War Thunder – Patch 1.51 LEOPARD 1 & Neubaufahrzeug New TANKS Preview!

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War Thunder – Patch 1.51 1 & Neubaufahrzeug New TANKS Preview!


  1. creeperjelle 151

    YES LEOPARD AND THAT AWSOME NEW TANK XD looks like a t28 but german

  2. Second 

  3. If we get over 3,000 likes I’ll make a Mosin Nagant VLOG! Also Vote on next

  4. Hey phly u should do a fw 190 A1

  5. noi-bowf-art-zoog. more or less. my german’s a bit rusty.

  6. its sooo cute when Phly tries to speak german XD

  7. they’ve just reskinned the sound of the 105mm on the leopard 1 from the
    T54… Quite lazy. they should make a new sound.
    https://youtu.be/-39dT1E24aQ?t=56s is what it should sound like.

    • +xphoeswarrior True. I hope the sound does get changed. Because the T-54
      sound doesn’t suit it at all in my opinion.

    • +Vanpersie246 Its most likely just a placeholder sound untill they get the
      time, and weather to shoot the tank sounds, You know, because in Russia it
      snows during summer.


  9. Leo pard 1 xD

  10. God i love your german 😀 sounds so awsome if you are a german and you hear
    that but your second try was really good.

    And why are there normal soldiers in this trailer?

  11. phly,can you play with me in war thunder?

  12. YESSSSS THE OUTRO!!!!! So many people voted for that xD you got a hole in
    your left wing

  13. Super Hellcat screenshots are out :D

  14. Do I see a M60 & T64 in the future?

  15. why end of the week, video to cheer you up? ITS SUMMER LOL.

  16. if leo 1 put t-62 in too and stb-1 and so on :D

    • +chris gibson Why would the STB be German? It’s a Japanese tank that will
      be put in the tier 5 tree for Japanese tank when they come. Gaijin said no
      tier 5 premiums.

    • +Dávid Gintli STB-1 would either be a german premium or in much later
      patches (like the german saber) a german captured main tech tree tank,
      instead of a side premium tech tree tank.

    • +FallenBut NotForgotten oh shit i tought it was world of warships ^.^ but
      hey they are still about to put su-100y in the game lol

    • FallenBut NotForgotten

      +Dávid Gintli This isn’t World of Tanks

    • +Dávid Gintli Im pretty sure the STB will be added though. I don’t believe
      japan has many post war tanks. But that’s just my beliefs i’m not 100%

  17. Comatose Commando

    Say “For the motherland!” at the end of the next vid!

  18. I think that Gaijin will soon add the M48, M60 and T62. Because the Leopard
    is a MBT. Also the T10 is rumored which is scary…

    • Went on the dev server, we got the m60 and the t-10m is not that scary
      apart from the gun

    • +Toni Sukles for the sake of realism they absolutely have to. In fact,
      leopard 1 is so ridiculous that they could easily add even the t-64 which
      entered service at the same time as leopard 1.

    • TheJackalPhantom

      +r32rocky the leopard also uses HESH

    • +TheJackalPhantom in a way, how the 105mm performs on this Leopard 1, might
      give a view to how the highly anticipated Centurion will perform. Only
      difference, other than the armor of course LOL, would be the HEAT vs the
      awesome British HESH ammo.

    • +TheJackalPhantom same here.

  19. T-10M also

  20. Say: the loader is unconscious!


  22. what about new planes?will gaijin finally add the iar 80?

  23. Just give us the do335

  24. They should add British tanks?!

    • +chris gibson lmao you seem to think that Stalin would’t have attacked
      Hitler anyway. Trust me there would have been war between the two one way
      or the other

    • +alfredo sierra well when british tanks are added it will most likely be
      Germany and Russia vs America and Britain, due to the fact that Russia and
      germany would have been allies if hitler werent is ignorant.


    • Michael leliaert

      +Tom Jefferis I can’t see them being that great, would be a challenge to
      operate them.

