War Thunder – Object 268 “I’m Afraid!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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This vehicle I feel is so underrated, has decent mobility, good armor, and is a hell of a cannon. Also, that machine gun is lethal as hell.

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  1. What would you like to see us play in our next War Thunder video!?

  2. 8:19 Bo out here with john marstons dead eye

  3. I have had this question for a little, but my friend has kept telling me, did you get in your PE-8 in white rock fortress and die by a guy named “night hunter” of some sort?

  4. That T-54 was whooping some ass

  5. 1:00 was there a German casemate by any chance 😂

  6. 8:30. Bo’s shot was too powerful, over 9000. His barrel couldn’t take it

  7. I’ll never understand why the Russians needed so many 152mm tanks and SPG’s. They have an obsession with mounting them to vehicles, and the Object 268 is another of them

  8. “I ran the numbers to see if I was doing something stupid… and I did it anyway.”

  9. I’ll be researching this next after the IS-4M, and it looks fun. The Soviet derp gun casemates are all capable (SU-122, SU/ISU-152, ISU-122), and this seems like a nice way to cap the line off before the IT-1, which also looks fun.
    Which round is the best for it though? The HE seems to be the best with overpressure, but both APHE and HEAT have their uses. Maybe a mix?

  10. I cannot wait for the day Sturmling flies a Duck and does nothing but quack !

  11. Anyone else see the massive a*s shell that went through that gunners head at 19:35??? My God

  12. The Adventures of LogBoy!

  13. Just wondering whats the best way to level up in war thunder because I’m having difficulty starting off

  14. Great video! I was the panther G at 12:19 🙂 that rock was an awesome firing position but I didn’t know it made me voyeuristic 😉 noted for next time

  15. 20/10 will watch it again love the boom cannon vids cause its they are focking awesome to watch blow shit up Keep up the Awesome works fellas! Cheers!

  16. No S.199 or other Isra-planes yet?

  17. perfect bomb drop centered between the two tanks.

  18. LilCommander Gaming

    You should play the hs129b3 at 9.0 tanks

  19. The PE8 is a very expensive and complicated Tactical Cookie Delivery System


  21. Ever heard of bojangles chicken? I used to work there, it’s like kfc but from the Carolinas. Their slogan is its bo time

  22. Do you have discord I wanna join 🙂

  23. I’m Mr bucket

  24. This was one of the funniest videos I’ve seen from you guys in a while!

  25. here the next fckn scm cheater : -HD4- MrRaxen33 fckn radar and aimbot cheating pos level 30 player…this game is so full of cheating scum

  26. bo: *has HE and HEAT to deal with both the M19 and T32. Uses neither.*

  27. Y is this one video from bo filled with the most comedy

  28. Day16
    Still wandering the internet hoping to find a video of bo with a po-2.
    Make it happen mister bo

  29. I had quite a chuckle when you mistaken a boulder for a tank

  30. 10:31 that was a very violent explosion

  31. “I am a strong, independent 268”

    Few seconds later…


  32. The damage animation was amazing. Showing the shell hit and kill the AA Loader.

    That guy is missing head or pink mist at that momemt

  33. LOL, Jim. Great last line for the video

  34. Comedy and all out war. Only bo can pull that off

  35. In stitches thank you guys for relief from boredom

  36. Somehow I got unsubbed..YT! Bo is one of my fav content creator!!!

  37. Game the m103 pls my favourit tank

  38. what option do you need to set to use your own marking when you are in sniper mode? anyone?

    • the yellow marker is a squadron marker. it’s not key-bound as a default so you need to set that up in your options. To set keybinding : Controls -> Common -> Basic -> Set target for squadron. It will only show for the others in your group and i believe your name only appears if you have more than 2 of you in the group.

    • @Khanna Raha Thank you very much for your help. I’ll check it anyway

  39. that bomb at the begining was damn perfect, right in the middle. well done to that pilot

  40. When you said you could LITERALLY read the bombs serial number, I DIED a little while LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!

  41. 2:45 a bomb landed next to sturmling and shielded you from the fragments… thats a save

  42. How many kills did that T-54 have in the end?

  43. Claro Kirby Christian

    Wow i can’t believe that i managed to play with them lol in the sweden map

  44. Spoiler alert Stick jokes will never get old xd

  45. The T-34 just anaieladed anything sorry for my grammar btw im dutch

  46. Me and my friend are the one who got double killed. Im the tiger 2

  47. Nicos Audrey Niñora

    bunker casemate

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