War Thunder // “On This Day”

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Stomp stomp stomp stomp

What a pity it was only for one day, oh well. Turns out I also wasn’t up the lunar Chaffee racing in WoT, but that looks like it’s only going to be on the XBox version for now.


War Thunder is a free to play, online air & ground combat you can try it out for yourself at: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_2900230


  1. the glorious Imperial Walker AT-ST-1 :P

  2. Looks like someones jimmies were rustled by the Unrealistic Battles :P

  3. Jedi the Chaffees on the moon for WoT is only on the Xbox 360 version. Just

    • read the description bro

    • +Beatle1283 But hey you can pay 99 Euros for a tank – isn`t that nice 😀
      ISN`T IT 😉

    • EnglishANDworried

      +Beatle1283 makes a change console players getting better treatment then
      PC. Gaijin didn’t let Ps4 players take part in the war thunder April fools
      event. Tried blaming Sony, saying they couldn’t get the update in time.

    • +EnglishANDworried that actually sounds a very believable reason. SCE can
      be an arse for games companies sometimes. Why do you think Xbox still has
      more titles coming out even though it’s hardware was always a little
      behind? Sony are excellent at designing and building hardware but they have
      little time or regard for the software side of things.

    • EnglishANDworried

      +Reloaddcr The funny thing though. There was an update the next day, for
      flight models etc. Seems odd

  4. +PointyHairedJedi do you know that you can get War Thunder gun & engine
    sound mods for WoT? I use the gun sounds and they’re pretty good! I think
    the only downside is that they don’t work with the 3.7 inch howitzer on the
    Cruiser 2, Cromwell and Comet (maybe the AT2) but it’s a much smaller mod
    than Gnomefather’s so you get much less impact on performance for pretty
    good sounds

  5. Stomp Stomp Stomp
    (Unload glorious shells of death)
    Stomp Stomp Stomp


  6. Theres a reason this game mode failed. The ST-1 could just swim in the
    river so people just flocked in there. Also i mostly just hopped in a
    bomber and destroyed them in 3’s and 5;s.

  7. Jedi, how do you get the damaged view up? The one where you can see the

  8. I wonder how many people called this thing the “ess tee eye”. :)

  9. The ST-1 is a reference to the AT-ST, not a dig at WoT ^^Now we just need
    an AT-15 (AT-AT walker) in the british tree.

  10. What songs was that at the end?

  11. Meanwhile April fools on CoD: Clown sounds for thrusters that lasted 45

  12. They did Chaffee’s on the moon on the xbox 360 edition only.

  13. WT: A game that had so much potential….Sad that it’s creators dropped the
    ball so badly. Thankfully I, and many others, saw the handwriting on the
    wall early on and uninstalled/stopped playing WT months ago….Guilt free.
    And lets not forget or forgive the equally sad World of War Planes and
    World of Warships from WG……Maybe if the two companies would merge WoT
    would regain at least some of the players (good ones in many cases) who
    have simply walked away from it out boredom and/or disgust with the recent,
    multiple, nerfs of so many tanks. But on a lighter and more positive note,
    The Caption Guy Fan Club and Filler Article Clipping Society will be
    holding a members only Southern (U.S.) Style Pork BBQ Dinner in his
    honor on 6 April 2015….

  14. PHJ…

    Low gravity is on WoT Xbox
    (Chaffe on the moon)

    Awesome video by the way :D

  15. ”I have never played an IL-2”


  16. Steel Battalion had a squeal along the of what you were wanting on Xbox
    360, only problem it was “designed” for Kinect.

  17. EnglishANDworried

    For evey positive comment you made about your experience playing WT, you
    come out with a negative comment about something you heard in a forum.

  18. Jedi. That Is the Scottish Flag – just as much as it is English, Welsh and
    NI. Does not matter what Sturgon says. 

    • Jedi messed up twice talking about the British Union flag. he called it a
      Union Jack, when the Jack is what you fly the flag from on a ship. the
      other mistake was by saying its not very Scottish when the blue in the
      Union flag represents Scotland.

    • +TheStgmp44 Agreed. I was going to mention that but my thumbs were tired.
      The blue represents the Saltire and the flag is officially “The Union Flag”
      – as Stgmp so correctly pointed out. It represents The Cross of Saint
      Andrew (Saltire) counter-changed with the Cross of Saint Patrick over the
      Cross of Saint George. No matter what anyone says, this is important stuff
      and one needs to know it.

    • Sharpé Bayonet (MrMusic762)

      You can call it a Union Jack on a Tog though

    • +Sharpé Bayonet no you cant, not unless you fit a Jack staff to the Tog.

  19. Your description is a little wrong. Its not Lunar Chafee racing its a 5vs5
    battle on the moon ( modified sand river).

  20. Actually, Jed, there’s a tabletop game called “Dust” that features a lot of
    Dieselpunk ‘mechs. (“Dieselpunk” being Steampunk, but with that whole
    1930s-40s era technology/style instead of Victorian England.)

    Here’s a link if you want to take a gander: http://www.dustgame.com/

  21. They did do the thing with low gravity chaffees but only on world of tanks
    xbox edition

  22. I realy loved this event, even though I was baaad at it. Those walkers were
    really well designed for a one off. The forum communities actually started
    campaigning for them to be brought back some time (would be fun if they got
    expanded upon 😀 )Oh and very nice montage! ;)

  23. Christoffer Rasmussen

    There was Chaffees on the moon Jedi, just only on Xbox 360, which sucks
    major ass.

    • +Christoffer Rasmussen Xbox WoT is pretty good actually, but sure, compared
      to PC it is a little rough and ready and dumbed down. But the developers
      are putting effort into it and doing good work for the Xbox WoT community
      which is thriving.

  24. AND ON THIS DAY, tank kind received a grim reminder….

  25. apparently jedi is related to face mcshooty from borderlands 2 :P

  26. I didn’t know you were Scottish Pointy? Should it be McPointy now?

  27. Trevor “cobolhead” Barca

    The tanks on the moon were only on the xbox 360 version of WOT

  28. I am pretty sure most of go and install Gnomefather’s, and deal with the
    slight performance decrease. … Not that it really affects your
    performance much when you have a decent computer.

  29. Dead Dragons (Society)

    Well you finally did it. I stopped watching so many others because of their
    language and vulgarity. You just used Gods name in vain … you were
    different and doing so good all this time.

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