War Thunder – ROCKET ARTILLERY- Panzerwerfer 42 – PATCH 1.53 HYPE

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War Thunder – ROCKET ARTILLERY- Panzerwerfer 42 – PATCH 3 HYPE


  1. RAF Benson (the person)!


  2. RAF Benson (the person)!

    when’s the dev server due to go live?

  3. under 50…..
    where is my prize

  4. have fun in Pax, I’m too far from murica… World of kerbal space arma war
    thunder hype

  5. Looks like this update is about the rain of rockets

  6. I guess its gonna be premium so I dont care


  8. Žerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Tier 2 Phly, Tier 2!

  9. Now we have all the rockets on tanks/halftracks all we need a Sturmtiger to
    top the cake

  10. Isn’t it m4 not t34

  11. on the dev blog it is tier 2

  12. cara n perco mais nenhum vídeo seu são muito bons também são todos os jogos
    que eu queria e ainda quero jogar.

  13. btw phil, the ju 87 sirens weren’t designed to scare, they were meant to
    warn friendly’s of incoming fire. the scare tactic was just a errr side

  14. Dunno about america but in UK we called the V1 “doodlebugs” not buzzbombs

  15. Katyusha Half Trucks? Would be nice for the russians..

  16. Panzerwerfer looks like an easy oneshot kill, seams light armourd

  17. For all of you wondering, ALL OF THE ROCKET VEHICLES FOR NOW WILL BE

  18. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    Guten Tag Phly

  19. 10/10 mature opening

  20. Francisco Abrahams

    It’s good that war thunder is adding in some diversity, well i know there
    will be people that will hate it and some that will like it.

  21. the sound of the Nebelwerfer that reminds me of CoH :D

  22. lol fle read devblog it is confirmed tier 2 premium vehicle.6.7 lmao haha

  23. Where is my hunter >:(

  24. rip headphone users


  26. More premiums WHAT A SURPIRSE! And don’t give me that bullshit that they
    need money, there is plenty of premium content to get

  27. I don’t think any sort of arty will make it in. I believe the new rocket
    vehicles will have a normal rocket reticle and they will be played as a
    derp. the T-34 Calliope’s cannon isn’t used in my opinion and the rockets
    are used all the time.

  28. Just say panzerwaffle ;)

  29. how about fixing BR b4 cashing in huh?

  30. Sturmtiger had to be reloaded from external crane that was on top of its
    engine deck, thus making crew really vurnable.They need to come up with
    something in order to make it work.

  31. Panzerwaffer…


  32. I´d say this vehicle will be rated 5.3, looking at the armour it has (
    meaning it hasn´t any of it haha )

  33. I’d say it’s gonna be the same BR as the KV-2. With similar weapon size it
    seems like they should have the same BR

  34. More about the Panzerwerfer. It was built on the Opel maultier half track
    for more mobility and protection for the Army’s rocket artillery. It called
    for armor and hitting power over speed. Panzerwerfers held reloads in the
    vehicle but only 2 reloads. They were concentrated into their own units and
    used as fire brigades to bring down heavy fire.Many were used in the east
    but we’re also encountered in the west. It’s basically a armored truck with
    a new 10 tube rocket system with a slower speed. Nevertheless,
    Panzerwerfers were effective in their intended role for bombardment of
    enemy positions and were a weapon of psychological effect just like the
    standard Army werfers like the screaming Mimi’s.

  35. it’s a tier 2 prem

  36. Mikołaj Bieńkowski

    I want Sturmtiger so much, 380 mm rocket launcher would made the best Derp
    gun in the game. But it should be presented with the destructive enviroment
    becouse his role was to destroy buildings.