    • +Ben Harder no it’s not and I totally agree with you but I think gaijin
      won’t do it for that reason is all

  25. Finally we can use the winter skins!

  26. SU-100Y AKA BOX TANK confirmed

  27. you should end everything with you got a hole in your left wing

  28. Neubaufahrzeug is kinda pronounced like this: noybaufaartsoyk 😀 In German
    the ‘eu’ is pronounced as ‘oy’ in toy. Maybe this helps ya for future
    German stuff :b

  29. TheJackalPhantom

    -Leopard 1 prototype
    -Super hellcat
    -Su-100Y really -.-
    -T34-100 common gajijn

    these are the tanks so far all i hope is that they add all leopard 1’s till
    the 1A3

    • +Maxime Rigole yep indeed, they are very well trained and batlle proven,
      they one of the best hit ration of all the nato air forces and i dont hink
      they ever committed a single civilian kill, but they are getting less and
      less deployed due to budget cuts, it is one of the only good points of the
      belgian army

    • +TheJackalPhantom well i can see you dont know shit about the belgian army
      😉 we have the A5 BE that means it is a variant modified here in belgium,
      and we bought our A5 without reactive or spaced armor and without MGs (we
      use FNH Mag mgs i believe) because we are super poor, especially the ground

    • +Zonda Zerda Leopard 1 got reactive armour?! Lol wut? Leopard 1A4 got
      reactive not the initial production variant (which will be the in game

    • +Nethen Gaming If you want the Leopard 2 then you had better wait for it in
      Armoured Warfare because there is no way in hell it will be implemented in

  30. I think they should keep the sabot round in the leopard 1 is very lightly
    armored it would be a glass canon and would make it balanced out 

  31. Finally a post war German. Now top tier battles will be balanced once

  32. 1.51 HYPE! I wanna see that Mosin Nagant Vlog! I liked

  33. With all these advancements in tanks, I think Air Forces should up their
    tech as well. At least move up to have the F-100 Super Sabres and Mig-17s.

    • Well, alright if the Super sabre is too strong, maybe add a soviet
      counterpart to even it out. I am thinking of matchmaking where Germans and
      Japanese can’t be in cold war battles to also help balance it out. I mean
      it would be pretty cool to have something as fast as that.

      And if we add a MiG 17 it’s going to be the A model (slightly faster MiG 15

  34. New-bow-fair- zoig

  35. Few thing that I’m a little concerned about. One is why the hell is the
    leopard painted green? It looks too Russian. 2nd is the gun sound of the
    Leo is the same as the Soviet D10T pls fix. 3rd is that Russia really
    doesn’t need the T10. All their high tiers are good enough. However Germany
    needed a post war tank to counter all these post war tanks that America and
    Russian has. So +PhlyDaily what do you think about my concerns. I would
    like to know what you think about this opinion :)

    • Russia just needs a compleat nerf in my opinion it’s been slightly fixed
      but not enough

    • +lord alphabet
      Irrelevant. It only saw combat post-war in the Middle East(and some other,
      lesser known places). So, by that definition, it’s a post war tank. If it
      saw more than a parade, it’s late-war, and if it only saw a parade, such as
      the IS-3, it’s post-war.

    • makrill Terrorist

      Lets give the germans Leopard 2 and Landkreuzer p1000 ratteXD

    • Ruthenius Kastavii

      +DJ J0SHWA

      Olive-green was a typical Bundeswehr tank painting those days.

    • i can settle for the is-3 its ww2 era

  36. I will this new shell!!!

  37. C Lewis (DirtyTissue)

    +PhlyDaily when the Leopard I come out and with that amazing sabot round
    you totally should make a video that line up the T-26 or other flat armor
    tier 1 tank and test that penetration !!! :D

  38. Germany gest a Tank that is better than Soviets, Gaijin like NOPE, Soviets
    gets T10!

  39. There’s ammo everywhere, just aim anywhere on the Leopard 1

  40. Sith Marauder Atramentous

    Phly, you should say “Rhabarbermarmelade” for your next video.

    It’s a fun word right?

