War Thunder PATTONS BOYS Super Pershings (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

We take the out as well as the P-61 to drop 1,000 pound bombs and have the Tiger and the Duster SPAA in reserve. Some good teamwork between Slick and I today.

Thanks for watching!


  1. i think KT killer is King tiger killer

  2. kt killer – king tiger killer

  3. Niemand Wichtiges

    kt killer= kingtiger killer

  4. New update: Armored Ginger whales and tea for the british confirmed.
    Leaked by Ginger Whale

  5. KT chould bee King Tiger or kraut

  6. KT KILLER mean king tiger killer ^^

  7. 165th -_- view

  8. Hey Baron may you please play the Sd.Kfz. 181 Ausf. B (H) mit 105mm KwK ?

  9. KT stands for King tiger, I think

  10. Arnold der Hütehersteller

    King Tiger Killer

  11. KT means “KING TIGER”

  12. kt might mean King Tiger

  13. KT is king tiger meaning tiger II lmao

  14. Yo where is the MoW Mondays? Just asking

  15. I get Cancer when i See you Playing xD

  16. KT could stand for King Tiger or kraut.

  17. kt means king tiger killer

  18. KT “King Tiger” Killer

  19. nice vid

  20. I think KT Killer means “king tiger killer”

  21. king tiger killer

  22. THAT DUDE SLICK IS SICK (+*+) (/+*+)/

  23. “Kevin. There’s no need for it mate. even fucking with Alex? you’re a dead
    set cunt ain’t ya Kevin?”

  24. thr KT on the skin stands for “King Tiger”….. maybe i don’t now 😀 but it
    would make sense!!

  25. it is king tiger killer

  26. it means King Tiger Killer

  27. this game sucks, play wows pls

  28. King Tiger Killer

  29. +BaronVonGamez King Tiger Killer?

  30. kt is king tiger killer

  31. I Don't Understand Math

    That Gun barrel size tho

  32. kt means king tiger killer

  33. KT Killer = King Tiger Killer…

  34. kt killer _ königs tiger killer

  35. u gotta get them roight

  36. Den_Chilenska_ Kungen

    I think KT menas King tiger

  37. Dimitrije Djordjevic

    Can u do next the M6A1 and the P38G-1

  38. Alexander Schulte

    kt equals kraut

  39. Baron I think KT Killer means King Tiger killer maybe. Correct me if I’m

  40. godzilla691138MW3

    It’s a nice tank, I truly do enjoy running it into battle.

  41. King Tiger Killer is what KT KILLER means.

  42. Baron, KT Killer means King Tiger Killer

  43. 10th like

  44. Love the PATTON favorite General of World War 2

  45. third

  46. Thomas Fitzgerald

    U wot

  47. yes finally baronvongamez we need this

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