War Thunder – Sd.Kfz.234/2 “Pack of Wild Pumas!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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It has been far too long since we have done a video on the Puma! You have to love that 50mm cannon.

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  1. That was for sure one of my biggest fails in WT for me in a while in not realizing who was on whose team. Now that I am thoroughly embarrassed, I would like you to share your biggest fail or silly mistake you have made in a video game. I will be reading these!

    • Happens to the best of us, sorry if ı overacted.

    • Highway to the danger smoke… 😉

    • My dumbest mistake was to play for many hours in teardown and forget to save, I went to bed shortly after with a depressing face

    • I don’t play realistic tank battles unless I’m in a l3 and it was advance to the Rhine I hid In a blown out building and got stuck

    • I once bombed my team’s base in my B-57 and was surprised to find myself getting booted back to hangar. In my defense, I was very over-tired and legitimately thought that I was bombing the enemy’s base, but I took that error in judgement as a sign that I needed to get some sleep.


    4:56 bo just left that poor T-50 on his head to die

  3. I think they should add rollover mechanics. These pumas and most fast vehicles are just out of control and don’t pay for it. If you have all that speed there has to be a downside. What do you think?

  4. I don’t like Nebraska

  5. 20:56 that plan should be called the “rope-a-dope gunner says NOPE!”

  6. I just had a really good game with the puma earlier today I got first om team with all of my kills from the puma. Just the puma.

  7. Bo did a accidental drift

  8. now Bo did A drift

  9. You guys left the t50 flipped and ran by yourselves 😂

  10. I want to see the JASDF saber

  11. Was playing with my buddies yesterday when you guys showed up on the enemy team. Fields of Normandy. I think I killed you at C lol. Big fan man!

  12. 6:27 how do you do that? Please tell me!

  13. is there a JoJo skin in WT for my M16 and M163(future wife)

  14. Downloaded war thunder for the first time and boi i unstalled it fast asf after seeing my graphics and fos on that game lol

  15. they should just play the pe-8 that would be good as

  16. Has anybody told you that your sound like the Joker?

  17. That poor t50 that was, not only shot by bo, but left flipped over

  18. F for respect to the teammate that got bullied by one big french boi and got left behind. 04:00

    I also like how instead of RTB-ing after dropping his bomb load, Bo is literally like “Hey guys look! Air show!!” While scouting enemy positions

  19. They left that t-50 to die 🙁

  20. 7:00
    Minecraft joined the chat

  21. I had that same experience once in Mech Warrior Online, there was a powered down mech and the match had gone completely south, enemies all around me and I was just hosing any mech that I saw cause the hourglass on both the match and my life in it were quickly running and I hosed this powered down mech which turned out to be a friendly when he powered back up and I was absolutely mortified that I was fragging a friendly and then I died and he died and I kinda lost the will to play MWO after that… Now I just play B-Tech/R-Tech where I know I can’t shoot up friendlies with friendly fire set to enemies only! ;P

  22. The opportunistic hunter!

  23. TheMightyWookie351c

    What’s the use of battle buddies if you abandon them by driving off.

  24. Look at the crew death and tell me that isn’t funny. They’re just blocks lol. 7:02

  25. Cowerdnerd Despacito

    Did nobody help the poor tank that was tipped over?

  26. No that su122 did not take your wheel you lost it stabbing the B1 silly Bo

  27. I used to hate these tank-things grinding out the British tech tree. Honestly, watching Bo’s video’s over the years did wonders for my gameplay and my sanity.

  28. I can’t believe you shot that friendly twice ( by mistake, sure) and then drove off and left him turtled!!!!

  29. I love how they completely forgot about the teammate the french tank flipped.

  30. Can you use the easy of the eighth the M4A3E8 or M4A3 (76) w

  31. 6:55 Bane I am in minecraft

  32. I see the fine tradition of stickbait is alive and well

  33. I love the ” itty bitty kitty committee “

  34. tip: aim for the MG port on the M4A3 (105). You can pen it with the German 5 cm gun.

  35. At 4:11 I was like what is bo doing

  36. I love how the puma has great traction on snow covered ice and rocks. So wrong.

  37. I open a second window, play Sloop John B while I watch this.

  38. You’ve become the thing you swore to destroy

  39. Every time a certain someone freaks out, my dog goes nuts. Because she thinks I’m stealing her squeaky toys.

  40. how is there zero gun smoke blocking the gunner sight when he shoots?
    I always get blinded

  41. Christopher DeWitt

    The three pumateers. That one got me 😂

  42. Do u have merch that we can buy?

  43. Itty bitty kitty committee. What the holy hell? 😂

  44. so where did loli go?

  45. Watching this after bullying pumas with a jumbo in enlisted

  46. One of the worst things that Gaijin does in my opinion (and It must be bots placed in games without enough real players) that I run into is 3 or 4 tanks show up at one time and the first tank always knocks my gun out. It happens that way every time. It’s happened enough times that it couldn’t possible be real so I’m saying its a bot setup for sure. It would be so much more fun if gaijin actually let us fight it out but it almost never happens that way. The first tank invariable kills my gun and then everyone piles on. This has happened hundreds of times of the time I’ve been playing the game. It’s happened enough that it couldn’t be real. The odds are against it. This is one of the really bad things they do. Paying or premium players may not see it as much as I do though. I consider myself to be cannon fodder anyway but I hate cheaters and I wont play a cheat game. I don’t like the booster system at all and don’t use it. Hell, just let people fight and win or lose on the merits of their skill and the tanks capability. People would wind up playing the same tanks most likely. Another thing I don’t like about the game is that it doesn’t take reliability into question at all. The T34’s and other Russian tanks although well designed in many respects were known to be fairly unreliable but that never comes into consideration while the Sherman was known to be very reliable. This is a metric that is never captured at all. Another reason I think its bots doing the above is that I can stop playing the game (just sit at the spawn) from that point I was attacked by multiple tanks that always disable my gun and I still finish like 7th place in the game. No way that would be possible because I didn’t do shit to finish that high.

  47. The poor gunner of the milk truck. Bo’s shell went through his jimmies

  48. soo much talking….

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