War Thunder – SARC MkVI (2pdr) “Almost On Time”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The new patch has arrived! Among other things, we have a small assortment of South African armored cars. This guy can be found at 2.7 and uses the British 2lb gun. There are several new things that I like in the patch and there are some things… that well, I may save that a later discussion.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What the hell did they do to my M2 Browning noises on aircraft!!!! They sound like teeth chattering. Also if you know how to quiet down the loud bangs and crashes sound effects that are way higher than the others, please tell me your secret.

    • @Anthony Good vodka is the fuel for their update ideas

    • You should do a magach 3 video

    • I’m just happy there is something new

    • old sound effects were better. leave the good stuff alone, fix the in game glitches and server lag…

    • The secret to gettin rid of the noise is very simple. If you go into steam Library/steamapps/common then find war thunder (or wherever it might be installed at). Right click the file and click delete. Then go to your recycle bin, right click it, and click “clear recycle bin”. Bam, the noise is gone and your sanity will come back.

  2. Александр Воробьёв

    What is this monstrocity

  3. i Call a british Fly-by a “Tea Bagging”

  4. It looks like the apc from wolfenstein

  5. Tactical Retreat? We don’t do those! We do “Strategically Advantageous Rearward Advances”!

  6. The fun thing is, the 6 pounder version… can kill a tiger. Easily.

  7. I think I’ve found my new favorite armored car

  8. How many Silver Lions do you have?

  9. the Slug is fucking funny to look at

  10. In the first part, that Stug you shot at? That was me.

  11. “Oh no it’s an italian!”
    – stickboy24, 2021

  12. i live in south Africa and it feels good to have our tanks in the game

  13. Мой Папа сталин

    Ah! More BaLAncE wheeled vehicles

  14. Bear: tank killed by plane
    Bear: calls out Stick, who’s in an AA, for not doing his job

    Bo: killed by plane
    Bear, in a AA vehicle: *WHISTLES, QUIETLY DRIVES AWAY*

  15. That vehicle looks like some drunken mechanics decided to take a Puma chassis and then slap an open topped Crusader turret on top. So weird.

    1:05 – 1:45 Stickboy’s panic and voice rising in octaves. 😂😂😂 A great video of antics and teamwork. Great stuff as always Bo and team.

  16. 15:30 I wish I could see Bo’s face after that b/c his reaction was priceless XD
    In all seriousness, love u Bo. Keep up the good work

  17. Hey Bo, I don’t know if you’ve heard about heroes and generals, It’s a dying-ish game, been around for a while, you might have heard of it…I think it’s got the perfect ingredients for the TBLF crew to do their thing:) So if you are interested, you could give it a shot

  18. War Thunder Players: Hey, could you maybe fix the US server issues?
    Gaijin: What’s that, you want us to break the noises? You got it!

  19. Nothing cheers me up like listening to some good TBLF banter…almost shot coffee out my nose at least 5 times!

  20. 19:16 Hey bo, when you’re sideways like that, you don’t have much lift!

  21. I find it funny that in the group stickboy is generally the scared and helpless one. but he probably plays better than me

  22. It looks like a Puma’s problematic brother that isn’t invited to family reunions.

  23. Someone needs to animate you guys that would be amazing!

  24. Autistic puma

  25. Better Bowser than Bowsette…

  26. WTF is up with the sound of those guns

  27. next is the SARC (6pdr) 😉

  28. ツ PankoSniper ツ

    Is this some kind of British Puma? (:

  29. DI-W ing?

  30. Brchevo Productions

    Bo, take out the new bt-7 maybe?

  31. That reload speed is redicules

  32. Image seeming the puma and thinking, “how could I make this, but 100 times uglier?”

  33. Is it just me or does the mk Vl kinda look like a snail

  34. Make most hated tanks?

  35. Hi Bo, could you take the A7M out for a spin in the near future?

  36. I don’t even know where they started to build the first piece it’s so deformed yet powerful.

  37. This is just the dollar store Achilles

  38. Good video

  39. Holy Jesus…what is that? What the fuck is that?!

  40. SARC more like SARS

  41. Yooo I got inspired by you bo

  42. This is boring, phly do be better.

  43. Caio Miguel Castro

    Uganda tanks❤❤

  44. AHMADUTY aka PeanutUSA

    the servers are so bad

  45. 1:30 I love how he says It’s an Italian

  46. Hey Bo, Are you left-handed?

  47. omg i was the t 50 you killed

  48. The transmission is probably the most annoying part of this vehicle. Got hit in the back? Your entire transmission is gone. Got hit underneath your middle section? The entire transmission is gone. You got hit underneath the driver? Your entire transmission is gone.

  49. I use this as my SPAA…

  50. Sometimes I wonder if bo is secretly Canadian with how many times he says sorry

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