War Thunder…Proud Of You. ( War Thunder Conqueror Tank Gameplay)

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War ThunderæProud Of You. ( Tank Gameplay)

War Thunder Tank Armour Investigation- http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/870


  1. First comment!!!

  2. second !! ;D

  3. Third!

  4. hi

  5. love you vids

  6. 7th comment lol

  7. yea more off war

  8. Y u so fast

  9. Ysbrand Van Der Velde

    8th comment lol

  10. 69th comment

  11. Hey Phly, could you make a Mig9/L video?

  12. NocturnalStormtrooper

    darn. 4 minutes and we have some ten commentas already

  13. Do a video with Tortoises vs T95’s custom battle!!


    PT-76 VS RBT-7 VS PBY


  15. Hey poky how’d you like me when I killed you in my La-15 while you were in
    your F2H-2 earlier today XD

  16. 72 scd

  17. Still doesn’t make up for the extreme BR compression still happening within
    the game….

  18. if you guys want to check out the full story check this out

  19. Валера Крылач

    Pz. 38 t and ho 229. It’s like do all you can to use jet.

  20. Hey look I’m there! Too bad I couldn’t do anything in that match lol

  21. How do yall recommend using GE in wt

  22. you sad it and 1 sec later came someone arround the house

  23. dude the tank museum is awesome went last week :D

  24. whens the new patch coming out?

  25. Take out the Pz.II.C and Horten, and try to get an air kill.. (with the
    tank, of course :D)

  26. Take KV-2 in RB with tier 5 fatherland T-10M(mother) and try to get few
    kills with it .

  27. Welcome Phly. You are a veteran tank commander from WW2. The war is over,
    but the Korean Conflict has just begun. You are among the select few
    commanders to assume command of the United States Army’s new prototype: The
    mighty T32 Heavy Tank! The upper brass have also informed me that you will
    have air cover. The Air Force will be assigning an F86 Sabre (50 cals one)
    to provide overwatch from enemy aircraft! Go get em commander!

  28. PLEASE IS-1 AND IL-2 1946!!!
    For old Stalin!

  29. War Thunder! Nice moves. Keep it up, proud of you!

  30. “I’m so fucked” I AGREE! haha

  31. 9:46 “Oh Crap I’m so fucked”
    “I agree!!!”

  32. I wonder if there’s a reason why the M24 chaffee has 4 crew members instead
    of 5.

  33. They fucked up the british tanks

  34. hey phly ,can you take out the charioteer mk.vII and the lancaster
    big.mkIII ! :D

  35. 9:36, perfect timing.

  36. Can we lpay sometime? Im pretty good!

  37. Phly: “I’m so fucked…”

    In Game Audio: “I AGREE”

  38. 9:36 phly: “I’m so fucked”
    Teammate: “I agree!”

  39. Drive out the Jagdtiger! 12.8 pure power!

  40. Pz 4 and fw 200

  41. do a m60 and a skyraider (thing with m60 its machine gun is that weak that
    a T-26 can penetrate it)

  42. orjelmort23 _infernustank

    leopard 1 pls

  43. 9:34

    “I’m so fucked…”
    Chat: I agree!

  44. Heatfs does go easily trought

  45. Phly if you do go to tankfest- see you there!

  46. centurion mk10 and fb1 attacker

  47. Phly: I’m fucked
    Chat: I agree

    I just laughed so hard yet I don’t know why

  48. how do u use the telescope in war thunder?

  49. “I’m so fucked…” -Phly
    “I agree!” -Radio

  50. SU-100Y & PE-8 fat but deadly.

  51. Jack “Starlight911” Milan

    You whant a challange ? Okay Kill a tier 5 with tier any tier 1 tank

  52. Take out the new “balenced” t32 and a bomber of your choice.

  53. phly i love your videos but your waking wat thunder off more then they
    deserve since the MAJOR BR and match making system issues has been swept
    under the rug for over a year and have made very half assed atempts to fix
    it or even address that they are fixing it and following though with it and
    have to mute users for mentioning it like my self for speaking out

  54. PT76 and russian PBY war thunder ships are already here!

  55. (•_•)
    <) )╯ When you're ready ../ ( •_•) <( (> Come and get it

    ~( )~ NA NA NA NA

    …( (> you’re leaving?

