 also?

  239. “if anything cums in our rear, then we’re fucked”-Phly

  240. warthunder is just copying every tank wot has

  241. ilmari metsävainio

    i see that your maus is a haus

  242. E25! E25!
    The itty bitty cutesy wootsy tank destroyer.

  243. Pixelation Studios

    If they add E 75 i will jizz. love that he talks about differences between
    German mobile armour and Russian Armour, and he only lists german heavies
    and does russia as a whole. Accuracy out of 10

  244. I hope they add the E50m

  245. and the Panzer vii lowe


  247. E25

  248. It’s weird cause I was thinking how epic an e75. I just got it in WOT and
    its good

  249. I that LANSKOYOY!!I rescued you and you shot at me!!

  250. I LOVE THE E75 :P

  251. most of the maps are poorly designed for German tanks, German tanks were
    built for open fields and taking out tanks from 1000 m out, not closed
    streets and close combat. if it were large distances and open fields german
    tanks would always have the advantage.

  252. It’s the baby maus

  253. “Imagine a 17.3 millimeter gun!” -2015: Phly (3:45)

  254. Little Maus to Maus action there.

  255. yeahhh i wish i could do the missions whenever e100 came x.x but if its
    right after update, i am not capeble, i use ish 1-3 weeks for a update due
    to slow internet x.x

  256. Raudonasis Riteris (Lietuvis)

    german are weaker because it’s russian game, if it was a german game it
    would be much better. ps bad English

  257. Haus of Maus

  258. They have better acceleration in reverse because they have less gears, so
    these gears have more torque and therefore faster acceleration, but at a
    lower top speed. There are more forward gears, giving it a higher top speed
    and less stress on the engine, but slower acceleration.

    at least that’s how I understand it, I’m no mechanic or anything, just know
    a bit about cars as a casual hobby

  259. listen here clas this is how you say thank you in russian (shoots in the
    back of the turret)

  260. House of Maus

  261. E-25 :DDD

  262. maybe E-25?

  263. All right everyone, form an orderly line behind me for humpsdaily.

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