  37. I can teach you some German (pronunciation) I you want to @phlyDaily

  38. This kind of veicals will have the same cousrer as the rocekts on the
    plane, you will have like the column, and you will be able to fire them
    long ways away, good player can hit enemys from like 2.4k no problem, the
    problem is that he shells will lob to right/left the longe they fly the
    more spred or dispersion will be

  39. Panzerwerfer – Literally means Armoured Thrower.

  40. Was the katjusha the soviet counterpart?

  41. I hope that the Sturmtiger in War Thunder will find their way!

  42. Panzerwerfer(?) not Raketenwerfer?
    Because Panzerwerfer means Tankthrower!

  43. They should have added the kutushas for Russia

  44. Jacob CaptainNiveau

    Phly please make a video where you try to say german words, would be really
    funny :D

  45. Give us Hawker Hunter , or give us death!!!

  46. The Stuka on foot has 210 mm rockets!

  47. devblog says its T2

  48. Phly i like how you mentioned Heroes and Generals and that reminds me of
    the BF4 rocket artillery and i think that could work in war thunder even
    with the katyusha which i sooo hope they put in someday.

  49. Eeyh Phly that COD MW2 Soundtrack on the background makes this video kinda
    scary :(

  50. Wait , what, Nazi’s had a Rail Gun? Anyone else catch that, Phly ,I think
    wiki got you .

  51. What’s sense to have rocket vechicles is War Thunder without infantry,
    bunkers, trenches in ground forces?

  52. PanzerweRfer, Phly :=

  53. Johnny HammerStix

    Its going the game because they already have the model in the files

  54. Panzerwerfer confirmed for rank 2: “The Panzerwerfer 42 Auf Sf will be the
    first multiple rocket launching system in the German research tree. It will
    be introduced at rank 2 and will be available as a premium vehicle.”

  55. Poor guys without gold lions, like to join the group

  56. 1 Day i was about to kill a Calliope,he spammed so many rockets at my
    tank,that my WT crashed

  57. T-26 chassis rly phly! it is dah t 60 chassis.

  58. I hope it will not be a premium vehicle.

  59. The Panzer werfer is going to be nick named the panzer waffle, I am calling
    it right now

  60. You only have to read the Devblog properly Phly ;)They said it’s going to
    be Tier 2..

  61. I the Sturmtiger or Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61 would be
    inpraticle in war thunder it had to be reloaded by a crane and even a
    skilled crew could only reaload it in a hour. Making it just a one-shot
    show off

  62. Koen Van Den Berg

    Music? nice vid

  63. Dem titties

  64. 6.7 ….shit

  65. SturmTiger had 380mm gun and it was capable to fire the rocket from 4000 to
    6000 meters so it is still going to kick some ass if it is added to WT

  66. the sturmtiger had a hell of range the shell was shot about 100meters and
    than a rocket inside the shell activates and it flies up to 1km

  67. HAH br 6.7 more like 4 look at the calliope so OP with a good gun that can
    kill panthers if it gets to battles with it good armour it can bounce pz3
    that it gets to battle with it.

  68. That moment when you find out this truck is tier 2

  69. Lawrence Sullivan

    It’s gonna be tier 2 at most.

  70. I think artillery should be removed from the game, because every light and
    medium tank will spam it from the start to the end of the round. And it has
    potential to one shot you in your heavy tank, then youre out of the game.

  71. Oh well done Gaijin. Instead of balancing the game you add stuff that makes
    balancing it a lot harder. Way to go!

  72. 6.7 are you crazy?

  73. Strum tiger had a range of 6000m

  74. Phly, if you want to practice your pronunciation there are great sites out
    there that speak out words:
    http://forvo.com/search/werfer/ (hit the play button) or
    https://translate.google.com/#de/en/werfer (hit the listen button on the

  75. Go and watch a video a Russian katyusha firing germans had to shit bricks
    when they heard it.

  76. they should have it like armoured warfare has it

  77. In Wild Tanks on Android, you can reload that beast, its taking a long
    time…but he has a very good dmg

  78. His bigger problem is…he dont have armor and its a slow half truck and
    you should reload him

  79. He is carring the rockets inside…but you dont have much rounds

  80. BM is faster than PzWerfer but he cant rotate the launcher too much, also
    he dont have armor and i think you cant reload him

  81. Their rolling out updates like its nothin, see? Gaijin is not a lazy
    company as most might say. Btw luv the vid phly!!