    <) )/ well ../ (•_•) ..( (> then

    <) )> bye

    ..( (> so I’m like

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ FLIP THAT TABLE.

    ┻━┻ ︵ ヽ(°□°ヽ) FLIP THIS TABLE.

    ┻━┻ ︵ \(`0`)// ︵ ┻━┻ FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    ಠ_ಠ child.

    ಠ_ಠ Put.

    ಠ__ಠ The tables.

    ಠ___ಠ Back.


    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ NEVER

    <) )╯because I'm ./ ⊂_ヽ \\ _ \( •_•) F < ⌒ヽ A / へ\ B / / \\ U レ ノ ヽ_つ L / / O / /| U ( (ヽ S | I AM THE RANDOMNESS OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL ITS INHAPPITENTS YEAHHHHHHH IDC IF I SPELLED THAT WRONG!!!!

  56. do the M 22 and the P 36

  57. “He almost shot me to death.” PhlyDaily February 21, 2016

  58. Payton Smith (DuckyonQuack)

    Challenge: T17 AA car and Hunter F1!!!

  59. I hope they add the T90. That tank is sexy.
    What do you mean, Russian bias? It’s only a tier 2.

  60. Even so the Conqueror mk2 in wt is not even close to the real one the real
    one had 400+ turret armor and if so it got upgraded with more armor it
    could have 600mm of turret armor, oh and did i say it had more penetration,
    and firing the new modern Tungsten APCRDS which pretty much was Deplet

  61. game is so bullshit

  62. HESH rounds are basically HE but with plastic explosives, which get
    squashed against the targeted surface and then detonated, it’s preferred
    for combat demolition of bunkers and fortifications and it somehow doesn’t
    fragment as much as a HE shell.

  63. Tiger 105 and ME262 with 50mm rockets

  64. damn both phly and jingles at tank fest? I wish i could go :(

  65. 9:35 “Oh crap i’m so fucked” – “I AGREEEEE”

  66. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    IM FUCKED….I agree , has to be the best thing of 2016 so far .

    (attempt 10+)

  68. Hey Phly .. remember me ?
    The excited guy :3

  69. Am I the only one who thinks the conquerors gun sounds like the halo sniper

  70. is the last amn standing thing coming in next pach ?

  71. Phly, pls let me know if you are definitely going to bovington, if you are
    I may see you there

  72. challenge valinene and hunter love them to death

  73. wow Phly,
    great moves,
    keep it up.
    proud of you.

  74. IS-4M and Tu-2

  75. I have an idea for fixing br! who wants to know?

  76. which map is this?

  77. For the last time PLEASE play the Tiger II(P)! Please Phly do it for ze

  78. Lukáš Třešňák

    Dakka dakka dakka! I´ve heard it!

  79. T25 American medium tank and A-20G, Show Trump you’re the real president!

  80. ??? at 9:35
    Phly :oh crap i’m so f*cked
    radio: I agree

  81. this tank sounds kinda cool, i wish they update the sound effects and
    particle effects, like explosions, muzzleflashes, ricochets, impacts it
    would make it fresh ;D some of the tanks are cool but the shitty sound they
    make its like enough reason for me to not play with it ;p

  82. In a live on B, MAUS for the win!!!

  83. stuka with 12 mg’s vs po2s and tb3s

  84. First step to War Thunder being glorious again (HESH is used primarily for
    HE use but it has more pen than standard HE so it’s better that way and it
    doesn’t penetrate a tank but explode on the amour and makes flakes on the
    inside hit the crew and kill/injure them, in Armored Warfare it’s used a
    shell that doesn’t need to penetrate to do damage)

