War Thunder – Panzer III M “Panzer Power!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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  1. Please play as panzer 2’s

  2. Your connection??

  3. Loving that skin

  4. Condorscondor Condor

    its really nice to have apcr at this br. gives you an edge for sure.

  5. Is the strv 81 a good premium??

  6. Even the little Panzer III can put up quite a fight when used correctly. I love it when it works, but hate it when the cannon faces something like a KV-1.

    A good video as always Bo.

  7. 9:28 bo calls broken arrow

  8. I dont play anymore. What is the second map they played on this video?

  9. Not sure if these kids will get Monty Python references Bo…

  10. BrickByBrick Studios

    You should keep the plane footage in when you spawn in a plane

  11. “Hello bad guys”
    – BO 2018 while playing in a german tank

  12. In this game you get seal clubbed, or live long enough to seal club

  13. All you hear once the smoke clear is just a URRRRRRRRRA from the ruskis

  14. HA! Monty Python reference!

  15. Question: If your tank is on fire, will driving over a hydrant extinguish that fire?

  16. I love when y’all post a video

  17. I love the Monty Python reference

  18. The group of PZ lll hunt the shermans using tracks but find the shermans have split up

  19. War thunder by far best battle simulator out there great video keep up the good work

  20. 6:45 I felt like singing Panzerlied

  21. Your spotting powers are AMAZING! When you call out enemies, half the time I have to pause and rewind…Sadly, sometimes multiple times. On another note, I have fought against you and members of TBLF exactly twice and have put forth a terrible showing both times (one much worse than the other) to my everlasting shame. I love your videos. Keep it up everyone in TBLF!

  22. Intensify forward panzer power!

  23. 10:36 Just nuke the site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

  24. what’s that skin that you have? it looks really good, i wants it…

  25. Awesome video Bo! I love that quick firing menace of a tank btw Love the Monty python references

  26. Did Shadow Count to three seconds before dropping his bomb?

  27. Play more with Stickboy

  28. Bo I’d love to see more CAS gameplay, we don’t see you fly planes in tank rb so often!

  29. Then they ate the minstrels, and everyone rejoiced.

  30. Your monty python joke did not go unnoticed sir

  31. Pz III M is like a little tiger

  32. Bomber, please?


    Why do u guys sound like 13 year olds going through puberty, jeez

  34. 3.3 Germany is best! Pz IV F2, Pz III M, Puma/Pakwagon, Ju 87 D-5 and Sdkfz 6/2

  35. im in love with sturmling

  36. Cromwell’s are very fast. Watch your flank at ALL times.

  37. So Operation Barbarossa was actually a noble plan to save the children from being eaten by KV-1s?

  38. Bo its been a while since you touched any of the British Havocs. Think you might do a vid with them some time?

  39. Never invade an American desert town, lest ye be beset upon by the ghostly Sherman Rambo…

  40. Do 335 B-2?

  41. Are these panzers OP? Or are these guys kick ass? I used my M2 and M3 and seemed to reck these things ..

  42. Play with the De Havilland Venom!

  43. What’s hydra?

  44. I believe this is the first time i vatched any of your vids…
    This video is the prime example of how teamwork should be done. NICE!

  45. Where is the map based?

  46. your videos always make me smile

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