War Thunder – P-40C “Bismarck Drops By”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

Bismarck drops in to join us in a flight of U.S. 2.7 Battle Rating Air Match. It may have been a while since we last flew together in this game but some things never change.


  1. Military Aviation History

    Amerika shooting, pow pow pow, ja! Git sum Yankee in ya

  2. Bo wheres the game when me and my friend play with you why are you not put it

  3. It was great to see you Bis! Drop by more often!

  4. This is awesome, highly enjoyable dogfighting to watch with some of my favorite players.

  5. Gotta love any program that decides your game is back burner material, that random update however that fixes a typo in their EULA? CODE RED YOU MUST UPDATE IT RIGHT THIS SECOND!

  6. *Top 10 anime crossovers*

  7. Bo, play fortnite (btw i absolutly hate fortnite)

  8. i like the german dude

  9. If you’re not in a squad in this game, hope cannot save you.

  10. The Reaper Hunter

    If my G-Force did that to me, I’d flip my desk.

  11. TheEtonianGamer

    We still need the Bismarck rage cam for when Bo does something Boish

  12. I got beat up pretty bad that match lol (I was the H-75 pilot)
    Good flying!

  13. 0:30 seconds in and i’m already laughing, Good Job as always Bo!


  15. First 10 seconds I was like, “WTF was that?!” Very um, interesting accent there Bismark.

    Also Bo, I think TBLF has been infiltrated by HYRDA

  16. Poor Bo using such an obsolete plane though.

  17. I heart this.

  18. Play the abrams!

  19. “It’s like a Sea World trip…who’s the stronger whale?” XDDDDDDD

  20. You guys make me happy.

  21. Been a while since we’ve seen Bis playing Warthunder on the channel, good stuff!

  22. 14:24 looks like a lot of dust particles floating in the air when Bo turned around.

  23. Lenore Van Alstine

    nvidia the way its ment to randomly tab you out of war thunder

  24. Christopher Hanton

    nice guys because with the next update u guys have a new p40 to play with the p40 f

  25. 12m lions while i couldnt even get 600k for ar234

  26. Where is the p-40c on the tree? is it something i cant get now?

    • It’s not on the tree, it was a gift aircraft that you could get by accomplishing certain tasks about half a year ago.

      But don’t worry, the better version of this, the P-40B(looks almost exactly the same, lighter, more maneuverable, less armor), will be implemented on the regular tree in the future.

  27. Bo how do you feel about the battlefield 5 trailer

  28. The comments are what make these videos so great. “Less good!” Awesomeness.

  29. CaptianMoePedro

    Loli is my spirit animal

  30. ImThe RealRambo

    I wanna see the F-82 in one of your videos.

  31. “Out of Airspeed…”
    Yep…that tended to be the problem with them Allison engines…lack of speed at altitude

  32. not so boring instructor 3rd person view garbage

  33. I got started in War Thunder and upgraded my system and added the Oculus Rift, problem is since the last Windows 10 update my point of view shifts all over the place, from outside the cockpit to on the leading edge of the wing to 90 degrees inside the cockpit or even 180 degrees worst one being looking forward eye level with the rudder pedals, all of which make it hard to fly much less do a combat mission. Was wondering if anyone else is having this kind of problems or have heard of them? I can go into Oculus and reset it but it will still shift during the game, but doing so during game play means I usually come back to an aircraft that has been shot down, seems straight and level flight in a dog fight is not a good choice. I sent the info into support@gaijin.zendesk.com and they are working on it, but thought I would try and see if anyone else might know what is going on, posted this here because I though maybe you or one of your followers would be my best chance finding some info. I do enjoy watching your videos which is what got me started in this game to start with.

    • I thought I had played Aero Fly FS 2 VR since the Window 10 update, but guess not, it is doing the same thing. It is easier to recenter the view just hit the space bar but I can not keep the aircraft trimmed out, and when I went back into War Thunder I found my Thurst Master controls only work in Arcade, I am at a loss as to what is going on.

  34. Hey, when is TBLF going to be available again? Just started playing again and my squadron is deader than Death Valley. Looking for an active squadron to play with.

  35. stop picking on bear

  36. Churchill is angered with you! Churchill Gun Carrier or delete the channel.

  37. I like how when you search war thunder Bo is the first to show up

  38. Alison engines where bad because there where underpowered and underperforming merlin engine was much better equipped

  39. American capitalist pigs

  40. Hienrich Rekulov

    Bo can you guys play the Slow British Reverse Tank (SBRT) the Archer! Pls:D

  41. hola im mexican so that means i hate donald trump

  42. Lenny Shkirenko

    That were some great squadron tactics. Fun and exhausting to watch. Well done to all.

  43. Looks this video a German person?

  44. DingBatt700 Billy

    how do you change from the metric system to the muricin way of measuring( because I am a stupid American who needs feet and miles opposed to meters and kilometers)

  45. Bo can you start putting a link to the skin you use for each video. There’s a lot of nice skins you use that I cant ever find.

  46. Indra Ida Bagus

    Bis broke

  47. wait the new p40s are here never mind

  48. Top Gun called… They want their movie quotes back. Great video!

  49. p40e is better, sorry

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