War Thunder – Playing Milk Trucks Only!

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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This has been a we have been wanting to do a while. The only rule, is you have to a variant of the milk truck. These things are amazing good at ground combat and the was real.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. Are Milk Trucks Overpowered?

  2. Watch out, the milk truck gang is in town

  3. It’s ok Sturmling, we have all been underwhelmed by battle trophies.

  4. Spoiler Alert: sturmling does a cuss but I won’t say when or what word. Pretty epic

  5. the russians be slapping on a battleship cannon on its milktrucks next…

  6. Ultimate memes and soviet bias were made today. lol

  7. It only took 2 minutes for mom and dad to start fighting D,:

  8. 11:10
    Typical TBLF; Ground -attack plane engaging air targets, while anti-air is attacking ground targets.

  9. Just by the title and thumbnail i can tell this video is hilarious and entertaining

  10. YourEvilOverlord

    Last 2 seconds : mine was full of……. shit

  11. Bo Can You Do The BTR 152A Please?

  12. Janissaries, are you ready to die? Then The Winged Hussars Arrived!

  13. It sucks that the milk truck costs 81 dollars to use

  14. Greatest episode of all

  15. How do you choose the people for a hide and seek, i would love to join!

  16. That ending made me lol thanks sturmling <3

    that got me good

  18. Best comedy channel on YT !!

  19. Does the one with the 76mm count?
    Edit: I love the big guns!

  20. Absolutely perfect ending.

  21. Thanks Hambone, Stickboy, and Sturmling for helping Bo make this video. It was great

  22. 2:12
    mom and dad are fighting

  23. Love that ending lol haha

  24. milk trucks rivaling Amazon

  25. Amazing video. Also can you try the Lancaster

  26. how do i contact the server admins on discord ?

  27. When will you do a face reveal

  28. Some are overpowered.

  29. I saw you and retro playing yesterday i remember you were in the m6a1e2

  30. “When gun don’t work, use more gun.”

  31. Next video kv220

  32. Why does Bo sound like smii7y

  33. Joshua Harrington

    I just wanted to say thank you to the entire TBLF crew for every video. Y’all have no idea how much your videos have helped me through the past year of my life. Some nights the only way I can get any sleep is just put Bo Time on Mix and turn on my headphones. Stermling, you’re the best! Always keep them on their toes!

  34. I been needing some milk. Can you deliver some to me?

  35. and please the next video will contain the nashorn/ my english is bad sorry

  36. Hilmar Heathkliff

    that cutaway at 3:50 hints at an anticlimactic death.

  37. Frans Mauritz Fahlén

    Is the F5C worth the money?

  38. 2:40 mom and dad are fighting

  39. No it was 2:35

  40. Crap it was 2:30

  41. when russia runs our of tanks and money…^^


  43. ”Your father was the milk man”

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