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Source: PhlyDaily



  1. 1 second ago… wtf

  2. phly, I love you, even more than cake and cookies!

  3. No Hawker Hunter HYPE video? …. maybe soon™?

  4. Second noooooo!!!

  5. Last?

  6. hey Phly. hows it going?

  7. The vietnam combo
    AD-2 skyraider
    The m60 tank
    with the fortunate song in the intro
    do it bro go get the goose

  8. Ground forces suck due to the earnings from it -.-

  9. rip in pis sandbags

  10. 10th comment

  11. Pz II H and Cr.42 Falco!:D

  12. great now i have 2 watch MONK thanks jk its a good show

  13. mate turn off fxaa and bloom, cuz even in 1080p video has really poor

  14. Phly you are the best

  15. Mazzer FX Designs

    All I need is a FREUND!

  16. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    You want the D?! Panther D and FW190 D-9 with bombs! ATTEMPT 5

  17. Let’s assault these bad boys.
    Bust out the Jumbo (76) and P-47M for ‘murica.

  18. tiger and hs129 b

  19. you got side shot T10M yet you decided to shoot the turret =-=

  20. Can you make a kill montage? But if you dont want it its ok but it will be
    awsome like citadel hits kills :0

  21. pls the DOOM turtle, the t95

  22. M4A3 and A-26

  23. When I help mates in WT I get teamkilled for helping. ^^

  24. @ 4:03 “Russian tank bounce your inferior German 105 mm…”

  25. Ok Guys lets do it this
    Wirbelwind and Ju-87D-5 with the 20mm cannons to impress Hitler

  26. i give you a thumb for the intro!

  27. first stuka with the dive siren and a pz 35 any model

  28. that intro made me more emotional than marley and me

  29. Can we see the game where your tiger was being best bud? Also I vote derp
    rampage with Me 410 with the 50mm and the Jagedpanzer IV.

  30. Tiger and he111

  31. m26e1 and A-26

  32. Bombs in War Thunder are terrible. You wanna tell me that guy survived a 1t
    bomb? Damn it.

  33. That little intro was really nice.

  34. Good Guy Phly

  35. aw man, I saw you back up and I knew it, that was going to happen.

  36. Big love:

    M6 and Sherm with howitzer

  37. War Thunder, not glitchy, broken or unbalanced at all.

    This game is only getting worse.

  38. that voice on the radio at 8:09, does that actually mean anything?

  39. Hawker hunter F1

  40. Imagine how good this game would be if every vehicle fought against
    vehicles it fought against historically, more skill would be needed to play
    the game and it would be so much better. Instead we have axis prop fighters
    for 1943 fighting against american korea jets because the american team
    playerbase is retarded and you have tanks from 1941-42 fighting against
    1945 superior tanks and you have 1943 tanks vs korea war tanks.

  41. American-Indian War Enemies
    Apache & Chaffee

  42. Next combo : ho 229 and jagtiger !

  43. Jagdtiger 8.8 and ju-87D-5

  44. 3 B-29’s Vs reserve bi-planes :3

  45. One Shot. On Kill.

    Unless you are against another heavy tank, then you’re f***ed.

  46. Your voice is weird as shit, i think its to do with eco in new room/house

  47. tiger II H / FW 190 F-8 for a bit of a realistic pairing?

  48. Man, brings a tear to my eye ;)

  49. Primarch Alpharius


  50. f82 & m41 combo

  51. Intro: Friendship is wunderbar

  52. Pz.IV F2 and the Hs 129 B-3 with the 75mm

  53. Primarch Alpharius

    King Tiger best kitty cat

  54. Can I play with u guys my name is randomdude720

  55. pby Catalina

  56. I likes when he got angry at the game. That was a nice change.

  57. Long names are fun because they are stupid


  58. I cried in that intro, a lot :’)

  59. lets make this complicated.
    take the T95 with the F2H banshee * phlys away *

  60. Sub to me for sub back

  61. I cried at the beginning of this. So nice… You can show me a soldier
    coming home, nothing. But a tank helping a tank in a game? Crying

  62. Ho 229 &ferdinand

  63. Bf109 g-6,tiger e or h1

  64. Hi Phly i love your vids. for some reason your video rendering quality is
    bad even at HD

  65. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    I wish I had fully upgraded German tanks to de_stroy those Russian

