War Thunder – No Guantanamo Bay for Me! Pershing Punishment

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – M26E1 Premium Pershing
– Super Pershing?

Thanks for watching!


  1. First!!!

  2. Maus plz
    Or Derp guns will find you

  3. How is everyone today? Also baron could you use the M4A3 105?

  4. first also hi baron

  5. Jagpanzer

  6. Neat. Great tank 

  7. Not first 

  8. +BaronVonGamez great videou should play more unturned 

  9. Im not even close to that yet

  10. I dont play us much anymore

  11. M6a1 the heaviest heavy :3

  12. haha 214th view even the the 301 club dont exist im stull under it

  13. I play Germans and I love the PZ IV F2

  14. Baron you still in Fl?

  15. What tank should I play next? Also big announcements coming soon. Join me
    on twitter, and check out my snapchat for hints/previews, links in the
    description! ^

  16. Forget Guantanamo bay worry about San Fransisco Bay you’ll leave with 105mm
    poop shoot ..

  17. Did you know that lobsters are technically immortal? Unless they die from
    physical harm they will live forever. They have no age limit, they will
    keep living and living and living.

    • Tyler Brooke-Thomas

      Another enemy in depth perhaps, being cut in half by a lobster claw would
      be pretty cool

    • +MythOfLegend well know we know that they should probably add giant
      lobsters in any futuristic game or diving games * shivers*

    • +MythOfLegend “Research suggests that lobsters may not slow down, weaken,
      or lose fertility with age, and that older lobsters may be more fertile
      than younger lobsters.” – Wikipedia

      Damn you lobsters! Lobsterity is the superpower I want.

    • +MythOfLegend Well, they’re not immortal, even underwater, they cannot
      survive a certain size (which is still a lot longer than humans can live,
      and about the same size as a decent sized whale) because the weight of the
      water on their carapace will crush them. That said, they could still live
      to be ridiculous sizes.

    • +MythOfLegend I didn’t know that. And that’s fucking cool.

  18. I keep refreshing to see it pass 301

  19. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    Haha under 100 club

  20. R.I.P 301+ and also War Thunder is going to have a new render engine(if i
    am right)

  21. Love this tank 😀
    Don’t use APR on this tank, unless you’re going against Jagtiger and T-95,
    which is rare.

  22. Carlito Pettiford

    t 28 TD

  23. wer ist mien tanks

  24. How do you free look without moving the turret. (Tanks & Jets)

  25. Box tank!

  26. Pershing was a WW1 general, not a Civil War general

  27. T10 pls 

  28. Go for the heavy M6A1

  29. Baron what is the biggest fish you have ever caught?

  30. Hè baron i wanna ask You somting did You play rising storm it is a shooting
    game like heroes and General but then much beter 

  31. M4 Sherman

  32. Baron in world of warships witch is better a Phoenix or South Carolina?

  33. TIGER H1!?!?

  34. M26E1 is not the “Super Pershing” <-- this designation was a post WW2 designation for modded T26 series, some had the Russian 100mm mounted under this designation. T26E3 and the T26E4 were the so called "Super Pershing"

  35. m4 sherman :-)

  36. hey Baron , its really awesome that you fish lobster!!! I fish lobster on
    the gaspe coast… which is in Quebec lol do you own the license ? or are
    you a deck hand ?

  37. play the is3 to see how much it sucks now…

  38. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    do the superhellcat

  39. Ferdinand plz

  40. When the British tanks come out play the fames Tog 2

  41. Am i the only one thats cringing that barons using HVAP/APCR at close range
    and not his APHEBC shell which would of one shotted all the weak spots he
    shot at and not just pen through and set them on fire??? 

  42. M4A2 76 (W)

  43. The M26E1 is basically a super Pershing without the armor. It has the same
    long 90mm 

  44. Rick Dubbink (TheSimulatorGames)

    ur mur gurt Baron! WT is getting DESTRUCTABLE BUILDINGS!

  45. For the next tank can you drive the t 95 

  46. SMK attempt 25

  47. M4 105!!! So American, it’s the official emblem of the 105th anniversary of
    Independence Day! It fires 105mm canisters, filled with Eagles!