  82. AMGUnderground Car Spotting

    yo phly…..my thaught on the addition of thes rocket trucks/tanks is they
    will be used as defense like holding a cap point…..cus when u cap a point
    u can continuously reload the rockets…and since these are obviously not
    going to be assault tanks….they r definetly for keeping enemies
    supressed…and keeping them from pushing……so thats my thaughts….they
    r being added as like a cap point defense system

  83. screaming me mes!!!!!!! is what my grandfather who severed over seas with
    the Canadians said the the most terrifying thing to hear in his life him
    and his buddies would say he said they seen a Churchill almost got blown in
    half by one

  84. Now just gimme Realistic Rocket sounds


    EARL GREY HYPE!!!!1111!

  86. Is that a music from call of duty mw2? :D

  87. This is a Panzerwerfer
    It werfs Panzers

  88. I won’t be paying for it so meh, it’ll be like 5000GE +

  89. 8:15 That thing sounds horrifying if you were on a WW2 battlefield.

  90. the already said that it is tier 2

  91. PogChamp sturmtiger 380 mm rocket !

  92. phly gaijin said it will be tier 2

  93. AT 0:40 he says “t34 calliope” wtf xD

  94. 6.7?
    4.7 highest
    also i highly doubt they will add the sounds for it, ju87 has the propeller
    sounds to it, but it sounds like a vacum cleaner
    and they have said it countless of times, no player controlled artillery
    also i have seen tons of stuff in war thunder CDK, Dust generated by
    helicopters fx, hellfire fx, etc.

  95. WE NEED THE STALIN ORGEL :D::D:D:D:D:DD: thats even more scary

  96. willian beck Ribeiro

    it gonna be fun to shot with my m10 haha

  97. people are just gonna play it like a calliope idk why you think they wont

  98. Music?

  99. do you mean T-60

  100. Phly, that R in Werfer is there for a Reason 😉 WeR-fer ;)

  101. Katyusha katyusha katyusha, but in all honesty the Sturmtiger is going to
    be a sitting duck once it’s round is fired.

  102. Fuck it just add a MARS and a Burratino and a smerch war thunder has gone
    to shit anyway. May as well go out with a bang.

  103. 3.7 BR maybe?

  104. LOL! 0:08. You dirty #phly ;)

  105. Company of heroes! When you heard that noise you better move all your
    infantry if you didn’t want to get raped by the rockets.

  106. War Thunder investing into an even lower number of players interested in
    the game.

    gg wp

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  108. Lol dat intro tho :3

  109. Its going to be Tier 2 phly.Read man read!! XD You were dead wrong on it.

  110. 9:12 i noticed that modern warfare 2 soundtrack

  111. The Maultier Nebelwerfer 15cm Panzerwerfer was developed from the need for
    a tracked vehicle on the eastern front, due to the fact that wheeled
    vehicles were consistently being bogged down in mud and snow. The original
    Maultier (mule) half-track was built by the SS division Das Reich by
    fitting Carden-Loyd track systems to a ford V8 truck. The resulting vehicle
    was so successful that German high command ordered the project be developed
    further. About 20,000 Maultiers were produced by three manufacturers. In
    late 1942, the manufacturing firm responsible for the very famous Blitz
    truck, Opel, was asked to develop a spacious armored body for the Maultier.
    289 were built as ammunition carriers, while the other 300 were mounted
    with the 15cm Nebelwerfer 42 rocket launcher. The body was of all welded
    construction, and was simple in its design, making manufacturing it easy
    and quick. The front wheels had normal brakes operated by a foot pedal and
    the tracks brakes operated by two levers on either side of the driver. The
    engine was in the front, with the driving compartment in the middle, and
    the fighting compartment in the rear. The driver and commander sat
    side-by-side, with the third crew member manning the Nebelwerfer behind
    them. The reload rocket storage (yes, it could carry extra rockets) was in
    the rear of the body as well. A large hatch directly behind the driving
    compartment was used by a crew member to reload the rocket tubes in safety.
    The rockets left a very large smoke trail behind them, so batteries could
    be located with ease, but the vehicle being a half-track in nature allowed
    it to relocate and rearm and fire from a new position rapidly. The launcher
    its self was developed with 2 rows of five tubes, could rotate 360 degrees,
    and fire all rockets in just 10 seconds, and reloading took approximately
    90 seconds, depending on the skill of the crew. The allies nicknamed the
    Nebelwerfer “Moaning Minnie” due to the sound the rockets made in flight.
    These vehicles were organized into companies of eight, and were deployed on
    both the western and eastern fronts by the Germans. It has a crew of
    three, weighed 8.5 tons, and was 19ft 6in in length, 10ft in height, and
    7ft 3in in width. It mounted the Nebelwerfer 42 15cm rocket launcher,
    secondary armament consisted of 1x 7.92mm MG34 machine gun for close-in
    defense from infantry. The armor was 10mm at its thickest. Power plant was
    an Opel 3.6 liter 6-cylinder gasoline (petrol) engine producing 68hp. Top
    speed was 25mph with a range of 81 miles.