  41. Neu-bau-fahr-zeug ;)

  42. Gaijin shouldn’t limit the ammunition, they’re supposed to be going for
    both realism and gaming fun, right?

  43. “Neu” is pronounced as “Noy” like the last syllable of “annoy”
    “bau” is pronounced as “bow” (basing this off of the German word “Baum”)
    “fahr” is pronounced as “far”
    “zeug” is pronounced as “zoig”

    So.. “Noybowfarzoig”

    • LeroyJenkins 105

      +Ben Harder so Fahr as in like (sorry for the tractor love but) Deutz Fahr?
      and Deutz pronounce as in D-oi-ts? 🙂 just wanting to know if anyone knows

    • +Marcell D’avis Not half as bad as English can be 😉

    • Majestic Skywhale

      +Ben Harder true but i like to add it just to differentiate from the softer
      z sound so prevalent in english. personal preference i guess 😀

    • As you pronounce the word, the “t” is naturally pronounced without meaning
      to do so, so that is why I didn’t add it

    • Majestic Skywhale

      +Ben Harder also german Z is pronounced like tz

  44. clerkmaxwell does warthunder

    I for got the cut of date gajjin stated, 1953 was it? I did hear right that
    the leopard was introduced in 1975 right? If so where’s my f4?

  45. Стефан Србија

    Lmao didnt know German is so hard to native english peoplez

  46. YES the leopard <3 it is my fav tank of all time Belgian army loves it 🙂 

  47. Jose Angel Rosa Reyes

    Leopard gun wont be as good as irl, why? Becuase it isnt russian. Gaijin…
    being a bunch of bias wankers since 2010….

  48. I want the Sturmtiger

  49. Nooooo wayyy! Holy cow, so hyped :)

  50. don’t forget no gun stabilizer for the leopard


  52. the T54 is an older design but seeing as how their still in service where
    as the leopard1 isnt(to my knowledge) and the fact that the leopard has no
    armor I say let it have those massively powerful types of ammo considering
    that it like so many German designs will be a deadly sniping tank.

  53. what’s so hard about *Neubaufahrzeug* ? XD
    4:17 That was alright actually :D


  55. goooood german :D

  56. This means they might add M1A1 ambrams and T72 and T80

  57. Zebra

  58. Finland map? The place of many tank battles, where.. only one side had
    tanks? Keeping that in mind, they should add local soldiers. Meaning if you
    drive in a russian tank, guys would suddenly jump from cover, jam logs in
    the tracks, light the tank on fire and then chuckle while they roast
    sausages over the gently burning russkie corpses :)

  59. The leopard C1 is used by the Canadian armed forces

  60. My uncle has worked in a Leopard 1

  61. Hey phly


    • First of all, Italy is not a playable faction in Warthunder, sadly.
      (Would’ve loved to seen some tankettes) Second, TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG TOG
      TOG TOG.

    • +Marcell D’avis they will probably go the route WoWS went and add USN and
      IJN first

    • No, really, in every game like this the britans are least! If they make
      Ships i wanna See British Navy First or British tanks befor the Ships but

    • Let them add ships first

  63. SouthJerseyRaiders

    Im ready for the Abrams. :P


  65. Super finishing statement lol

  66. Ondřej Vachulka

    Gajin plz add M60 Patton

  67. Justnyan Andsmile

    Hold ma beer, I am switching over to the germans I want no no I NEED that
    godamn son of a leaopard

  68. For some reason, either leo 1 is gonna be the messiah to all German tankers
    or another highly anticipated tank with no proof to it’s claims

  69. PHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEV SERVER IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!

  70. with the leopard being introduced in 1965, does this mean that war thunder
    will bring in weapons from post Korean war era? i hope so cuz eventually i
    wana see my M1A2 Abrams!

    • +Justin Cashel the actual armor thickness of the composite armor used in
      MBTs today is classified, however they have released the equivalent armor
      thickness in steel armor(if let’s say this tank has X amount of composite
      armor, to get the same amount of protection, 500mm of steel armor has to be
      used instead)

    • Don’t see it because they don’t know a lot of things about the m1 and other
      modern tanks like the challenger because alit of the information is
      classified like try find the armour thickness you can’t they use chobham
      armour with depleted uranium in them pretty sure it’s classified

    • Not Kendrick Lamar

      the abrams tank was introduced in the 70s to replace the aging Patton line
      MBTS and first off both of these tanks were WAY advanced for Pre-WWII era
      tanks and their armor are completely diffrent than just making armor
      thicker. besides the Abrams A2 was introduced in 1992. Imagine A Abrams A2
      with TUSK vs a Leopard 1 XD

    • +bassbeast117 ^at some point in the future

  71. Why does he pronounce Leopard so awkwardly?
    Isn’t it pronounced Leh-Pard like the animal?

  72. ChipnDalenBlendi

    jaja das neubaufahrzeug…gotta love my language
    i think the leo 1 has to be this powerful beauce german high tier was
    and i hope the introduce the leo with the original bundeswehr-skin (with is
    the german army) plus the modern german army cross

  73. There are rumours of a T-10 and Super Hellcat. That is a helical chassis
    with a M36 Slugger/Jackson turret on it.