  85. can someone please explain why warthunder puts my in a game against a
    jagdtiger while i have an is-2

  86. haha 9:35 “im so fucked” “I AGREE”

  87. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    12:50 thats why some retards play with literally graphics and everything on
    the most minimal

  88. “We’re taking a risk here…” -Phly, any time he moves

  89. Use the British vampire and SU 100Y

  90. Wanderful sniping on your behalf Phly :)

  91. B29A-BN Superfortress versus A Swarm of Pt-76’s and KV-2s with 500lb bombs
    while at Max Altitude.

  92. okay question, is phlys machine gun broken or just as decoration because I
    was literally screaming at the screen use your freaking machine gun phly,
    it may not **** him up but it might produce a lucky shot on a barrel or
    through a viewport?

  93. Tiger E and Me-410 B6/R3! or Hitler will be mad!

    (also, leopards, tigers and bears? lol)

  94. hold hold hold on a sec call me a gramer Nazi but tank musam 2:35

  95. phly use the Tiger H1 and the FW190 A5 with the 210mm rockets. but play one
    handed so only use your mouse or keyboard. C:

  96. ludorije duda srbija games

    tigre 2 and Conqueror vs is 3 and t34 85

  97. ludorije duda srbija games

    su 85 and lag 3

  98. The conquerors APDS should be way more powerful :/ a round of that calibre
    moving at those velocities causes huge overpressure in the vehicle it hits,
    killing any thing biological and likely detonating exposed munitions.
    Spalling isn’t supposed to be what kills anything with these more ‘modern’
    APDS rounds. If this game is trying to go for realism any penetration in
    the fighting compartment should really be a one shot kill. Just a point!

  99. i had no problems bouncing from the side of my turret of the conqueror
    before the patch…. BUT most of the times (in case i wasnt oneshot through
    the front hull or hit by Heat Fs) the mantlet of the gun was penetraded so
    easily by any Aphe shell i dont even know why… perhaps that is fixed now
    too, didnt test yet

  100. The Tank sounds like a Mosin :D

  101. do the Churchill and typhoon 1b/l, the nemesis of the tiger!!!

  102. Got 2 matches in a row with Phly in the F80 today??

  103. Bloody players on Ultra low graphics! really get a better rig! ruin games
    they do.

  104. Take out the Maus :D. In combination with the Me-262 “Schwalbe” with 48
    rockets! 😀 If u take this 1, good luck :D

  105. Who’s a girl that watches Phly?

  106. Freedom loadout:

    America T-32 Heavy Tank

    American P-36 Fighter Aircraft (I don’t care wich one of them you chose )
    you’ll have to use bombs if you can

    Best of luck with this loadout and i hope to see you in the Battlefield

  107. yo phly could i meet you at tank fest

  108. every time that gun fires, I jizz

  109. How do you get so MANY golden eagles?!?!?!?!

  110. a modern flakpanzer gepard for the germans is planned as an answer to the
    british falcon HYPE HYPE

  111. Phly you looked to your left when the leopard 1 came out from the behind
    the building you can see the front of his tank in the video

  112. I would love you to play the impossible m46. Amazing gun terrible amour

  113. TIL That the Conqeror had 15000 ( Yeah 15k ) rounds for the 7.62mm

  114. t32. go destroy some shit. now

  115. So happy they actually pay attention to all tanks in the game, like when
    they updated/upgraded the M103s armor :D

  116. meanwhile two years later the Ju-87D-5…

  117. Now it needs a better reload and APDS needs to be fixed and it can be

    Also you should use the Charioteer and Firefly Mk.V/Tempest Mk.II

  118. man, does anyone else love the sound of the conquerors gun or is it just

  119. Sir Stefan Channel!

    I don’t understand how the barrel being broke stops you from reloading?
    I can understand a broken breach but not a barrel.

  120. Phly? Anything you like about the Russian M3 Lee they added yesterday? I
    have it and it’s good. Oh and KV-1E and PE-8 for glory and Mortherland
    Comrade! Celebrate the Sekrit Documents!

