War Thunder – Panther G “The God of Hellfire?”

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Source: Bo Gaming

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The Panther G recently dropped down to 5.7 Battle and we thought it might be a fun to revisit it. This was honestly a very fun group of matches we had.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. The Tank Commander

    BO!!! How many times have I told you about killing innocent Super Pershing’s?! When will you ever learn?! I swear you’re worse than Bear sometimes.

  2. Only a few minutes in, and this video is gold.
    Phrasing? No……No phrasing here
    Me 410 on Me 410 violence

  3. Send the paperwork to the HR Vogon Dept. (Hitchhikers Guide reference)

  4. in german we also have a chinese “DAD JOKE” …. what is the name of the chinese minister of transport ????

    English for ” DETOUR “

  5. That ending lmao, amazing work y’all good laughs in there!

  6. MrRenegadeshinobi

    Comment for the algorithm.

  7. the chopsticks joke makes me laugh so hard lol

  8. Hmm… Stick making clear where his loyalties lay? Is it me or has Stick been changing recently?

  9. Dennis Hennebold

    I’m just waiting for someone in the community to actually make the timber app 😀

  10. The question is, if you’re the god of hellfire… Do you bring fire?

  11. Zentralrat der Fliesentischbesitzer

    Thats 6 tanks no 7 oh I lost count-Every eastern front Panther commander

  12. Stickboy, “can we make tanks fly?”.
    Gaijin : YES.

  13. Between those Stick Timber jokes, Dad jokes and Phrasing Violations, this was yet another good video. Great stuff as always Bo and team.

  14. Yahoo, just finished a TBLF Binge, been in hospital for several weeks, so been catching up.and I am finally there ,good fun!

  15. I played with lord Warspite the other day but I don’t think he noticed as we both got Ferdinanded.

  16. Can you play as the f4 phantom, please?

  17. Y’all are funny and wholesome and geuinely make my day, may your day be good as well

  18. Pamphlet #1134: So You Had To Ask Bo To Bomb You

  19. nice tank panther

  20. This one was especially bad in both the phrasing, and the dad-joke departments.

  21. “I think you’re over-analysing this” – story of my life

  22. TallLeprechaun13

    daily comment to boost the productivity of this video storehouse by 0.001%

  23. “gaff’s my friend” “(in panicked voice) wait wha- what???” has me dead

  24. HawkUSMC - Legion Gaming

    Its a Cluster Flock 😉

  25. Can you please bring the F-84 Thunderjet

  26. Why do you deal with idiots and I can’t

  27. Burned greedy jewish liar

    I am the God of hellfire, and i bring you

  28. Great video as always! I am just reading about the legal battle for an 84 year old guy in Germany who had a Panther tank in his basement~plus lots of other stuff~

  29. Just waiting for E.B.R vid 🙂

  30. I really like this game but it pisses me off when I get shot through a rock or taken out by enemy planes by barely sweeping over me then I turn around and watch videos like yours and see you one shotting heavy tanks with a locust or eating an entire belt of ammo from a 262 with a biplane

  31. Hows lolidragon and sturmling these days? still around?

  32. Inrome Jiamanukoonkit

    Where did bear go?

  33. “OH THAT’S A ENEMY -shoots him- And his head popped off! That was a enemy!”

  34. can u do one with a leo 1

  35. Alright I got everything ready, now I just need the thing we lack in the community,


    *sad music plays*

  36. a gluster of planes

  37. sounds likke your not having fun

  38. those jokes were actually really good

  39. Best dad joke 2021… chop sticks

  40. Great video guys. You are all amazing. Thank you guys for the laughs. 07 and <3

  41. How do you mark spots like that?

  42. Again, so dysfunctional, lol.

  43. Panther stronk crush other cats

  44. I would love that app XD

  45. Angelina Trujillo

    That pop off @ 2:30 though!!! Along with the timber puns/jokes, etc. Great upload as always!

  46. how where you playing against germany but where germany???

  47. Here’s the original God of Hellfire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en1uwIzI3SE

  48. whenever bo died, i pressed space bar man. thats how u know its bad….

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