  48. Johnathan Griffin

    I work at the bass pro in miami, at the gun counter. come hit me up if you
    are ever in there haha!

  49. When will we get the the Super-Pershing Gaijin. Unleash the beast already.

  50. T-32! 

  51. the us derp m4a3 105

  52. Baron<3

  53. Bone stock no mods Matilda!

  54. M1 abrams

  55. Geoffrey Tappenden

    T-95 doom turtle, baron please

  56. http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/221002-destructible-environment/

    Could be coming in 1.53 along with a new render engine and British Tanks?

  57. Don’t use hvap they have shit fragmentation the m82 is the best she’ll if
    it pens 

  58. doomturtle!!

  59. Baron play the pike of STALIN The IS 3 For JOSEPH 

  60. tijs vinkenvleugel

    T34 85 5t

  61. Why did baron use APCR mos of the time, the best part of that gun on that
    tank is the APBC with the explosive payload.

  62. PzIIIJ 

  63. Why Arcade

  64. Should I go for the T32 or M26?

  65. play kv 2

  66. Drive zee kugerblitz

  67. Well Dressed Jess

    m18 hellcat!@!!!

  68. Has Gaijin said whether they’d introduce the Super Pershing with all the
    extra spaced armor?

  69. M103 for murica pls

  70. christie mattingly


  71. Play the su100 or another Russian td 

  72. T-44 please!!!! 

  73. Guys playing war thunder awhile now me and a friend started on the us side
    but as we have moved up tiers find it harder and harder to beat the german
    tanks tiger 2s and what not seam to take alot more hits than our us tanks
    is it like this the hole time ??

  74. m6a1 aka the tier 3 maus

  75. Baron your not super hyper today what happened?

  76. i think war thunder have to met the Super pershing (T26E4) in game


  78. how does crew training work can any one give me any tips?

  79. 8:32 using the wrong ammo again there baron /pat


  81. America guns are amazing wish I picked the yanks at start and did the grind
    with them. I’m stuck in tier 2/3 red army tanks with guns that are
    effective up to 4 feet!!!! 

  82. i don’t give a shit about your personal life. please keep it out of your

  83. Destructible envrment is comming

  84. oh man, you were taken out by a PS4 player in a Tiger II P, oh how the
    mighty have fallen Baron. Thats why you can’t take breaks, gotta get your A
    game back.

    • There’s nothing with ps4 players, most matches about 25% of people are
      playing on the ps4. Lower tiers some of them maybe a little immature but
      tier 3/4 there just like any old PC player.

  85. Jagdpanzer IV

  86. Speaking of repairing tanks on the battlefield read up on Mariya
    Oktyabrskaya and her tank “Fighting Girlfriend”.
    She sold all her stuff after her husband was killed fighting, bought a tank
    and took it to fight the Germans, was killed by artillery when she got out
    repair a track that got knocked off.

  87. SU-152 the no turret DERP

  88. m103(plz)mister baron!!!

  89. The pershing is over tierd … Just sayin

  90. Panzer 35 next!

  91. If you jump on the Syrian tank vids you can see how they fix tanks in
    combat. Sometimes they just skull drag them out, and sometimes – depending
    on the enemy weaponry around – they created walls around the broken tanks
    with another tank/s to work on them. I guess that’s the apprentice’s job.

  92. T95 DOOM TURTLE!!!!

  93. Played this map with tier 1 and 2 tanks and the whole other team was
    camping at the one point better tier 2 tanks and my team only had teir 1

  94. Baron, why no 60 fps? it feels so smooth

  95. M5A1 5th Canadian Armored Division

  96. i do not care about your instagram and about your personal life slave

  97. Baron!! Really?! APCR?!?! APHE man, soo much better, you could have killed
    more enemies with it; You really need to keep an eye on your ammunition,
    APCR doesn’t have an explosive charge so it’s less likely to one-shot, APHE
    has an explosive shot. Pay attention man

    (Pardon any misspelled words, keyboard isn’t the best)

  98. the M6, stronkest heavy tank

  99. The Bouncies Tank M103 or the m6 ze murica maus in the haus

  100. NikolaiSlapabitch

    This is the best tier4 prem for America. Why cuz the T28 gets nuked by any
    plane that sees it the m46 isn’t much better than the normal Pershing other
    than its APCR and the super hellcat is nore of just a cool thing to have.
    The m26e1 has an APCBC round that actually has pen that can kill at BR 6.7
    so I recommend the M26E1 for best tier 4 American prem 