  74. Finally a snow map! Now we only need a desert map :)

  75. Hey Phly! I love your videos man!! Keep up the good work! You’re the best!

  76. Smk, il2

  77. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    the 105mm gun on the leopard is the gun on the early abrams, you won’t have
    a hole in your left wing…you won’t have a left wing….

  78. antonis psillakis


  79. +PhlyDaily +BaronVonGamez +Slick Bee Great video. Do you guys think that
    there should be a Post-war specific BR(or multi-BR) that keeps the
    authenticity with World War Two historic tank combat? I think this would be
    a great addition to the game, especially in “Real”istic Battles. Same goes
    for planes, with the post-war jets. If so, would you help ask the Devs for
    this simple and helpful change? Opinions?


  80. The Leopard 1 should be in the panthers research line right?


  82. Right, new maps, new German tanks probably a bunch of new Russian tanks and
    planes. Ignore fixing the Japanese plane models, turn times and battle
    ratings. Maybe give the British a plane or two but don’t give them any
    tanks yet and don’t forget to give the United States of America the finger
    on your way out because the Russians are sore losers.

    Thanks Yudintsev.

    Not trying to start a flame war, just trying to vent my anger.

  83. I will like if when you shoot the back track of the tank it will fall of
    like in real life I hope they do add it in

  84. I like how you were talking about German Ground Forces tech tree not having
    nimble, fast medium or light tanks at high tiers. Leopard 1 Hype! Weird box
    on the front though, anyone know what that is?

  85. Mosin Nagant VLOG !!!!!!! PLEASE LIKE

  86. Dev server is up. Most of the new vehicles are premium though. (Super
    hellcat, Su100Y, neubaufahrzeug) and the non premiums include the leopard 1
    the M60 and T10.
    Check the speculation thread on the forums (1.51 speculation @page 68 for a
    rundown on the new vehicles).

  87. still no BT-42? I’m dissapointed, atleast they gave us Finland map 🙂 Suomi

  88. Knowing gajyin the nuebaufahrzeug won’t ever get a 105, that right is for
    the russians only. The leopard will be getting nerfed big time and won’t
    get the sabot, since that would mean the end of russian tanks (and usa)/
    make it ultra OP. hope that next to good speed and turret traverse it would
    also get a stabilizer 🙂 so it will become a good flanker

  89. Germans get Leopard 1, America must get M48 and M60

  90. With the possibility of M551 Sheridan

  91. I’d love to drive the Leopard 1, but at the rate I’m grinding it will
    probably be next decade before I get there. :D

    • Luckily for you, the M60 is in the dev server! I’m ready for the Leopard
      grind. The only American tier 5 i have is the m103 and i generally don’t
      use it because i have to shit out my silver lions to fire HEAT

    • They better add the M60 as well, because I’m only at tier 5 for the U.S. I
      haven’t started Germany yet, so that grind would be excruciating xD.

  92. i think the Neubaufahrzeug is going to be the 2nd reserve tank
    also the finland map looks pretty

  93. So the Centurion with the L7 is all but confirmed when British tanks come

  94. lol @ “Leo-pard”

  95. I can’t wait

  96. sweet music in this video, I wish I knew the name of it

  97. gerlok wolkenbrutzler

    As long as I get to fucking destroy IS-4s and T54s I am fine with
    everything… They days of Russian domination will pass soon.

    • LeroyJenkins 105

      +Mike Hunt hahahah really? idk if this is anybetter but the modern T-90
      Main Battle Tank?

    • +gerlok wolkenbrutzler Jokes on us, they’re adding the t10m which is an is3
      with more armour and the gun from an su122-54 lol. The Russian clubbing
      will never end.

  98. EVERYONE HIT THE DECK, THE SU-100Y AND T-10 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  99. Dr. Bananable Lector

    Its pronounced leopard like the cat.

    • I BallisticRaptor

      i totally didn’t get that from Fury the movie

    • +vaulthecreator ah, right. sorry for the incorrect assumption. i kinda
      just trusted phly with those ones. asked my german friend and it is tee-ger
      and pahn-tear. my bad. though with panther, its more because they dont have
      a th sound like english does, so it becomes a hard t.

