War Thunder Patch 1.53 Overview – Dev Server

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder Tanks & Planes – 1.53
War Thunder New!

Thanks watching!


  1. What planes and tanks do you want to see the most next?
    Here are the US Tanks: https://youtu.be/Nxo5zv2X3jc

  2. Gabriel David Caneo Araya

    I can’t belive I can be the first
    That Panzerwefer sound….


  4. MaximumDestructo 88

    baron how did you research planes and tanks so fast?

  5. hi bro pls respon

  6. noice vid baron! !

  7. to man your the best

  8. Really looking forward to the A7M1 but we need a non premium version and
    the A7M2

  9. SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Erhard Heiden

    Bow before the power of Nazi engineering!

  10. i wish we could see a m1abrams but its ww1 or 2

  11. hi baron

  12. too bad the dev server was only for an hour. didnt even finish downloading
    after work.

  13. where be the T-29 heavy tonk

  14. That MG42 sounds like a paintball gun…

  15. p-51


  17. u should do a custom game of tanks with rockets vs b29

  18. M26 with T99 Rockets. According to Hunnicutt, they are 44x 4.5 inch
    rockets. They can be fired individually, in salvos of two, or full
    automatic ripple fired. The launcher can be jettisoned from inside the tank
    once the rockets are expended. Not sure if this holds true in game play.

  19. British Sherman firefly

  20. wtf? no way they would put a $7000 dollar tank in war thunder. ?

  21. Play the kannonen jagdpanzer 4 5 baron!!

    And gaijin didn’t give you a super account? Wtf??!!??

  22. do the panzerwerfer! do it do it now!

  23. Does the Nebelwerfer have a aiming reticle in arcade?

  24. Panzerwerfer, that damn thing fucks up my army in Company of Heroes 2. If
    they can put this in, why not a Katyusha?

  25. How do you get into the Devon server

  26. juan david uran acevedo

    how to join the dev server?

  27. Warthog CSGO and War Thunder

    You said 7000 dollars? So cheap


  29. British Black Prince

  30. Graham H (bluesmanshane)

    first 10 seconds… pause. 0_o

  31. lol those rockets sound fucking horrible.

  32. T50 is the king of T1

  33. Is it just me or baron has the same voice as generale Sam and SpeirsHD

  34. P-38 please

  35. Tie fighter rockets!

  36. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    They better have an A7M for the tech tree

  37. That sound is fucking crazy lol!!!!!!! Sounds like Star Wars

  38. OOOhhhh that Hunter… first of the V planes… well… first of the
    concept for the V planes… I want a Victor bomber!


  40. I think an LVT-4a with the m8a1 turret would be cool for the us’s first
    amphibious tank


  42. Had to have 2 m’s it’s so good

  43. new update 1,53 dagor engine 4,0 we can destroy buildings nice

  44. For those who wonder. The main difference between the Bf109 E3 and E4 is
    that the E4 carries MG-FF/M which can fire those sweet minengeschoß rounds.
    Minengeschoß is basically a HE shell that has thinner walls in the casing
    so there is more HE filler in the shell and therefore more damaging power.

  45. I’m pretty sure in real life the p-38 k had a 50 mm in the nose with 4 50
    cals. not sure if the 50 will make it in the game

  46. What the hell is the Panzerwerfer 42 launching, morning doves?

  47. hawker hunter f1 pls
    akilie’s speer

  48. The tank with the missiles

  49. yak-9b has bombs INSIDE the plane

  50. Soarin ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ


  51. Minwoo “Grimm” Choi

    Can u do the T-92 bring the Murica to the fight.

  52. This is a Panzerwerfer, it… werfers Panzer?

  53. They should add the Goliath.

    For ze shitz.

  54. PT-76!!!!!

  55. you will probably ignore me or say no to me asking this but I don’tt have a
    computer I’m stuck with world of tanks blitz on my cell phone can you show
    us all the starting tanks and compare them to each other?

  56. Put your hands where we can see then no fapping -Baron 2105

  57. see’s a7m at the end, proceeds to insert credit card into disk tray….