  112. I think player artillery isn’t generally necessary until they add ships and
    then combined arms on maps like Hokkaido or something like that could have
    player artillery in the form of naval bombardments. I love the Sturmtiger
    because of how cool of a unit it was in RUSE and I honestly can’t wait to
    see it in WT

  113. I want the Katyushka The rest of things are shit the Katyushka is the best

  114. Does this mean we’ll also be getting the Matilda Hedgehog?

  115. Screaming Mimi HYPE!!!

  116. Aren’t those the rockets from the moaning minne artillery?

  117. it should be BR 1.0

    and also the sound you played whas the katyusha no?

  118. read the forums, it will be premium, and it will be in tier 2.

  119. they said there going to introduce iraq plane

  120. No scary nebelwerfer sound…. :(

  121. Its gonna be Tier 2, Phly… back in th begining of WT GF i suggested this
    to counter IS-4s… Which it is more than capable of killing… But no,
    Tier 2, 10k Golden eagles… GG, Gaijin, GG

    Also, is the background music the betrayal theme from modern warfare 2?
    Love it

  122. Where’s the king tiger tank

  123. I thought they said no artillery. This is as annoying as World of Tanks
    artillery. I’m done for good with this game. All the shit they do wrong
    keeps stacking up


  125. in my opinion this is the definition of glass cannon if you shoot it its
    dead so i think its ok around tier 2-4 and about reloading it should reload
    cause 10 rockets are just not enough but reloading should be like a minute
    or so

  126. Holy fuck, that sounds like some wtar wars shit.

  127. in dutch and in German the W is pronounced like a V

  128. The Panzerwerfer 42 Auf Sf will be the first multiple rocket launching
    system in the German research tree. It will be introduced at rank 2 and
    will be available as a premium vehicle.

    I quoted this from the warthunder website

  129. so this is going to be the king of derp trucks that can seduce a KV2

  130. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    t25 hype!!!!!!

  131. If the Nebelwerfer and Katyusha launchers are introduced into the game I’d
    prefer them as artillery pieces. Their survivability in regular combat in
    any mode will be severely limited. It won’t even be necessary to use a main
    gun against them as machine guns will rip them up nicely, especially
    American .50 cals. So It would be best if Gaijin introduces an artillery
    mechanic. The reload for artillery vehicles should be quite long as well.

    The Stürmtiger? Forget about it. It was meant strictly for assaults on
    infantry positions in urban environments. The rocket projectile was
    seriously inaccurate and it essentially only got one shot as the reload
    time would be longer than most games.

  132. Fuck this piece of shit what about the Hunter

  133. They had a full set of backup rockets with them to reload in the field.

  134. The thing looks so badass,and they said its gona be tier 2 premium

  135. Juany Harguindeguy


  136. Sturmtiger was able take tanks out at 3-4km range

  137. Sooooo they putting artilerry to the game. Great

  138. Will they ever bring in the puma and other heavy apc’s.

  139. holy******************

  140. Sturmtiger has a 380mm rocket mortar( which interestingly enough was
    intended to be used on U boats(although never used there)) , so , like the
    Panzerwerfer 42 it is rocket artillery and therefore deserves a place in
    the german tech tree(especially since high tier Germany still get pretty
    much outclassed against OP MBTs)

  141. World of tanks can keep there gay artillery

  142. World of tanks can keep there gay artillery

  143. Soooo are we gonna talk about how much of a sell out Phly is?

  144. cant freaking wait

  145. Phly dont they write that info into the NA news?

    It will be at tier 2.
    It will be a premium vehicle.

