War Thunder NEW Tank Ze Reichling (War Thunder 1.59)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. First. Last time I came this early my wife left me ?

  2. first- ish
    fuck 3 secs

  3. first!

  4. So I’ve gotta ask…who’s hyped for Total War Warhammer?

    I’m planning on playing this game a lot, so I’ll be putting up videos on
    Total War games and Much more Men of War on my second channel, here:

  5. joker_is_not_ crazy

    I love this Channel who doesn’t


  7. Vive la Fatherland!

  8. BARON BARON how do you get your Golden eagles? XD

  9. I’m up to late…

  10. 1:25 get rekt noob XD

  11. DrVinyl Scratch

    Notification squad captain here!

  12. LordScrubMaker TheSecond

    Hitler’s penis gun

  13. I need the Luchs in WT

  14. so any release date of the update?

  15. PLZ… Im begging Gaijin that they will add the sturmtiger!!!

  16. I want to use the bren carrier modification that the Germans did. Covered
    the whole thing with panzer fausts.

  17. I want Last man Standing back!!!!!!

  18. zis-30 recoil king plz!!

  19. Where… Where are the demn ships?!?!??

  20. Das Kinderpanzer :D

  21. I have a little question, now that they have ATGM;s being added, whats
    next? like, Helicopters? more planes and stuff? I really wonder what gaijin
    and their sekrit dokumint have for us

  22. that’s T-50 disliked the video XD

  23. Yay more shitty german tanks <.<

  24. imagine Napalm in WT… its not gonna kill the enemy, its just gonna make
    them have 5 FPS and they will Ragequit

  25. Hey baron! Is there any chance that the M8 Greyhound will be in the tech
    tree? Thanks!

  26. we need the x-fritz radio control missile for the fw-200

  27. Baron the german atgm-launcher-tank you meant, wich is similar to the
    Kanonenjagdpanzer 4-5, is the Raketenjagdpanzer 2. I think its smaller
    brother the Raketenjagdpanzer 1, wich was based on the HS 30 chassis, is
    also possible.

  28. Worldwar Tanker

    Baron, can you do the ISU-152 play through for War Thunder? Thanks if you

  29. Amnesiagrunt2356

    I think it’s the perfect time to add ATGM’s it opens the gateway to modern
    tanks (cause history wise, people saw ATGM’s and quickly started to find
    ways to combat shaped charges hence modern tanks)

  30. Too Big To Fail

    Soo many tanks conning!!!!!

  31. Germany needs the puma

  32. Karllosi Karlstädt

    Why do he speak about an franch tt? I thought the italian tt is coming up?

  33. Please Play the M4A3 105 and P-39 w/ bazookas combo!

  34. We still need the
    P-51H, P-47N, F4U-4 and F3D-2

  35. I do have the Do.335 premium and i still play it every chance i get. in my
    eyes its the best Ground strike plane until you get a fighter on your tail
    that is :p

  36. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    I wish Gaijin would start looking back in time at vehicles before WW2
    instead of adding more vehicles that two thirds of us will never unlock

  37. Baron do the Armored Car Mk II on the British lineup

  38. My left ear….

  39. this looks like a pz3 a

  40. cristoffer koschnik

    How i use the binoculars ?

  41. My left ear enjoyed this video.

  42. dat intro tho…ALRIGHT

  43. Total war warhammer is scheduled for the 24th… am i missing something?

  44. when can u play SW battlefront

  45. My left ear……

  46. the snooping man

    I really want more people to be playing WT, better BR and Japanese tanks?

  47. Peter Condescending

    “Germany needs a boost at BR 1-1.3”? are you joking? My K/D is 10:1 for
    german vehicles in low tiers.

  48. HazeWulfDemonic

    I think the main reason you don’t see the DO 335 anymore is that 26,350 SL
    repair cost. Fuck that. I’m having trouble grinding 280,000 SL to crew my
    Jagdtiger atm, so yeah, can’t afford to fly that whale, especially when it
    catches fire when you sneeze at it.

