War Thunder – Panther A “Still a Beast!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Panther A and the Ju 288 C may be my favorite combination in War Thunder. Hambone, Mike, and myself went late into Friday night having a lot of fun with this battle rating and I hope you enjoy the video!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. In your opinion, what is the best German Tank in the game right now.

  2. Son of a gun, I lost my gun 😀

  3. A1 sauce mayo and ketchup👍

  4. Bo can u make a wirble wind video

  5. Bo, what will convince you to upload in 1440p?

  6. leapord 2k

  7. is it me or does hambone sound different

  8. How do I get planes with bombs when I play as a tank like if I get two kills I can play as medium plane and if I get 3 kills I can play as a big plane but how do I get rockets cuz it’s only giving me rockets

  9. 10:30 I swear this “drive through” reference was used previously in this exact same map.

  10. bruh i get killed at 14:11
    thats my ASU-57 PAINTJOB LMAOOOO

  11. U killed me and my blue asu friend

  12. Dam good game Bo and your team 👍🏼✌🏼😂

  13. When it’s a slow day hunting

    Watch bo

  14. The JU 288 C is my child thank you for using her to smite those mortals with 1800kg bombs

  15. ham with the warcrimes this video

  16. Germany suffers my ass

  17. Bo plz play the swordfish next that would be hilarious

  18. One of the worst balanced tanks in terms of it’s BR. Near un-penetrable from the front by anything it faces with the exceptions of APDS British rounds or point blank shots and it has two trolling weak spots on it’s turret front. A gun that can point and kill with almost zero situations of precise aiming unless up-tiered. If it had the side armor of an IS or KV tank, it’d be the most out of place tank in the 5.3-6.3 tier.

  19. Why do I feel like war thunder needs a mission campaign

  20. Bo have you experienced the crash bug where the game freezes and turns off you monitor and you have to restart your computer?

  21. Bo you should bring back the sidechat podcast.

  22. I can’t believe that Bo never watched Spongebob. Anyone who has would know who Bubble Bass was.

  23. 10:34
    Hambone:”here’s your large order of *FRIES!*”

  24. 10:00 When u ask for a A-10 close support

  25. Panther A is my absolutely favorite tank and not just because I am german😅

  26. You do not know how to kill an IS1 / IS 2? you go for the side of the barrel

  27. Why Mike has that insignia on his tank?

  28. “This bomb will slow him down”

    Little did Bo know *HOW* it would slow the enemy tank down!

  29. 5:00 that poor tank.

  30. Why do y’all always go into town on this map?

  31. I think panther a or d are pretty much better than panther g

  32. that bomb placment LMAO, he must have just shit himself when it landed on him.

  33. 11:50 rare picture of a noob who doesnt know how to kill an IS1

  34. I want the correct German three color camos in the game. The ones in the game are too dark of a brown and the green is too light.

  35. Statically speaking, my best tank in the game.

  36. Literally as soon as Bo said “We have our first customer at the drive thru” I was pulling into a Culver’s drive thru.

    His timing is always impeccable.

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  38. You should play with Luna again

  39. yo bo i just played a game with stick ham and safety instructor idk who that is they were in the bv

  40. great vid as always. also that bomb job though.

  41. while you were streaming on twitch someday i meet you in campania map
    it was 8.7 match
    you were delivering milk like you said

  42. Googly Eyes brought back fond memories of Sturmling!

  43. New gang spotted in Night City, they call themselves…

    “The Casemate Boys”

  44. Yea Panther is best

  45. 13:48 He’s referring to the Spongebob episode Pickles, episode six from the first season. “We serve food here, sir.”

  46. pls do the tbf-1c pls

  47. “He missed. I missed. We missed. TBLF.” -Hambone

  48. i didn’t know you can ping stuff

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