  66. Gerhard Ten Bolscher

    LA15 and Bf 109

  67. You guys are doing some work…nice content!


  69. Panzer IV H and the Fw-190 A-5 with rockets!

  70. Saw the most American thing yesterday a f-22 flying in formation with a

  71. 12:59
    Vjiand got teamkilled :O (a guy from live.wt)

  72. watching this a 60fps gives me motion sicknes, i play the game at 25 max

  73. Panzer 3 (Any form) and he He 111

  74. your intro made me laugh xD

  75. Pls put the Mikro in your mouth next time

  76. Play the Leopard 1 and the CL-13A Sabre Mk.5 please

  77. God that moment you got stuck has got to be the biggest… idk… the
    biggest cuntpunt ever made by War Thunder.

  78. Phly you’re awesome for helping your team out more times then not when I’m
    in games they don’t help you.

  79. Žerocookiecake [Karnipex]


  80. One of your funniest ones for a while FlugDaily, ‘il kill him in his house
    with his familly watching’ made me laugh! Please do the Jagdpanther and
    ME410 PLZ

  81. this tank STOCK is the most painful tank i’ve ever driven, crap accuracy,
    crap ammo, crap gun lifting speed, etc.. i skipped FPE just to get the ammo
    and accuracy Upgrades cause without them you’re food for 7.7, 8.0 tanks

  82. Germany OP

  83. ‘Back in the USSR’

  84. do the focking t-60 and PO-2 combo

  85. Muhammad Dwisandya

    Korean War
    F2H with any payloads
    T32 Heavy Tank

  86. ISU 152 not op at all it historically could survive a 1000 or even a 2000
    pound bomb

  87. Russian troll combo: SU-100Y and YaK-9

  88. plz play the m4 sherman
    with sb2c helldiver

  89. Easy 8 and the P-47 jug

  90. Phly…..bro m18 and P47 on rb……you wont be disapointed

  91. Finally an opening that doesn’t make me hate people!

  92. Heroes and generals gave me a great round for my birthday, 11 kills 3
    deaths. i was so erect… (i dunno, i just needed to tell the world that.)
    that intro was beautiful BTW.

  93. 1:17 olofmeister should be proud

  94. Every time he kills a t34 i smile OP as hell in low tier

  95. Phly out the i153. See what i did there, hehe.

  96. Gaijin combo
    I-16 (any op version)

  97. 13:18 +PhlyDaily jesus fucking christ what a shot man!

  98. Tell me I wasn’t the only one expecting a Yer-2 or some Russian plane to
    bomb all of them in that opening “help a friend” sequence.

  99. The 105 needs a reload buff.

  100. aw phly you’re so nice i loved the opening

  101. I don’t play war thunder, but is the P-61 in the game?

  102. People helping each other in War Thunder is is amazing its so rare that its
    just grate

  103. Kv-2 and il-28

  104. hi phly, how do you enable the bomb sight on realistic battle ?

  105. Dammit Phly these videos keep getting funnier. Love em.

  106. 男爵紅(Red Baron)

    first thing to do at phly’s video:give a like

  107. Totalmadness Gamingstuffs

    Legendary Intro

  108. It looked like he shot you thru the building how did that happen?

  109. Nice guy Steve. :3

  110. Begging of the video I thought it was a Mighty Jingles’ “Why you Heff to be
    Mad” clip…

  111. Next you should do a mig and the biggest Russian tank ever (sorry I don’t
    know a lot of names 🙁 )

  112. M41a1 and and ad-2

  113. big thump up. great video start, keep up the good work ☺

  114. They Vietnam combo: Walker bulldog plus AD2 skyraider.

  115. Take out the T32 and the F7F-1 TigerCat!

  116. Pz. 38 and He 112 B-0

  117. next ? let give phly the challenge.. drive out the m4a2 >:D

  118. Only if I got Match Making like Phly :'(

  119. Kristian čolak-barać

    that match make u got in the first game is the best u can get

  120. kinda reminds me of a jingles vindeo

  121. M26 and AD2

  122. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    how to detonate bomb immediately after droping?