  49. Why you dont play a company of heroes 2

  50. Maxime Carpentier

    French tree with real french fighters and allied planes of the free french
    air force would be so amazing

  51. baron could u go over all the new vehicles

  52. I think the Germans gets the sturmtige

  53. I think it’s one week then the patch gets put in the game. Because I
    remember when 1.57 was on the dev server after a week when it was still up
    the game it self was updated

  54. Haha i live near the village Reichling in Bavaria, Germany :D

  55. Why you don’t use binoculars?

  56. The Gaming Noob

    Anyone else want he panzer Indien seeming as Gaijin is extending its time

  57. My god, were you trying to get yourself killed by that t-50?

  58. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    we need the super Sherman and the amx 13 turrent sherman

  59. Barron there is a heavy bomber for the Germans ze fw 200!!! But I do agree
    there should be more German heavy bombers

  60. im surer the germans will get the Jaguar 1 for the anti tank missile

  61. Low tier is absolutely chaos but that’s what makes it fun because it’s
    Blitzkrieg! haha of course that’s if you’re on the team that does so

  62. I’m so hype for the Italian and French trees, because it’s will be good to
    see new stuff.

  63. Play the matilda

  64. George S Patton

    Anyone care to donate a computer to me cause mine committed suicide.

  65. Welcome to cold war…

  66. Tiger h1 vs t54 ……………………………failed.

  67. War thunder needs the luchs

  68. I think trick shots with the guided missile are incoming

  69. wait is this dev server gameplay??????

  70. alexander currie

    born play sim bomers

  71. I would be playing war thunder right now but a crazy storm is going on

  72. another premium

  73. the sound on this video is only on the left side, just me?

  74. +BaronVonGamez I think the stuka zu fuss half-track would be an interesting
    addition. What are your thoughts?

  75. When will they add the T30?

  76. Dabombinable Mi

    Ok…WOT definitely has a serious case of “all the tank variations in 1″

  77. when will they make it easier to research?

  78. Slugged Diamond

    Keep war related stuff on this!

  79. Nolan Mewhorter

    And Planes

  80. Doctor Choroy (DrChoroy)

    I think that the best thing for war thunder should be the real tank cannon
    scopes that were actually used, the scope of the german tanks was the zeiss
    which is based on triangles, and that thing is actually rly accurate if you
    know how to use it.
    I don’t know if I’m asking for something too hard to make, but I think that
    they should add the real scopes to every tank because using one in general
    is kinda stupid, just my opinion.

  81. venkat jaya deep

    What’s a devblog or a devserver…. My spelling is wrong ik…. ?I’m new
    to warthunder

  82. the Germans do have a heavy bomber FW200

  83. i don know if its me or the game but when ever i shoot down a plane it
    doesnt show the “aircraft destroyed” text in the middle of my screen nor it
    tells he i got a hit on them. same thing with tanks, pleas help thnx :)

  84. Fuck all this, ATGMS?! Screw that just give me my ships

  85. They should put WW1 vehicles in the game and make a special br for them

  86. #####question##### how would you feel about splitting the German tree post
    war, into East and west blocks. That way they would get the German tanks
    but also the American, British, and Russian for the cold war years.

  87. Battle Rating is a good idea, they just need more people to play on NA
    servers for the que times to shorten. steal players from wot. and armored
    warfare by creating a much better game.

  88. Baron, what do you think of heavy mounted AA guns, like the Italian 90mm
    mounted on the back of a truck. In War Thunder they could be a mix between
    glass cannon tank destroyer and heavy AA gun.

  89. Where is the “hype” ?? An extremely low tier tank everyone forgets in 5

    How about recon vehicles like Puma, or German derp the Brummbar…

    Gaijin please return the optics zoom i am tired of sticking my nose into
    the monitor the moment i have to aim at targets over 600 meters…nice way
    to decrease “sniping advantage”, so the soviets have even more

  90. Puma BR 3.0? To be quite honest I think it’s a solid BR 4.3 vehicle. Has a
    gun equal to some vehicles of that BR range and it’s very fast and probably
    has a Spawn points (RB) between SPAA’s dirt cheapness and light tanks.

  91. with French or Italian tech trees won’t they be a bit sparse? I mean the
    brit tank tech tree has alot of empty space. I wonder if they could maybe
    join the french and Italian tree’s together? or maybe incorporate french
    into brit tech tree and Italian into german with their own line?

  92. the germans could get the “JAGUAR” with the TOW guided missile

  93. yes to total war!!

  94. 1 WW mode will suck without infantry
    2 Do 335 is fucking way too fucking expensive to fucking repair fucking
    even fucking stock
    Italian planes are nerfed as fuck, or should i call it Gaijined.

  95. Androlito Games

    Its cute until your weapon free and its shooting at you

  96. Androlito Games

    Please keep men of war on this channel

  97. Baron can you make a bidhaw to get better on realistic battle

  98. +Baron Germany had ATGM vehicles…Raketenjagdpanzer 1. If that doesn’t
    come with 1.59, then fuck Gaijin and their BS.

  99. Hey Baron!

  100. still waiting for HE 219 uhu and nightfigher radar.

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