  146. still don’t like rocket tanks. they were ment for use against infantry,
    which war thunder will never add.

  147. Dr. Bananable Lector

    Dat intro tho….

  148. that intro do xD

  149. As i german it seriously hurts hearing you saying that.xD

  150. It all depends on how its implemented as to whether artillery will be loved
    or not

  151. consider this thing mine

  152. Wait wait….Isn’t that a Panzerwerfer 41? Not 42, 41 because of the 150mm
    rockets, meanwhile the 42 had 210mm rockets…. But I may be wrong because
    I am judging from the Nebelwerfers 41 and 42.

  153. That Music From COD Modern Warfare game me Goosebumps *_*

  154. PyrotechnicMailman

    Well since everybody used rockets in WWII it’s not a nazi secret weapon
    thing…also listen to the Russian rockets they’re pretty scary as well.

  155. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    Phly.. that MW2 music… ahhhh… good job


  157. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    It would be so cool if they add smoketrails to the rockets when they fire
    so that you would see the rockets flying over head through the sky.

  158. NickelPlateRoad779

    But they said it’s going to be a rank two premium though phly…..

  159. The Panzerwerfer was pure artillery irl… SO WHERE’S MY DAMM SDKFZ 250/1

    I want actual arty… and actual PvE…

  160. The sound you played at 8:20 isnt from a Panzerwerfer its from a “Stuka zu
    Fuß” or known as “heulende Kuh”

  161. Hi phly when this tank comes out can you play it please and do a show case
    about it

  162. if you aint talking he280 i dont wanna talk

  163. That modern warfare music though!

  164. could it werf panzers???

  165. 9:00 The music in the background is copyright by Hans Zimmer and Infinity
    Ward – prepare for the strikes….

  166. wait wernt those rockets also called “Screaming Memes”?

  167. i killed a tiger h with my 4mm aaa truck the tier 1 russia so does that
    mean it needs a br of 5.7?

  168. Read in a Q&A article on the War Thunder website, that Gaijin have no
    intention of implementing a new type of aiming reticle for rocket vehicles.
    Made me really sad because that pretty much confirms that rocket vehicles
    won’t be providing barrage style fire support like they did in real life.
    At least not any time soon anyways.

  169. Its the “Panzer’WARPHER'” not verfer.

  170. “It will be introduced at rank 2 and will be available as a premium
    Common Phly, learn to read!!!!!

  171. Josh Spain (Jman809)

    When will this update occur? I am excited about the British tanks as well.

  172. its pronounced panzerwerrrrrrrrrfer

  173. The Meaty Clangles


  174. i watched the coub video on the main website, the panzerwerfer 42 sounds
    like a normal rocket launching sound, not unique as the real one…. I hope
    they fix it, or i’ll be disappointed

  175. OFCOURSE ITS PREMIUM jesus gajin come on i know you need to make money but
    really these rocket artilery tanks/vechiles like come on dude :(

  176. NikolaiSlapabitch

    Bm28 is going to be tier 1 as said in the dev blog and the panzerwerfer is
    tier 2 same as calliope 

  177. The picture in the intro is the background to my PC :)

  178. marco “t500” jonker

    Stermtiger will not work it will be game braking if they do not add the
    USAs T30 heavy tank

  179. Nate Dennison (AthosN8)

    “Hitler’s scare weapon,” please someone draw that for me.

  180. I think it’s ether going to be reloadable or it’s going to be low tear

  181. i love the pew pew pew, BOOM!!!!