  121. T34100 and yak3 vk107 because pay to win is the way to go with those
    beautiful things

  122. this kugelblitz was czech player
    viva Cz!

  123. ples play the Tiger 2 P

  124. Why can’t the M103 have an amazing turret ring :(

  125. Wish they would do this for the German tank armor…


  127. Why can’t the M103 have sabot rounds so you don’t have to spend over 1,000
    lions on one heat round :(((((

  128. war thunder sucks.

  129. please,please,please bring back your top 5 epic plays series

  130. Hopefully phly sees this..
    all the info on HESH: shoot the Upper glacies of any tank (except maus)
    from any angle. easy spall 1 hit kill.

  131. Great video, like always!

  132. i do have video about Plastics explosive test on steel plate as same
    principal as HESH use but i’m put it in “Watch Later” and so it gone
    because i’m finished watching it.

  133. Now here’s s challenge try the Sherman fury with the p51 mustang American
    mussel for the win

  134. Can you take out the M60 and an attacker/bomber of your choice? I just got
    the M60 and I really wanna learn how to play it properly, what are it’s
    strengths and weaknesses.

  135. to bad this isn’t the one with the twenty mm coax gun.

  136. How do you do all the animations? In the introduction

  137. Challenge: Biplanes vs jets

  138. T10 and po2 (or tb3) or Rbt5 and mig17

  139. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    they need to add the Matilda

  140. panther a vs t 34/ 85 only

  141. “Bawvington Tank Museum” Phly 2k16

  142. 8:16 Hey Phly I know Kendrick Lamar lyrics when i hear them ;)

  143. just got my conqueror a day ago. Really enjoying it, I got flanked by 3
    T-54s and i killed 2, assisted in the other, without being damaged… Also
    i love using HESH on both the Cent mk.10, and Conq… Thanks

  144. Like what the crap?! I’m dead Phily ahahahahahahhhhahah

  145. 6,633 view.

  146. T32 and the zippity zappity bang-bang Thunderbolt

  147. Typhoon mark b & valentine xl

  148. Shoot down a plane with a tiny tim in sim or rb

  149. kill a tier IV with a swordfish torpedo my challenge

  150. Phly, you should come to Bovington tank fest this year! it’s awesome! You
    would get to meet us British fans too!!

  151. Phly you really need to stop being flippy floppy on your opinion on
    warthunder, all you’re doing now is supporting a company that treats us as
    users and critics as trash.

  152. Phly- ” I’m so fucked”
    In game voice chat- ” I agree”

  153. GRIMREAPERwillEATyou

    P-36G and the lovely M4A3 [105].. OP squad!

  154. premium t-34 and lagg-3-34 package.

  155. Maybe you’ll meet Jingles at this years tankfest.

  156. Realistic battles in War Thunder looks so calm but in Arcade im trying to
    fucking penetrate a godamn Tiger H1 with my puny KV-1 ZIS 5.

  157. kill a mouse with a T-26-4

  158. Phly, fly a p26 peashooter out in tank RB at tier 4-5! good luck

  159. phly use the t92 and the f84 ground pounder

  160. professional tanksman level 9000

    “Aaahhh it’s clear enough!”

  161. Centruion and Hurricane with the 2 40mm

  162. Swordfish OP, please nerf…

  163. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    better get your tickets soon, they are almost gone

  164. +PhlyDaily I live near Bovington in Dorset, TankFest is awesome 🙂 Last
    time I went they had the tortoise and Tiger Out. You will love it!

  165. That low graphic stuff is bullshit, its not fair for players that want good
    graph to get disadvantage over the poor scum, they should fix that

  166. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    this can be more Realistic but World of Tanks is much more Fun !!

