War Thunder – R3 T20 FA-HS “Race Season?”

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Source: Bo Time

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This probably long over due but I was finally talked into a R3 T20 video. I hope you enjoy the shenanigans. Also you can check out the skin here: https://live.warthunder.com/post/834574/en/

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. The R3 T20 one out in the previous request thread! What vehicle would you like to see us take out in the future?

  2. Mussolini using a new war tactic called drive by 1942 colorized

  3. Imagine just a normal day I’m WT and all the sudden you get ambushed by this monstrosity

  4. Isn’t Oklahoma your safeword? Ironic he saved your brisket so many times lol
    Also, as a resident of Oklahoma, 8:40 is accurate

  5. Did anyone else thought the thumbnail was a Lego? Or is it just me

  6. which one’s Mario and Luigi??

  7. Rip to us okies

  8. please make a private “race day” event

  9. No wonder Group B Rally had to be shut down

  10. 13:09
    Normal people: Flies over something and dies cause shitty hitboxes

    Bo: _Files into building and survives_

  11. Why do you have the flag of Romania on your tail?

  12. 4:32 look at the underside if the *tank* xD

  13. More like a “race war”

  14. Does anyone else, really appreciate the sound of the T34 getting obliterated at 7:59?

  15. I love watching you in that thing but hate encountering them in a match. I do enjoy killing them though.

  16. Der PanzerQuacker returns

  17. Anyone know the blue decal on Bear’s race car?

  18. Wait, these things are amphibious?

  19. Is it just me or is that a livery from lancia in group B ?

  20. That’s interesting.


    What kind of camo is that?!

  22. you just lost all your oklahoma fans, me and one other dudes

  23. Wait… these are AMPHIBIOUS?!

  24. Hilarious video! Funny you mentioned Oliver North my family has connections with them and we were at their house this last Christmas.

  25. The R3 swims as if it was drunk

  26. NO! Trees!

  27. Hey Chris Whirbelwind combusts

  28. Panzerquacker. I LOVE IT!

  29. this thing represents the italian mafia in war thunder

  30. Appreciate the Trans flag!

  31. Bo: “that was not a soft landing”

    Award – Soft Landing: “Am I a joke to you?”

  32. You and phly should get together!

  33. TREES!!!

  34. The trans flag on the ammo can! 10/10 ally 😀

  35. Ducks in the water!

  36. Bear were you flopping in the water on porpoise ?

  37. You’re thumbnail looks like a Lego city set (a Lego man is surrounded by rommals army build the Lego rescue lunchbox to rescue him)



  40. I’ve got to start calling my ZIS-30 “the Danger Tractor” now.

  41. Ammo Stowage is empty

    Me: OWO

  42. Alessandro Lo Biondo

    Gentili passeggeri allacciare le cinture prego, durante il volo potrebbero esserci numerose turbolenze dovute alla sottostante Germania con i cannoni antiaerei.
    Translate it with Google translator or reverse and give me a like niggas :-]

  43. Wotan Hate Machine

    This make me want to quit this game, forever.

  44. Wait these float?

  45. I like the flag ontop of the ammo box 🙂

  46. how do you get a livery like this???

  47. awesome Lancia Stratos livery

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