War Thunder | Panther A | 18 Kills in this Beast!

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Source: Krebs

War Thunder | Panther A | 18 Kills in this Beast!

Who cares about weak turret armour when enemies just die infront of you 😛 Got to be the panther tanks

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  1. Mark “markzaycool” Zaytsev

    Krebs ur video is on 360p quality

  2. Had a bunch of shit to do with work related stuff the last week hence the
    lack of vids. Should be alright this week :)

  3. yeah its just 360p quality

  4. Can you drive out the Pz.Kpfw. KV-1B 756(r) ✙

  5. krebs please the name of the first music.
    p.s. best gameplay ever

  6. Marder

  7. Stug iii A because Stug life

  8. who cares about the shortcomings of early panthers, still the best medium
    tank of ww2 (at an individual level).

  9. +Krebs Play maus !!

  10. drive The Ferdinand.

  11. Play the Panzerkampfwagen ausf. f2 for the good old tank design!!!!!? If
    you play it a dream gets true ?

  12. The RNG gods were with you!

  13. zoom in!

  14. super hellcat

  15. Still waiting for some more coh2 ==

  16. ZSU-57-2?

  17. The kv2 would be cool

  18. Play blitzbreiggg next please

  19. Play BULLDOG next PLEASE !

  20. Panzer F2

  21. panthers reverse symbolise the german lifestyle: “immer gerade aus” /
    “always straight forward”

  22. noob… 6frags from plane… you dont kill 18 tanks in Panther and also
    learn where shot IS 2 and Tiger…

  23. reasons that the engines didn’t last in German tanks was many of there
    vehicles where underpowered causing the engine to work much harder if they
    had used more high horsepower engines for there tanks the reliability would
    of went up and strain on logistics in terms of parts would of went down
    enabling them to put up a even more of a fight.

  24. The panther I believe was the first tank in the world to have neutral
    steering meaning that the tank could turn in place a standard feature of
    all modern tanks was first on the panther.

  25. Why isnt anyone talking about the fact that “Krebs” is German for cancer?!

  26. Soundtrack Central

    Play with the FW 190 A8

  27. does this channel have german fans because krebs means cancer in german

  28. Play the m18 hellcat pls!!!

  29. T-34-100 

  30. What button does he press to show his own internal guts?

  31. yo mate,take the T 34-85 plz… PD: i love your vids

  32. pieterjan willems

    The t-10 pls!

  33. I don’t mean to criticise Kerbs but if you played this tank in realistic
    you would have be clubbed by the Russians good sir ?

  34. P-39?

  35. somebody please tell me what music plays at the start of the video ?

  36. play The german ho 229 for The hope in rb and gl

  37. T-50!

  38. Ooh do British planes ! preferably the meteor or vampire ??

  39. Krebs when you are in sight mode you can zoom in more, you should do that
    to help pick your shots, you can get away with it in arcade but if you were
    playing rb it would be a different story

  40. STÜG if u can

  41. Do the hummel

  42. ki 102otsu

  43. hmm…my panthers don’t bounce shit. They get penned by everything at 6.0

  44. spiralwhirlpool2366

    Hey, can someone tell me what the song is called?

  45. Hey Krebs could you fly out the he 112 B-0 soon? I can’t seem to do good
    with it and wanna seem how you play it. Thanks!

  46. The Majestic Dolphin (Marbijo)

    A Panther Kitty with Nein lives. :)

  47. Hey Krebs, will you do more Company of Heroes 2?

  48. I like the little info at the beginning of each clip! If you are doing air
    content, I request the P-47M in RB. If you are doing tank content, I
    request the T-50 in AB!

  49. do the great stug III!
    30000 soviet tanks destroyed in 4 years of war!

  50. why a level 100 don’t play realistic tank battles?

  51. Drive the m36 Jackson!

  52. This thing will penetrate you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  53. Nikos Zaharioudakis


  54. I’d like to see the spitfire mk IIb. It.s a great engy fighter in arcade
    and if you fail to boom and zoom you can always dogfight.

  55. Blood Guns and Honor

    Panther had a 89% reliability with normal gas engine, and its power train
    had a average of 5000 miles per. so you are very incorrect. Panther was
    best medium tank of the entire war and was really mass produced estimated
    at a rate of nearly 500 per factory per month they were the main component
    of germanys tank forces,.

  56. With opponents like these, who needs enemies?

  57. I kill:

  58. Its funny how everbody blames the german tanks for their unrealiabilty. A
    Panther engine had a expected life of 1500km, the engine on a t34 of around
    500km. And gearboxes on the T34 broke more often then on tigers or

  59. life is how

  60. RIP 6.7 tanks.

  61. Very nice I would like to see you play the bt7 if that’s alright 🙂 

  62. 1. lesson: luck

  63. @2:30 Fully automatic IS-2 cannon! :D

  64. I want to see king tiger.. :D

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