  58. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    The TBD Devastators were devastated in WW2,lol

  59. I beg you to say hi to me plz I love your videos

  60. i am sutch a noob, going us planes only for the p51 im only at the P400

  61. Wow the sounds are absolutely horrid for those rockets, wish they added
    less premium stuff this time around.

    Fly the Pe-8 with the 5000kg bomb!

  62. any one know how much rp for the pt76

  63. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    Do-17-E1 was in the previous update. You missed on the Z-2 and Z-7’s which
    are just pretty (the Z-2)…

  64. THE NEW DEATH STARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! plz ☺

  65. I believe the Pe-8 will be my favourite


    Trucks only in this pls.


  68. the amazeballs Pe-8

  69. Baron, the do-17E was already there :P

  70. For all those who don’t know the is that the T-92 is the grandfather to the
    Merkav tank series

  71. I wonder if you explode if you get shot in the rockets by a Tiger or

  72. Change them draaarws after seeing tha PE-8

  73. Thanks for shearing, love the Vidz

  74. i wish they add armored cars in the game, like the Sd.kfz 222

  75. What is it with the Russians and drinking vodka while designing planes?
    First the Yer-2 and now the PE-8

  76. nathan Ordenana (Nathanwardog)

    The glory of derpish russia

  77. Ohhh I want them to give us the Super-Sherman(M51), T29, T30, and the
    Super-Pershing. When Gaijin when.

  78. Caralho manow vai ser foda!!!

  79. Could we please get a price on the Panzerwerfer 42?

  80. Baron it`s Petlyakov not peshka

  81. Use the Ferdinand

  82. New German TD, aka WOT Kanonen Jags Panzer XD

  83. Is the new German tank destroyer a joke? Seriously? 50mm armor with a 90mm
    gun? Yeah I’m sure the Jagdtiger is twice as better than that thing.

  84. leaf a like

  85. Baron would you do the honour of fucking my sister? It would mean she would
    finally be doing something good for this family….

  86. Durrr22 is the new nuke


  88. the motha fuckin firefly

  89. Baron do you have any idea when the British tanks are coming?

  90. this is one big ass update

  91. Already have golden eagles set aside for that A7M

  92. Pt 76 pls

  93. Hissssssssssss

    Leaf a like

  94. Me 262 plz and By The Way in the beginning I thought, ” that can’t be war

  95. Glad that the PanzerWerfer’s Rockets sound kinda like Screaming Mimi’s.

  96. PT-76 is a pile of shit

  97. Why are vampires going before Hawker Hunter? different development
    different role…. Another way for gaijin to rip ppl off…..

  98. 1:00 yes I would like to see the REPTILIAN SPACE SHUTTLE THAT IS LANDING ON

  99. Hope To Get These On PS4.

  100. Gaijin, nebelwerfer pls

  101. Thank god there are still youtubers who doesn’t have their comment section
    flooded with hissing.

  102. Dat Hunter, can’t wait for more versions of that sexy plane, Hunter is now
    the most sexy plane in game

  103. I want the F5U pancake so badly.

  104. Hey Baron, will u be doing any custom air battles soon, I’d like to try to
    get in a game with u if I ever can.thx

  105. Also, AD-2 is the plane I’d like to watch u fly. I’m 2 planes off from the
    AD-2. And if Im rushing for it I’d like to know how The AD-2 handles. Love
    ur vids and keeps it up, GL

  106. i wondered why my P-38 model looked different from the one in War Thunder,
    the one in war thunder wasn’t the same as my model, my models a p-38J.

  107. new CB: Panzerwerfer 42’s against reserves

  108. is that Beethoven’s 4th symphony i hear in the back ground when he’s in the
    tech tree?