    • +foxboy64 If you think that German speakers pronounce Tiger and Panther the
      same way as English speakers do then you have a surprise in coming 😉

    • +vaulthecreator because tiger and panther are tiger and panther… leopard
      has a diferent pronunciation, those two dont. technically its
      Panzerkampfwagen “Tiger” Ausf. E for the tiger 1 and Panzerkampfwagen V
      “Panther” for the panther. one can see why they might be shortened to just
      the animals they were named after, leopard being the only one of the three
      pronounced diferently in german.

    • +Ruben “It is that if it is a German tank, you should pronounce its name
      like its designers did.”

      Ok, then why do you not pick up on when Phly (or anyone else for that
      matter) said Tiger and Panther with the English pronunciation? Hmm? 😉

  100. Damn,the Leopard 1 is SO SEXY IN WAR THUNDER!

  101. Really, Phly? Lee-oh-pard?

  102. Primarch Alpharius

    Still waiting for the RATTE

  103. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    loving that they put in the Leopard, no longer are Germans going to get
    stomped at tier 5 with invincible IS4s and T54s. Yes you are right, it no
    longer is going to be easy mode for those T54 drivers…and I might finally
    get some flank protection in my Maus and Jagdtiger. Loving it.

  104. gib me dat lepurd

  105. Mister Guitarist

    If the leo 1 gets the same “paper armour” as the hellcat that thing will be
    OP as fuuck, hellcat front hull bounces KV2 and tiger shots

  106. I am straining to play war thunder and I probably wont be playing it until
    they fix the BR rating system and the economic system, I gust cant make a
    profit without premium and I am not about to spend money on a free game
    just to be able to make a profit and have fun.

  107. Das Polar Ekspreissen :P

  108. Finally ze Germans will get a post war tank to compete with against the
    T54’s!! lets load up them Heat shells boyz! >:D

  109. Pictures from War Thunder page
    IV:Leopard 1
    VI:Super Hellcat
    Thats all i found :3

  110. In your next video say u have a hole in your right wing

  111. The devs said, HESH will be the most powerful Leopard ammo.

  112. Directly translated Neubaufahrzeug means Newbuiltvehicle!

  113. The Leopard 1 is gonna be a beast…. Can’t wait :D

  114. Anyone notice the infantry running with thw tanks near the start? Posible
    infabtry being added?

  115. “You got a hole in your left wing.” -Gaijin Entertainment

  116. noibaufahrzoig: “i” as like indipendent a like the u in up

  117. Tiger(P) 

  118. I’m worried about that T-10M thing, another damn heavy armoured russian
    tank now with a great gun, bye bye Maüs… It really feels like war thunder
    is trying to follow the steps of WoT with the Leopard 1, at this point he
    shouldn’t have the most effective ammo that was designed for the tank but
    still be, maybe, the best cannon in the game. This will be a great test for
    Gaijin to try and silence some of the Russian bias that affects the
    reputation of the game, prove me wrong War Thunder!

  119. Leopard 1 is going to destroy anything. I don’t like T-54s, but adding a
    tank like the Leopard, is just going to ruin high tier tanks for everybody.
    It is such an advanced tank. It had gun stabilization system, which allowed
    it to fire effectively on the move. I believe it also had track skirts. The
    only vehicle in WT to have those. It had a optical range finding system. It
    had a power-to-weight ratio of over 30 horsepower per ton. It has a speed
    of over 65 Km/h. All in all, the Leopard is a beast of a machine. If Gaijin
    do it justice by making it realistic.The tank will dominate all. It will
    even give T-62s a run for their money. I don’t even want to know what it
    would do to the tank it was built to replace, the best tank the poor US
    got. The M47 :(

    • It won’t have a stabilizer. The thing that pretty much will maybe end
      Russian armor dominance is its High Explosive Fin Stabilized round. I don’t
      think that’s the actual name but it’s something to that effect. It’ll be
      its most expensive ammo currently in the dev server

  120. M60 Patton Plz :)

  121. Иосиф Steelin

    So you are comparing a 1965 tank with a 1947 tank? The last Leopard’s
    shells you talked about are from 1983.