  167. Got a Challenge for ya Phly

    Use one of the Low Tier Russian light tanks and get a Ram kill, it is
    possible but hard. GL

  168. Yet they can’t fix the maus/E100 turret.

  169. this guy is realy funny 😀 nice

  170. Now do hawker hunter

  171. Happy sea fury day!

  172. Hunter and Caernarvon

  173. hay phly, here is a real challenge: m22 locust, and a saber (any saber) or
    american jet bomber (i have no idea what its called…) for the little

  174. Sea Fury+Centurion=KOREA KOMBO!

  175. Cornellius Cornwall

    Nice video. ( Sorry for bad Russian, I`m American)

  176. Lmao phly, I saw that leopard run right infront of you for a split second
    and you didn’t even notice him.

  177. phly the me262 narwale and the Ferdinand the patient snipers wait to strike
    but when they do its alwayse explosive

  178. phly I got a challenge for you, idk if you are going to see this but here
    it goes. kill a maus in sim battles, with a 100lb bomb

  179. war thunder did another thing good… they fixed paper bombers, and now the
    B29 doesnt die in one pass

  180. Hey Phly

    Saul Good Man

  181. that shot sounded cool ☺

  182. all the shots aculy

  183. +PhlyDaily how do you put the binocular view

  184. Phly do you not realize that the tiger 2 was so close to the bush he could
    see you by looking over it? Come on man think.

  185. its about fucking time someone did this tank. oh and also aside from your
    centurion fails video can you review the mk.10 thoroughly sometime soon
    please? i know you must be very busy and I dont want to sound like i am
    demanding anything I just want do know if you plan on doing it at all or

  186. The German Sherman and the German p 47

  187. also i am very shocked to find little information about this tank. also
    with the caernarvon tank in wikipedia and online in general. that tank is
    such an interesting tank but it is hard to find any information on. i mean
    honestly its like an early model centurion mk.3 which makes sense because
    if im not mistaken the centurion models and late/post war heavy tanks had
    similar parts or borrowed parts from each other.

  188. Tenk musayhem best musayhem

  189. MiG-17 and RBT-5 You can only use your rockets.

  190. Same as the tiger 2 h freaking short barrel 75mm killed me so far and the
    frontal turret armor didn’t block it.

  191. Use the SMK and the Il-4, For Stalin!!!!

  192. Jose “BiGLaZY66” Turcios

    he should get more views! hes a good players and explains things well.
    wouldnt be able to play war thunder or WoW if it wasnt for him. keep it up

  193. take out the A20G and the M24 Chaffee

  194. Credit to dogy1015: skipbomb a PT76 with a Stuka. Phly my life will improve
    10-fold if you respond to this… Also if you do this dare, respond if you
    don’t know what skip bombing is. (Attempt 2)

  195. Im sooooo happy ive watched your cods for a long time and now i have an
    account and i can subscribe like and all that jazz btw i love your vids

  196. 18:23 You mean

    “A lot of да xa) да xa) да xa)”

  197. 1000th like :)

  198. Panzer 4 F2 has more pen with APCR then Tiger 1

  199. Attempt #4, shoot down a jet with the Po-2 in tank RB

  200. 8:02 How do you get that scope view in wt ?

  201. hellcat and the p47 thunderbolt for freedom’s sake

  202. Phly, Squash Head rounds, otherwise known as HEP (high explosive Plastic)
    are used as an anti personal, anti light vehicle, anti material round. They
    are heavy, and if they are held in the ammo rack for long periods of time
    without being turned they will shoot lop sided. When they impact a target
    the HEP round kinda flattens out then explodes. You would use it for Anti
    Personal by shooting the round in front of troops and using the explosion
    to create shrapnel out of the dirt and rocks blown up from the explosion.
    Squash head rounds would work great on SPAA in the game. Maybe it’ll fuck
    up light tanks like the M41

  203. Do a beginners guide for tanks

  204. M103 with any plan

  205. The reason the toeplate doesn’t have thick armour is because the tank was
    not designed for close range combat and if the tank did encounter a tank in
    close proximity, they’re not going to spend afew seconds aiming for the
    weakest spot other than just firing a shot into his face and backing out

  206. Play the M4A1 (76) W and the P-51D Series Mustang With rockets or bombs.
    Because Sherman thats why.

  207. Hesh goes right through armor those stats are not correct

  208. Perfect timing on when Phly said I’m fucked because not a second later that
    one player said I Agree lol

  209. Phly I got into a match with you Saturday. Why were you flying a f2h2? I
    thought you hated it

  210. How do you get into these fights where you can do both tanks and planes? I
    only ever able to fly in either realistic missions or when I get enough
    points for a fighter or bomber (for 30 seconds) during tank fighting.