  109. 26:30 that plane is a CHAR

  110. Hisssssssssssssssssssssss

  111. I want Hanomags


  113. Holy crap the a7m1 is pink.

  114. Funny how they get their biggest bomb from WW@, but the British do not get
    the Tall boy!! typical…

  115. The only new Japaness plane and its premium, horay. -_-

  116. B29 super fortress

  117. MADAZZY The Wild Scot

    We wan’t British tanks now Gaijin we where expecting some in 1.53 why would
    u do this to us

  118. Those german rockets sound like Tie fighters from Stars Wars

  119. Fucking finally some new German tanks

  120. Japan is getting fucked over in this patch.

  121. Lets see the jagdpanzer 4-5.

  122. PE-8 bomber using all the new bombs I was hoping you did it in the video
    but do it in a new vid!!!!!!!!!! =D

  123. please for the love of god, play the hawker hunter.

  124. 7.62mm gun is not a .30 cal, 7.62mm is a rifle round

  125. Baron fly the Hunter or?

  126. loving the new P-38s, but I wish we’d get a razorback P-47

  127. fly the devastator

  128. Pe-8 nuke bomber fab 5000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USSR

  129. poop

  130. What is dev server

  131. holy tits

  132. lmao “its the new death star”

  133. wow I really wanted to get the p51 but then a wild P38 appear

  134. Bulldog should be moved back to a 5.7 to 6.0 and T92 6.3BR. The T92 as is
    seems pointless with the new BR system. Hey Baron, could you take out the
    M103 for me. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about it’s HEATFS compared to
    others and I agree.

  135. The Jadgpanzer 4-5 and PT-76 are going to be useless at their current BR!

  136. Jachtpanzer

  137. Jachtpanzer

  138. Jachtpanzer

  139. JachtPanzer


  141. Holy shit the PE-8 is absolutely massive! And it has two ShVAKs. And a 5000
    kg bomb, but it’s totally appropriate as a tier 3 4.3. In all honesty, that

  142. Hears A7M No, way, no way, no way! *jumps up and down excitedly*
    *sees that it’s premium*
    *falls in slow motion*

  143. Uh…. I thought I had to deal with a jagpanzer before, at rank 3-4. I got
    close to one, panicked and got fucked. I was in an American tank, so I
    wasn’t very surprised. cx


  145. we need to be able to shoot smoke rounds from tanks

  146. Finaly they’re adding the helldiver

  147. How do u get on the Dec

  148. 23:16
    …but is she operational?

  149. The m26 with the t99 modification costs 15k gold! So it’s very pricy

  150. Play the ho bomber

  151. Lol baron spent $72 USD on that M26 with rockets

  152. Hah, they shat on the germans once again with unworthy vehicles….

  153. I swear baron had the super fortress as it says he doesn’t own it when he
    looks at the American planes

  154. Is there a release date for this?

  155. German rocket vehicle = neblewerfer on wheels

  156. Armored Warfare is here… why play old games again ?

  157. the T28

  158. baron you need to put up a more organized dev review write down the new
    stuff on paper …before you video sort the tanks find them make a note
    …dont buy premium let us know the price ..you brought up old units last
    patch ? we also need information on reverse speeds …review of water and
    building effects many time you only mouse over the modification and nor
    show the new unit wtf? ..had x-ray on wtf? few times

  159. the td is also called kanonen jagd pz

  160. +BaronVonGamez, how do you video the game while playing?

  161. T-92

  162. Dat NAO reference

  163. I hope they add a crew member on it. That magically firing mg-34 looks so
    dumb lol. 0:00

  164. Pe8 with 5000kg bomb and t92 carpet tank

  165. I would really like to see one of them 5000 kilo bombs go off.

  166. please the P-38-L or the P-38-J

  167. can you cover the destructible terrain / new water?

  168. black prince!!!!!!!!

  169. do217 e1 was there

  170. YES! The original sound of ze PANZERWERFER

  171. P 1000!

  172. Hisssssssssssss

  173. Waaaaat ITS ALMOST HERE

  174. TOG II

  175. Hi all. Pe-8 is not “Peshka” and not first 4-engine (first 4-engine –
    TB-3). Peshka – Pe-2.

  176. I hope they bring in more armored cars. Like the Puma or the greyhound

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