    “You have a hole in your left wing!” roflmao

  122. T-10M?

  123. “You’re got a hole in your left wing.” I died.

  124. Addition of leopard 1 right now is strange. I would expect it to come out
    together with m48, m60, t-55, t-62 and t-64. Because as it is right now the
    only tanks it should face are m103 and t-10.


  126. I’m following their facebook and can open image links but odn’t see
    anything when going ot the page it’self :c

  127. so since we are in the late 1960s are they also gonna add mig-21 and f-4
    phantom ?

  128. FlyingFrenchie 247

    If tanks like the leopard will have Sabot rounds why won’t the m103? 

  129. So when they finally release brit tanks does that mean we’ll see chieftains
    conquerers and centurions for tier 5? If so then I apologise now to all
    other nations taking part in WT!

  130. From what I know about the destruction, and I know very little-to-none,
    they may not add it because of the possible lag/strain it could put on the
    servers. It’d be awesome to see it, though. But what about people with
    terrible internet connection? This is why I stick to games with story

  131. LoL I suggested the hole in your wing thing to. Well it won it was just not
    my post that won. All is good.

  132. What is the intro music tune called?

  133. noi bah fahr sig
    with the bah+fahr quickly linked together, like:

    is that about right? anyone speak german here?

  134. What the fuck? “Leo-pard”? Really, dude? You can’t pronounce leopard?

  135. hardcoreminecrafter9

    the Leo. 1 is getting HEATFS or high explosive anti tank fin stabilized
    with 400mm of pen

  136. nah-baw–far-zug

  137. Данила Хижняков

    why compare it to berlin if stalingrad was a real city?

  138. For everyone that want to start correcting phy, he is right. It is indeed
    pronounced Leo-pard 1

  139. Hey gaijin, have you heard of this thing called Britain? yeah, i know its
    strange, but wait, have you heard of British tanks? no? oh ok

  140. just wondering can you play as the yak 9k on your next video

  141. T62 please, Smoothbore master race

  142. Majestic Skywhale

    god damnit why is the 5th season of dexter so terrible

  143. Finland’s my home country. Winter war map incoming

  144. PyrotechnicMailman

    Phly-Is the ammo you use the corrosive or non-corrosive type? Surplus is
    usually corrosive…

  145. Well… Time to grind Germany i guess. LEOPARD HYPE!

  146. KeybladeMaster9913

    Ok they’ll bring in the Leopard 1 but they won’t bring in the F-100 Super
    Sabre Series. Du fuck Gaijin, da fuck

  147. if you haven’t play world of tanks I suggest it

  148. Killerbill54 Roblox

    The Russian is going to need a new tank Bring out the T62


  149. ★ Kanine Network ★

    +PhlyDaily say ‘It’s not an American team unless a panther crashes’

  150. Leo 1 confirmed, I need to start grinding

  151. I thought that the Leopard was gonna be the prototype, Nazi era light tank
    instead of the MBT that the Bundeswehr uses.

  152. Got Jagdtiger with talisman and Panther II with talisman. Time for the
    grind >:) …. Then another grind for ‘Parts’ ;n;

  153. SERIOUSLY? are they going to use the Leopard 1 which was build in the Cold
    war?!?!?!? That would be so op if u let it fight against ww2 tanks! It has
    computer controlled systems and everything!

  154. Will armor be effective again in this patch? I sorta miss being able to
    force an enemy to flank you from the sides & in my experience there’s only
    a certain number of tanks that can reliably do that nowadays.


  155. Stug Thug Stug for life.

    I didnt choose the stug life the warthunder life choose me.

  156. Dude i just scoped my mosin haha they’re great guns for introductory gun
    smith work cuz they’re so cheap. Lets see yours Phly!

  157. They’re giving Germany a Leopard 1… they gave Russia a T-54.. and Us..
    Americans.. Are getting a Hellcat with a Jackson turret and a 90mm gun..
    Darn. I was hoping for the M60 :(

  158. IF ice can told up a T-95 i don’t think shooting it will help.

  159. 2 german tanks, leo one, this one, SU100Y, T-10M, T-34-100, Super Hellcat I

  160. yay flat sides and max 20mm armour….PASS

  161. lol LEO PARD, sigh

  162. ok gaijin but now we wanna the t90 and the m1 abrans too!

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    had during their development during the First World War. Nobody expected
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