War Thunder – Rapid FIRE RAMPAGE! 30mm To THE FACE!

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War Thunder – Rapid FIRE RAMPAGE! 30mm To FACE!


  1. <.< Arcarde <.< The no skill mode :D

  2. my name is not Max Ström

    First bitches

    Like your vids????

  3. 3 guys

  4. TheRageQuitBrony_PWLA

    Another great video Phly :D

  5. Emiliano Rodríguez


  6. dani wao (daniwao707)

    no phlyday today?

  7. Can you plz help me how to get golden eagles in war thunder

  8. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    I HATE german OP AAA guns.. run up to tanks and ust reck em

  9. Hi Phly!

  10. you chose the wrong ammo. take the one with the highest ammount of HVAP.
    the one you chose has 3/4 HE

  11. Щиикарный видос. Трек чудесен.

  12. you should try out naval front line!!!

  13. 5:28 that laugh

  14. Saba Khokhobashvili

    phly continue playing napoleonic wars.

  15. Spoookeeeh

  16. Yay intro song is back!

  17. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    actually allot tanks can kill u guys in one shot but of course ill
    knowledge folks wont know that.


  19. Fly out the me262 line or other german jets and give some us some advice on
    what to do when we fight against american and british jets.

  20. What is the name of the intro song

  21. this thing is so bullshit….

  22. Phly! Can you do the wirblewind burst fire AAA next! 20mm to the max!!!

  23. hey fly can you do a video on rockets? i have been trying to use the time
    burst to take down aircraft but it just does not seem to work

  24. what is the second song in the intro to his vids

  25. how does he have so mutch gold

  26. phyl> everybody else

  27. Phly can you take out the Ho 229 and the JagTiger? Plz for me.


  29. Hey Phly, what gpu do you have?

  30. YOUR LEFT WING!!!!!!!!

  31. play with the su-85M !!!!!!!!!

  32. i hope gajijn will add the HVAP rounds for the coellian with 188mm pen lel

  33. nice nice ;-)

  34. i almost played with you phly i was just playing but didnt see you

  35. FINALLY he plays the Kugelblitz.

  36. florent.constant.biarc gaijin entertement

    YOU CAN’T GIVE ME some eagle for unlock some tier 5 :p

  37. you’re intro needs to be shot

  38. Imagine Flakpanzer “Zerstörer 45” with 4 of those Mk103

  39. Looked like an attack by M3 Lee armed roach swarms for a second there.

  40. Yeah Phly this original intro is better that the new one for sure :)

  41. I wanna see more milk trucks!

  42. COMBO!!!!
    Pz.F2 and Do 217 J1

  43. Phly ruined this video for me when he picked the wrong ammo type.

  44. creepergaming brian

    I love the intro its awsome ???

  45. Totalmadness Gamingstuffs

    Wirlbelwind + Kugelblitz = german ZSU-57

  46. Play with the Su85m ???

  47. Battle time 9:11 :O phly!

  48. phly could you please fly the hurricane mk IV

  49. phly could you please fly the hurricane mk IV

  50. ThePantheon10Gaming

    Phly make a video on your response to new MM in Jet tiers

  51. fucc your mother lol!!!

  52. you should do Pz 2 vs Po 2s

  53. 9:11min battle, Illuminati confirmed.

  54. hey phly i wana know what your username is

  55. Just a question, do you play on some test server or do you really spend
    that much money on war thunder?

  56. that tank is a beast with phly in the seat gg great vid as usual

  57. Sewing machine of death audio.

  58. This stream was amazing to watch

  59. Arcade peasants.

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