War Thunder // “Poked full of holes”

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When in doubt, ramble.


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  1. Wyvern’s not the prettiest plane is it? Does it dogfight well?

  2. WT matches still seem so very, very random to me some times…

  3. Sorry to hear you’re feeling down again, PHJ. Hope you get your motivation back soon!

  4. Would a black hole appear, if you tried to destroy a TOG with the BP? :thinking

  5. Why are you not using the best ammo for the Black Prince? (APDS ammo) No wonder you have a hard time with it. 🙂
    Also on the Centurion you should not shoot anything but APDS. The british APCBC rounds don’t have any real advantages over it. In other nations that’s a bit different.
    Also…do you know that you have to stear the rockets of this tank with the keyboard?

  6. something that I really like about wt is that you can use as many vehicles as you want in terms of different tiers. I like not having to worry about dismissing vehicles or having to purchase extra slots to have enough room

  7. my experience in the British tanks in WT (only at rank 2 so far) = shoot enemy tank 10 times, they laugh as you do minimal damage, they then shoot you once and their shell explodes in the exact centre of my tank and destroys everything.

  8. The problem with the British in War Thunder, is that none of their shells have explosive filler. They did buff AP post-pen damage, but it is far from APHE or APBC levels. They do, however, have generally the highest penetration at their BR, and get really early access to Sabot, which in the current state is a well performing round.

    At higher tiers, the Brits get very good guns in the current meta, with the L7 105 HESH being able to absolutely nuke any Russian medium, and the Chieftain’s 120mm just does not give a damn about armour.

  9. PVE glitching out is just a PVE thing. There is such a big amount of AI firing that the game sometimes cannot follow.

  10. Keep your chin up pointy I only play WT occasionally but is it me or has spoting tanks got harder even in arcade the red banners arnt as clear. I normally play wot and bit of warships. Keep up the good work nolite te bastardes carborundum?

  11. Hey Jedi, I’m not sure what the ideal ammo load out for the Strv is, but your numbers look high. Taking a minimal ammo load out means that many of the racks will be empty, and hence not blow you up. You adjust ammo in the vehicle selector screen.

  12. Staniszewski Wojciech

    Jedi, you don’t need to use the Solid Shot on the Strv 81, it’s obsolete.
    Take only APDS.

  13. Lol…. well my Monday was my iPhone 6 (64GB) decided to just stop working. Verizon: Nope can’t fix it. Apple Store: Nope can’t fix it. Yeah… it was only 2 years old as well. :/

  14. as a Patreon I must insist that you take some of that Patreon money and go and buy a nice piece of cake. Because cake makes everything better. ?.

  15. Jedi on the BP run with about 25 APFSDS rounds don’t bother with the others for the most part

  16. Why not just post commentary the matches and declare your own idiocy? Would still have been a good video no doubt.

  17. Don’t feel bad about spotting things…I finally broke down and started wearing my glasses playing WT GF, and coincidentally I started playing a bit better. As far as not being able to see what others see, the game is a higher video quality than YouTube, so they are literally seeing more than you can watching their vids.

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