  182. No, there will never be player aritllery in WarThunder. The Devs have
    already said this many times.


  184. broadside

  185. The breaking potatoes

    I love these vids do more like these where your like in a documentary XD

  186. PANZER WERFER thats houw you speek it

  187. Thing sounds like a Tie Fighter when it goes off, gonna be scary!

  188. I want my Katyusha NOW!

  189. not in 2000 years….another premium shit at 50$ no way

  190. “The T-34 is a sherman”. Well i think the cake is a lie

  191. I am so Horny for this

  192. Mw2 Music? well, okay.

  193. if theres one machine I would love to see in war thunder (although its
    unlikely) it would be the mörser karl, a 600 mm mortar mounted ona special
    chassis, imagine the destruction this thing would cause


  195. too bad its gonna have the rocket sound we already have in game

  196. oh come on, at least mention the M25, you’re making it cry in the corner!

  197. Its gonna ne a rank2 premium, that information is from the wt web page

  198. if they put the m12 and m7 priest and the rest i’ll stop playing ground
    forces probably>.<

  199. KingGamersTR AboneliklerimENG

    I love Panzerwerfer 42 Model and fire sound is scary.

  200. *Laughs loudly in Wehrmacht*

  201. First comment!

  202. If they add sturmtiger to game KV-2 wont be super derp anymore.
    And ı think panzerwerfers will be able to reload his rocket launcher.(And
    it should be)

  203. *Nebelwerfer

  204. Moped “the Troll” Tobias

    this game needs a “STUKA zu Fuss” !!!!!

  205. Hype hype hype hype hype… stop adding premiums and actually refine the

  206. sturmtiger has gigantic range with his 380mm rocket. it has to onehit all
    on the battlefield. from any range.

  207. Oh Phly! I love you with all my heart but I really think u over estimated
    the battle rating lol + the sound recording is old and of somewhat bad
    quality. This video was like a state of trance. Thanks!

  208. The sturmtiger shot 20.000 ft. far… I did fire some sort of rocket so it
    shot like a normal gun and then the rocket gave even more thrust

  209. eu uso a imagem do começo do video como fundo de plano *-*

  210. Another 50$ tank -.-

  211. @PhlyDaily where can I find the music?

  212. I don’t think they’ll make it more accurate it’ll just be a The German
    rocket unit. And most rocket artillery had that sound.

  213. Imperatore Naselli

    phly remember that this is a halftrack so Even 50 cal Will go trhough its
    armor. if it Will albe to do long range engagment it should be 4.7 allo
    because its only 10 rockets

  214. Rush gaming channel

    wows its premium. i’m so hyped. yep. definitely.

  215. I don’t like buying premiums, but 10 158mm rockets? Yes please. It’s like a
    KV2 stripping all of its armor to trade off for the successive derp fire.

  216. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    IS-2 = Stalinium plated beast
    Panzerwerfer 42 = Giant unprimed nuke
    IS-2 + Panzerwerfer 42 = The Mother of Russia!

  217. apparently the sturmtiger has a max range of 6km IRL so maybe it wont be
    close range only

  218. yes phly, i really enjoyed this video!!!! :D

  219. Much want

  220. What I think would be nice, is if other players could “spot” for this
    vehicle, like artillery already works, So they get “kill assists”, rather
    than primarily kills. The spotter would get the kill. Reloads would be
    timed the same as regular artillery.

  221. 1970s cut off date for tanks amd 1960s cut off date for planes,

  222. dude its gonna tier II

  223. it is going to be tier2 read it on the war thunder page man.

  224. new name for this update the, rocket update

  225. Youtubewolltemeinennamennichtalsomachichihnlang

    Panzer Waifu… i like dat…

  226. thanks for giving me nightmares with the sound of this thing phly. no,
    really, thank you so much. in fact, have an F2H…

  227. It sounds like a n

  228. if they are adding this, and maybe the sturmtiger, they may as well add
    another scary thing. the Ratte Landkreuzer. pls gaijin @ br 10.0

  229. Screaming MIMI’s from COD Big Red One strapped to an armored car


  231. oooh yippe another rocket truck for me to one shot……seems like my cup o

  232. the rocket noise is in company of hero’s look it up

  233. What else is gonna be coming in 1.53 for aircraft, do you guys have any

  234. if they were free me and my pal would took them and fire one the enemy
    spawn just to see if something will got killed

  235. inb4 shit tank

  236. a line that shows where the rockets went could be a little unfair if the
    other rocket-shooting vehicles dont get one.

