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    • You re an amazing MASTER BAITOR

    • He speaks truth

    • Virgs that don’t shave

    • What’s brilliant here is that my m22 is only 12kmh slower, kills pretty much anything at the leopards br (including that Lego bush leopard), is smaller and quieter, can hide inside a bush rather than trying to look like one, and best of all costs £60 less to use whilst being far cheaper to buy, use, and earns tons of sl for each kill. It is also far more fun to use.

    • Me likey fast plane landing, when i try to land a low teir i get teamate huhuh shoot friendly that lands huhuh lol

  2. That sound effect at 20:29 should be default sound in wt for a missile kill😂

  3. Phly 2022: “I’m a master baiter”

  4. When is the summer sale?

  5. 3 years later: *Leopard 3 with 130mm /L51 at 11.0 with APFSDS and HE ABS rounds*

  6. Day 268: phly, you know the m47-105/55, maybe you could play it sometime?

  7. 😂😂💯💪

  8. we do need to customize everything, teddys got to man the mg!

  9. Awesome!

  10. I would buy camo nets if they fucking offered it.

  11. Phly you need to get back together with Niccaman. You two were one of the best duos out there

  12. War thunder plays


  13. hoe cum you always gets such guuud enemies

  14. Poly please check out the g6 it’s a god

  15. Don’t ask Don’t tell

    I think they should add camo nets but keep the bushes that don’t look as bad as the Palmzweig leavs. Those real buschi ones

  16. He’s a Master-Baiter. 16:40

  17. Tbf bushes or like the flat bushes can still be effective. Takes away the profile of the tank the netting still has

  18. Can you do an F-18 episode

  19. Play more MiG 21 with ruckoots!

  20. I think a cool video to see would be you using napalm in ground RB. Btw if you didn’t know the Russian MIG-21S premium has two napalm bombs

  21. 13:31 how do you turn like that?!

  22. Your effort in videos are dropping. I don’t think this guy is actually interested in the game anymore

  23. 500 GE for a virtual bush. come on dude.

  24. Mr.Keaves the majestic brit

    Bruh can you maybe dp the new south african G6 rhino next pls:-)

  25. I remember back in the 80s wrapping the camo netting around the main gun of the M 60 A3.
    I wonder if the Leopard tanks that Spain is sending Ukraine will have camo netting too.

  26. So many sweaty nerds in high tier

  27. VirtualHolocaust

    bro the bushes and stuff are kinda unfair. i suck and it doesnt help when people are bushes.

  28. Rhodesia Offical

    Custom camo net would be wack

  29. If I get it right and they remove them, what will happen to the one bush I bought for I don’t know almost 2k war bonds?

  30. Anyone else got jumpscared by that click on 2:48

  31. 1:52 how the loader get the ammo ?

  32. “They care a lot about us” xd yeah, sure…

  33. You should do the M-51 now that it’s out of CBT. I’ve been having fun with that tank

  34. A round of applause for the absolute chad in the kisarazu saving phlepas ass at 5:45

  35. Day 182: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  36. 16:40 I KNEW IT

  37. I fell like camo nets shud be available for trucks and such like 8,8

  38. 550 cord

  39. Matteo Lorenzo Girardelli

    Definitely got 3m double sided tape holing that bitch

  40. It’s so sad that people pay real money for for bushes on their tank

  41. Wt is slowly becoming more like fortnite because the battle pass exsists

  42. Did you say masturbator

  43. Can you please do a combo with the Australian abrams and the a4 early

  44. 16:40 Youtube be like: Demonetized!!!

  45. How many bushes one may have , or how much Camo nets one may have, doesn’t work infront of ULQ player playing on high end PC

  46. FPS Rushin’ Boys

    You should do abother Stuka and pz II at top tier. That would be fun

  47. 500GE for one bush is bullshit!!

  48. Would have been nice to not have 10 minutes of jet gameplay in a video about a new tank :

  49. To keep it realistic put some green camo netting on a tan Abrams then you’ll look like 80% of the Abrams in Europe right now haha

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