  123. That intro was adorable. It makes me want a spin tires esque mode where a
    team has to try and make it over rough terrain as quickly as possible by
    helping each other. :)

  124. Aww the start is so nice :DD

  125. M60 and F9F-5 next time please :P

  126. haha love the intro

  127. Intro: hope in (war thunder) humanity has been restored!!

  128. Tegan CrowGhost (BlackDeathTegan)

    Could we see you max up your crew and we want video evidence. Actually, it
    sounds like I’m making you do it, but it would be exciting to see all those
    Golden Eagles and the power you hold with it.

  129. Is tier 6.7-8.0 balanced? My German/American teams are getting shrekt at

  130. Kevin Ribeiro Welter

    Pz. 3 j1 and the Ju-88 schnelbomber

  131. Phly do the M60 and the F9F

  132. 12:23 The word your thinking of is “unorthodox”

  133. T-10M and A jet bomber I dont care which.

  134. PyrotechnicMailman

    Halfway to unlocking ?

  135. i cry when i see t54s t10m because you cant kill them at all

  136. PyrotechnicMailman

    SEE? SEE? Gaijin fuckin a physics brought to you by gravity water ™

  137. Didnt expect to hear french-canadian swearing in your video…

  138. Do the Stalin Combo with the IS4M and the Mig 15 or Gulag

  139. That intro gave me a warm fuzzy feeling I wouldn’t normally associate with
    video games

  140. Whoa… Did you just swear in Quebec French?? Tabarnac Phly, I’m impressed.

  141. how can i do the commander View??

  142. Fucking noob!

  143. NerdsVsZombies666

    So he critizises a mistake made by the game and Gaijin doesnt take away hid
    press account like all the conspirancy theorists said, take that, people
    who say the devs are bad.

  144. phly please take out the Neubaufahrzeug and the do 17

  145. war thunder or WOT? which one is better

  146. P40e1 and the m4a1

  147. Is2 and il10

  148. KV-2 and the PrO-2. (See what I did there, PO-2 to PrO-2…heheh..)

  149. Torture Combo
    F2H2 Banshee and M2A2.

  150. Panther D and Me 410 A-1/U4

  151. Sir Retarded The Eagle

    Guys, watch should I go for? Leopard or Maus

  152. binitto rodriguez

    love the TABARNAK phly… much wow

  153. The intro made me tear up :’)

  154. Phly, What’s with the Morse code I rear in your videos?

  155. A36 and M3 lee

  156. Pby 5 and m5 stuart :> Kappa

  157. The Tiger H1 and fw-100c

  158. Joshua “Shua” Chung

    “Canadian Combo”
    Leopard 1 & CL-13 (Try to get Canadian camouflages)

  159. plz do zee maus do it Now

  160. t54 and mig 15

  161. Tiger P and Me. 410 B-2

  162. battle rating is so saad for german tanks. with my tiger h1 with 6.7 br i
    usualy get into fight against tgier 2s and is-2s i cant do anything against
    them with my tin can tiger.

  163. What game mode is this?

  164. “ill fucking kill him in his house with his family watching….. thats
    horrible why did i say that?” Phly 2k15 18:55

  165. hi

  166. the beginning of this video made me cry lol

  167. terrific game play there dood!

  168. Christian Holbrook

    I love that game :D

  169. Did you say “tabernaque”? lol

  170. That intro makes me think of a game i had recently with my friend i was in
    a M24 he was in a M16, he told me that he flipped his tank over so i turned
    around and traveled half way across the map to help him.

  171. Phly do you ever take breaks from WT? Like stop for a week or two then come

  172. Thepowerfulkiller

    It will not be one shot king if it uses apcr.

  173. Dear lord the gun on the Tiger II sounds amazing!

  174. Just wait for the chieftain chaps, gonna be good when that thing comes,
    Canberra and chieftain, oh yeah its gonna be good

  175. Alexander Tsiferblat

    m60 and the b57a with 6*1000 bombs

  176. Best shot in a while @ 13:20 and awesome chewy spit @ 16:15 speak your mind
    mate lol

  177. The Russians are so OP at T5 so dont feel bad about loosing to em phly

  178. Three cheers for WT crap physics

  179. Me 410 B-2/U4 and Pz.Bfw VI (P)

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