  237. Fancy “Wandwuff” Man

    put it with the KV-2s and deal with it phly

  238. Does anyone have a link to the picture at the start of the video?

  239. sooooo where’s my FUCKING HUNTER

  240. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    its going to be tier 2 they said it in the devblog post

  241. 1: Sturmtiger’s sound files are in the game yes
    2: It’s panzer-where-fer
    3: it’s cal-e-o-pee
    4: artillery wont be in the game, these rocket vehicles can fire directly
    as well as indirectlypure indirect fire vehicles won’t be in the game, such
    as the Katyusha


  243. Иосиф Steelin

    It could actually carry 20/30 rockets inside, also idk if it was really
    that accurate, the Nebelwerfer wasn’t accurate.
    The Nebelwerfer took 1,5 minutes to reload and prepare for next barrage.

  244. is that an uncharted song??


  246. imagine 5 panzerwafers in a line firing at you

  247. ARTIE HYPE!!!

  248. My guess for battle rating is 4.3 – 4.7. Too many drawbacks for any higher

  249. Hmm, since I watched the documentary a while ago the Panzerwerfer had other
    half-tracks follow them with ammo. But I think War thunder wont add a thing
    like that. Having a ammo truck follow you lol.

  250. does anyone o=know an estimated release date for 1.5.3?

  251. lol thats the coh 1 rocket sound isn’t it or did they get it from a real


  253. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    I hope this thing isn’t premium

  254. Rockets is ok but I don’t think artillery played by players would be a good
    idea… Look at WoT arty… Their useless by themselves. So once a team
    runs out of tankers and arty players are left… It practically an
    automatic loss to the team with arty players left in the game.

  255. Have you ever heard an A10s 30mm Gau8 fire?…sounds great to me but scary
    for the enemy. Recordings don’t do it justice, watch this vid i found and
    imagine it 100xs louder…can be heard several miles away.

  256. I wish they add artillery tanks soon.

  257. if the americans have the calliopethe germans have the panzerwerfer 42then
    the Russians will have the katushka( sorry if that’s spelled wrong)

  258. it sounds like a weapon from a spielberg movie

  259. its probs a tier 2

  260. Battle Rating of 6.7??? Fair enough this thing can rain destruction, but
    after it runs out of rockets… Tier 1 tanks could probably kill this thing

  261. I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced cal-ee-ope

    I’ve been dying to know that way I can put that music on my iPhone. :)

  263. I love the Mw2 sound track tho, its beautiful

  264. The Great Tommy44

    Music from MW3 final mission 😀 Memories :’D

  265. Panzer Verfer in Engrish LOL!

  266. Sturmtiger possibly added? If Gaijin Entertainment do proceed on such a
    course of action that’d be monumental,finally,a German TD I can use which
    isn’t directly inferior to its Soviet counterpart.

  267. Over hyped!

  268. this looks epic!! FIRST POST!

  269. hey phlydaily, cool video

  270. itsmattymattymatty

    They were OP in company of heroes ?

  271. As long as it is not top down, should be a fun addition

  272. Outdoors Victoria (Ben)

    “The T-34 Calliope” like if you noticed this

  273. i think gajing shood ad a artilerie tree you now for arcade like phly said
    the ark line and in rb not or sim but if you look EVRY rocket tank /half
    track is premium and cost a lot of money so whats the deal with that

  274. oh jingles is SO gonna hate this

  275. Well… 6.7 nah, I think the aiming will be difficult to hit with rocket
    and still it´s vechicle probably some Mg´s can pen that thing… We will
    see for me … : 5.7

  276. It’s tier 2, it says on the website

  277. 0:09… The girl…

  278. I want to see a squad of 4 Panzerwerfers or Bm 8-24s suppressing enemies

  279. the rockets were called screaming me mes by the allied forces for the
    scream it made

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