War Thunder – Panzer IV H “Tank Things?”

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The Panzer H is probably one of the more balanced tanks in-game. Decent armor, great gun, and wait what did Jim do this face…

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  1. What is your favorite tank to put a face on?

  2. 3:46 – 6:00 😂😂😂 I was not expecting that from Jim. Great stuff as always Bo and team.

  3. Is panzer 4 h 105 really exist?

  4. fayne brisk fmvnmac2012

    What really sucks I lost two accounts 1 when the game was fresh new game like 8 years ago and the last one this winter. How much I really like War Thunder and how long it took me to grind to level 100 I haven’t started a new account and look like Amma start a new any time soon… 4sure miss this grind thou…

  5. Anton Lukkarinen

    – What happened to your face Mr. Wirbelwind?
    – War changes a man.
    Boy that went from 0 to 100 real quick

  6. stormworks gamer

    Omg this video is absolutely hilarious please bring more jim

  7. Love the Panzer IV!!!

  8. Gota love Jim’s spirit!

  9. I wonder how Jim’s attitude and Sturmling’s will work. Really curious.


  11. Jim is really chill and he’s funny

  12. I dunno what is more effective of making me smile while battling a serious sinus issue, Stickboi yelling “Why Me?!?”. Or Stickboi giggling uncontrollably. 😅💜

  13. I wonder what Jim drives

  14. 9:07 Ah yes “normal” things in Family friendly channel 😂😂

  15. 12:52 – You dance, or you die. That’s your options.

  16. do_you_are_have_stupid

    4:34 “Jim are u gay?” said he camly

  17. 15:07 ”Ok, Lieutenant Dan.”

  18. Keep up the great work

  19. Need more Jim please that voice made me laugh all video

  20. Was getting ready to call it a night then along came Jim, hard to sleep when laughing!

  21. When a plan works…

  22. *blinks* how did that work?

  23. The Random Texas Gamer

    Can we PLEASE get a Whirby the Whirblewind plushy? Please!?

  24. These two look like they seen some stuff look at their faces!
    That made me laugh hard

  25. What is that T-34 ammo loadout lol

  26. i really had some great games in this tank

  27. sherman

  28. “I feel like the way War Thunder works is anythime you do something cool or amazing you just get crushed by a bomb or life”

  29. How do you ping in War Thunder I’m kinda knew and I keep buttom mashing but nothings working.

  30. Hows do you get those tank camos they look so good

    Also I put faces on my m4 Sherman and m22

  32. Jim’s Wirbelwind
    Reminds me of Thomas the flak88 face

  33. Jim accent is so damn sexy

  34. omg i can’t fucking breathe xD

  35. That Ash River KV 2 was insane.

  36. Connor Robertson

    Me and 9 boys in my office bow peck me lol ez shot ha bow sad me happy see me in video eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  37. Ngl I enjoy the commentary very much

  38. Comrade kommandment Klaus

    14:20 I once saw a stug shoot down a PBY

  39. Fernando DeLaCruz

    Why his his voice so annoying lol

  40. War changes a man lmao

  41. i can only imagine the levels of research Bo gets every battle.

  42. Those KV-2 snipes were magical.

  43. god joining yall be awesome

  44. You playin’ War Thunder but, you hear it; Suprise Attack!

  45. 3:36 what a fucking shot, imagine if that was a ARL-44

  46. Bruh I wish my German tanks could do that🙁

  47. The Totally Random Guy

    3:45-6:14 *one of my new favorite Bo time moments*

  48. Пазик говно если честно

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