War Thunder – Ratel 20 “The Struggle Bus…”

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Source: Bo Time

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Ratel 20 was recently added to War Thunder. This vehicle had my interest at 7.3 due to its very capable ATGM…. and a 20 Cannon. bad news though, is huge, no armor, and the optics are very lacking in magnification to be lethal at longer ranges. I really wanted to feature it in a video for you and oh… was it a struggle lol

Music: Kazoom – Quincas Moreira

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Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. So the Ratel 20 is a great ambush vehicle with that very capable Milan missile. Sadly it is attached to this monster of a RV… I hope you can find humor in the struggles. Also sorry for the somewhat abrupt end of the video, my dogs decided to get into a scrape over one of their food bowls.

  2. So i think this answers, if your friends jumpout of a building Would you do it?

  3. I call that thing the War Winnie. (as in Winnebago)

  4. Is it just me or bo said f word 2 times

  5. Anthro Fox Entertainment

    Welcome back to Bo’s magic school bus

  6. Anthro Fox Entertainment

    Remake alert “Smokie and the BoTime”

  7. Ratel 20 that sounds like r3 t20 ahhhh

  8. This was a surprising amount of fun to watch while drunk at 1 am

  9. If ratels combine do they become a rooikat? Like power rangers

  10. I thought my screen was broken but it was just the video


    Wow Bear really the age card LOL, easy old man.

  12. Need more Jim

  13. TheMightyWookie351c

    Soooo….if you have the Rubber Duck who is Pig Pen? 😆. Jim is hilarious, just keeps on trucking 😂

  14. I watch your older stuff and Jim reminds me of you. I guess YouTube clapped down on you and forced you to “clean up”.

  15. 1:20 purely a south african driver

  16. the fortnite battle bus is in war thunder 😀

  17. I hope to see the rescue of Jim in a fail montage. That’s really good even if it was frustrating

  18. Finnally someone playing a south african tank

  19. “the politeness increases the effectiveness” most excellent lol

  20. Warthunder added the Ratel and I didn’t get told?! Wtf. GIB

  21. who the hell is jimmy and bo please keep him

  22. Jim absolutely stole the show in this one. Between double entendres and trucker role playing. 😂😂😂

    Did okay with the Ratel 20, even if its not really made with War Thunder in mind. Great video Bo and team.

  23. Imperial Shocktrooper

    Imagine being that Tiger 2 in the intro.

  24. Kuso stole the show. This is amazing

  25. I’m also pitching my tent with my wife 😂

  26. Bo, I just wanted to say thank you for making your videos. As entertaining as they are they also helped me learn some tricks from you and your friends and it’s helped me do a lot better on realistic ground battles than I thought I would do.

  27. “There is a tank down there!”
    Famous last words

  28. Also, on a side note… When your gun didn’t angle up high enough and you are rockets I kind of expected to hear, “look bear, da planes, da planes!!”

  29. I have noticed better quality

  30. “Oh we’re on a little convoy ant she a Beautiful site!”

  31. Introducing the all new Winnebago featuring the 2020 commemorative option package

  32. hey bo battle bardge actiual needs an upgrade try the kv 6 (‘-‘)
    love your vids

  33. Comment for more Jim!

  34. If I bribe you with Tim Hortons will you upload in 1440p?

  35. Chicago public transport

  36. Now thats a convoy i want to be a part of. everyone be screaming 10-33 when they ya coming lol

  37. Christian Rodriguez

    Have you done a tu4 video

  38. Jim needs to bring Somemores next time he goes camping!

  39. the f4U 7 is the revenge of the French vehicles in the English tree 🤣 elan 90 / aml90

  40. I think its kind of interesting that your name is pronounced “bow” spelt “Bo” My name is pronounced the same way just spelt “Beau”, I dont find alot of people with pretty much the same name. For that I will subscribe to a fellow ” ” bow

  41. Not even 1 minute in and already a rescue mission 😂😂 thats the TBLF i know and love 🤣

  42. i just got a add for war thunder right before watching this video

  43. I see the angled Tiger 2 is still op.

  44. Theodore Kaczynski

    Has anyone else noticed the US servers getting really finnicky? One minute they’re great, and the next you can hardly keep it in a straight line, while your plane crashes into the ground in a stop-motion film

  45. 3:23 you left this amount of ammo on purpose, didn’t you?

  46. Nice that The Bo Bunch filmed their RV trip to Syria.

  47. I thought it read “the snuggle bus” lol

  48. The tragic school bus would also have been a good title

  49. so does that make Bo Pig Pen or Suicide Jockey?

  50. AHHH Hello! I love your videos! I was the guy in the F7U corsair 2 btw! Did not mean to take all of you out lol just got the rockets for that thing the match before so I was having fun with them! Keep up the amazing work and I hope you have a great day!!!

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