  211. i dont know why but i have a big feeling that ships will be added to war

    and the tier 1 ships will be patrol boats

    and the tier 5 ships will be aircraft carriers that ai fly off of

  212. Swag. Ur vids are the best Phly. Keep it up!!!

  213. Do another tortoise video pls :)

  214. lol “eh looks clear enough” *dies INSTANTLY*

  215. Yay. this is Awesome

  216. The Chieftain has the same armour protection issues, absolutely tonnes of
    turret armour but almost no hull armour. I’m not quite sure why the Brits
    made their tanks this way.

  217. AC IV ThunderBolt and Boomerang Australian combo

  218. why is British having tanks in your video but for me it dosnt have it

  219. Now if Gaijin just fix their older stuff and decompressed the BR, I’d be
    sooo happy. About their older stuff an example would be the lack of a
    bullet-broof windscreen on the Heavy Fighter Me 410, ALL German planes from
    that era have this and multiple sources and detailed pictures from the
    actual plane show this and have been presented to gaijin for YEARS. They
    are not “handling” their errors like you say unless it’s a new and popular

  220. T-10M with IL-28

  221. HE ON T-10M

  222. The Deff Leppard combo. Use the leo and the 75mm duck.

  223. When he said iam so fucked all you hear is I agree

  224. Are u still going to play this tank

  225. Phly I got a real challenge for you harder then the kill yourself with your
    own bomb…….. With the panzerwaffer 42 use it as the actual rocket
    artillery it was designed for and try for at least on kill DO you

  226. Panther and Stuka

  227. Liked it, loved it…

  228. pather A and bf 109 g-6

  229. Phly, dog, listen to me, this is going to sound crazy, but I think what War
    Thunder really needs is more of those bizarre and random tanks that no one
    really knows about. lets say something like the New Zealand prototype
    Schofield tank and the Bob Semple tank or the American M1 combat car or
    even the Marmon-Harington (armored recon vehicle) and even the NI tank! you
    know just stuff that will make you question if their developers were as
    high as a kite when they designed them and if the people that approved them
    and drove them into combat were even more so.

  230. When is the m103 going to get the same love… Never…

  231. Yo phly, there is a Tiger day in bovington at may, try to catch that if you
    wanna see a movin’ Tiger 1 !

  232. 11:07 Anyone else noticed the tank by the house?

  233. Liam the dark angel.

    Phly… If you’re coming to England for tankfest, enjoy yourself whilst
    your there. There’s a lot of beautiful tanks there but the surrounding area
    is amazing, England is a beautiful country ( trust me, I live there… I’m
    a northerner from a city called Sheffield which supplied most of the steel
    for tanks during ww2 which gave it the nickname “Steel city” ).

  234. A Panzer IV C might get through the lower glacis with HEAT :)

  235. This is bullshit APDS still doesnt work HEAT still doesnt work HESH still
    doesnt work only think that work is exploding munition that is not in use
    now because is old but in WT is best munition. Gajob you need to fix this.
    (guess which nation is using exploding munition)

  236. they found sekrit documents

  237. as per usual an excellent video, I would love to watch some game play with
    +Henry is fine and +JustMax. pretty please.

  238. then they should fix the m103 turt armor

  239. Hey Dairy airly! Y u gotta shoot me down?

  240. Get a kill in a heavy, a medium and a TD in the same battle… and win.

  241. M41A1 review again Pls ?

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