War Thunder – PT-76B “We All Have Bad Days In This Game.”

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My YouTuber luck ran out! I just couldn’t seem to catch a break or dodge a bomb. I hope you enjoy the though!

All In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. What is your favorite beverage and why is it Dr. Pepper?

  2. Best compliment I can give is, I can actually make it to the end of your vids and am always happy I did. Great job!

  3. “Which way is he?” “Up.”

  4. 19:06 more like, “Nice to HEAT you!”

  5. This is fun. 🙂

  6. Used the Chinese PT-76 from stock to spaded once expecting the worst, only to end up bullying the enemy somehow, even got 1st place multiple times

  7. There are so many great combos in TBLF. This one is top notch. You did good. “HOORAY!”

  8. Why is it that every time Bo went into the water the song “What Should We Do With A Drunken Sailor” started playing in my head.

  9. Talking about bad days I ambushed a Panther as an Is-2 only to figure out he had friends…. Say 5 more panthers behind him 😅 and I always get bombed by air planes or artillery

  10. Bo : ” Which way is he ?” Answer : “Up”.
    Probably the most direct answer ever given in a war thunder game.

  11. McSherman ShermanFace LMFAO!

    That is Sturms’ new name! Even after all these years TBLF still make me crack up. Thanks guys!

  12. poor bo

  13. how do you measure distance??

  14. Lmao, Tiger was like, “you ain’t bombing me!”

  15. Going with Jim. “Over the top men!!”

  16. The apple bottom jeans and club banter was funny

  17. The Average Gamer

    “The B17 folds like a crouton” I like that.

  18. sherman mcsherman face

  19. “No, I don’t have anti air defenses”

    Me, who shot 4 planes down with the PT:

  20. Can you please do a T95e1 or m551 video.

  21. “Hope’s and Dream’s lever.” Hilarious!!

  22. 1:16 Stickboy’s yelp 😂😂 15:56 Ate an 88mm to the face. 😂😂A day of suffering buy you all had a great time of it regardless, just friends having fun. It’s why I love you guys.

    Great work Bo and team.

  23. I swear i died from laughter i don’t know how im alive

  24. Stickboi atempting landing at 800 kpm

  25. i love how the Tiger at 22:22 just accepted his fate, after calculating if he can run out of the blast area from a FAB-5000

  26. Love watching your videos wish I could get a crew like yours

  27. “you’re not in the club”

  28. Sherman Mc’Sherman face xD

  29. 15:27 Can I only hear “Pumba”?

  30. how ironic that i was just watching jurassic world

  31. I see that It was Bo who was responsible for all of the German transmission failures

  32. Bruh i wish all ground battles went like this hah xD

  33. I swear to God this is probably the best content I’ve ever seen.

  34. Can someone please tell me how to change the range on the optics after you range find that would make my life so much easier, I’ve been playing for years and only recently noticed you can even do that

  35. Ima be honest I was actually in this video n my pt76 in the Tunisia battle

  36. good on you for playing this shit tank!

  37. Mid air refueling would be a neat idea for war thunder

  38. “well i did nothing goodbye”


  39. stormworks gamer

    My ribs hurt so bad after this episode this episode and 2 others don’t remember there names made my ribs hurt good job bo

  40. You can change title to 22:03 “There’s always another Tiger”

  41. 21:59 bruh you really did revenge bomb me, respectable

    also i was the AA firing at you : )

  42. 15:56 Heinz Kramer docet!

  43. Does the tiger own the channel now? Is that how it works?

  44. Video idea: PBY squad. Try to stay in a tight formation so everyone can focus fire. Should be a riot.

  45. Thomas Kositzki

    Bo: “What should I do against Tigers and Panthers?!?”
    Jim: “Uhhh, Katnip?”
    XD XD XD

  46. Every day’s a bad day if you’re using the British tech tree…. churchill 3 is just the worst… can I ask … does it get better?

  47. Pe 8 made of tears, blood, stalinism and Russian bias.

  48. this is one of my favorite tanks in the game alongside the t-54 and t-34-85. they are my usual lineup for 7.3 and up.

  49. If you want to feel like everything wants to kill you, play the P.108a series 2. Whenever I take that out I feel like every tank, anti air, and fighter all try to converge and kill me no matter what.

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