  101. m4a2 sherman

  102. T-34-85-E

  103. All of the m3s Stuart’s

  104. M5a1 stuart

  105. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Lol Baron got gangbang by like 7 tanks in the first 2 min of the game…
    damn yo, that sucks…

  106. The M6A1! For MURICA! 

  107. Can’t you do something other than a Russian bias game?

    • +Ryan Wiles its not completely russian biast. aircraft is pretty good,
      tanks need polishing but if you know where to shoot you can quite easily
      kill them.. also alot of noobs in russian tanks as they are noob friendly
      so yeah.. 😛

  108. M60 for the win! 

  109. The Call Of Duty Guys

    baron play the M1A1 or else stuff will happin

  110. I feel like the church hill biggest weakness will be its tracks because
    they are just so huge and detracting it and flanking it will be fairly

  111. Juany Harguindeguy

    hey Baron play with the Tiger 1-H1. i love that tank, its the best tier 3


  113. Macho Man Randy Savage


  114. Pershing wasn’t Civil War. He was Pancho Villa/WW1 General.

  115. T32 pls the big brother

  116. Play a tank you’ve never done before

  117. Baron use the M2A2 :P

  118. Play ze KV-2 STRONK TANK or the tiger II (H) plzzzzzzzz

  119. Let’s play cat and maus but different the maus is the cat. Play Maus please

  120. I’m going to Florida

  121. M103 for murica pls

  122. Stalins vodka fridge………. Da KV-2!!!!

  123. Plz do the T95

  124. I was getting my crab traps in jerse then got yelled at by the navy for
    being in a testing ground not knowing

  125. Kay -Saunders Team Leader

    Hmm can’t wait to roll out in the “mad jack” Churchill 

  126. Kay -Saunders Team Leader

    But imagine if WT added modern tanks? Abrams ya!

  127. Kv 2 KING OF DERP

  128. Yo baron m46 , n bf 109 any one Yes ? U a beast stud !! 

  129. The German KV 1 please .

  130. Panzer 7 Maus 4 the lols

  131. play the T110E5 is a good tank

  132. t-28 turtle or t-95 doom turtle

  133. +BaronVonGamez have you ever watch the movie called The White Tiger ?!?!?

  134. The ISU-122 .This is literally the worst tank destroyer.

  135. hey I’ve always wondered, did baron bought all the golden eagles or he got
    premium account by a sponsor or something?

  136. 72k gaz mm or 4m gaz aaa or smk

  137. Hey baron idk if u will even see this but been a big fan long time I’m
    starting my career on youtube and I’ve been a sub 4 a long time love the
    way you play I’ve had that kinda add click my self at times I see in you
    anyway I hate to ask but I really was hoping I could get I shout out I hate
    to ask but from 1 youtube to another man I’d appreciate it eathier way I’ll
    always be a fan man if you see my channel and aprove it would be nice or
    even some tips man cause I’m doing it from my s
    PS4 saving 4 the pc but anyway ya just love tour channel I have sub with 2
    accounts my youtuber account and my other fun account anyway have a good 1
    and keep up the good work :)

  138. Black prince love

  139. Baron, play the Panzerkampfwagen IV F2 plez!!!!

  140. T-95 DOOM TURTLE!!

  141. 5:06 baron goes into jeremy clarkson mode

  142. killergator13 gaming

    +BaronVonGamez what were you doing you can pen everything from the front
    with the m26e1 ballistic cap also British tanks are just other thing they
    are gonna add and make them way better then they are in real life just so
    they can beat the american tanks that are worse in the game and better in
    real life

  143. Instagram is for Kardashians. War Thunder is for real men.

  144. dont really care about the brit’ tanks, i would rather like to see some
    patches to fix existing tanks to decrease the russian domination at least a
    little bit….. as well as more 8,0 tanks for murrica and germany……
    (2×8,0, 1×8,0 and 5×8,0 aint really fair i guess….)

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  146. PZ IV F-2 plz plz plz plz

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