War Thunder – Sd.Kfz.251/22 “Half Pak Time!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Season 4 of the Battlepass kicked off today and I rushed to this bad boy as fast as possible. I hope you enjoy the same-day video!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What would you like to see us play next?

  2. I want that vehicle

  3. Da pak trak

  4. “what happens if i shoot through your breach?” I believe that experiment was tried before and didn’t go too well.

  5. I was so happy to see this added…..Then saw it was battlepass……..Rock on Bo n friends, the viddies are always amazing!

  6. The half track honestly is one of the coolest designs of WW2

  7. I think they need to add the other Hanomag variants, the /9, /17, and some more.

  8. Stickboy sounds like Mr. Beat.

  9. I think that Ke-Ni was actually thrown in to the air as a result of Bo’s shot at 14:47! Never seen that in WT before. Thanks for another hilarious video Ham, Bo, Stick and Retro.

  10. The PaK40 on this thing looks way too big

  11. Wilfred Brimley is actually is a Diabeetus vampire and he comes in the night to bite you and transform you into a diabetic.

  12. I wonder if Walter is Wilford Brimley’s brother.

  13. 0:55
    my ears wish to forget that remark Stick made

  14. Christopher Hanton

    very good video also of Sd.Kfz. 251 if you add all the different models of it comes to 15,252 made from 1939 to 1945

  15. You missed the chance to put a bowling pin sound effect at 0:18 lol.

  16. Wait phly just posted a vid playing this 4 hours ago *realizes what’s probably gonna end up happening* aww shit here we go again

  17. Please play some naval battles

  18. Jarno Bellantoni

    Nice video but I don’t understand gagjin why are they putting like Wehrmacht soldiers is the tanks with an open roof aren’t there supposed to be like a German tank crew in in with those black uniforms

  19. Ok at this point im convinced theyre just desperate for new content so theyre just thinking what can we stick on the same half track, gaijain i mean

  20. Not inside of each other

    Reminds me of Major Jim in the struggle bus

  21. This is a really good transforming halftrack. AT gun for tanks, plus it has an AA gun turret. What’s next in the transforming halftracks transformations

  22. Watching this on July 29th, for my Birthday!! Thank you for always making me laugh, and keeping me company! (Since my husband went to hang out with friends, so I celebrate my birthday alone.) 😕 💙 🥺

  23. Lol seeing my name pop up in the kill feed @20:32 when you guys were playing jungle. I was wondering if you were recording that match.

  24. Play the p 51 to show em a little trick you learned

  25. I quit, ham and stick are to annoying to watch


  27. And the Hs 129 returns. Tanx for the Closed Captions!

  28. History Revisited

    Wilford “Walter” Brimley

  29. Oh boy hunting this thing was so fun with the Breda 502

  30. For Breakfast this morning I had Fanta With Jack Link’s

  31. “That bomb landed on me” Famous last words

  32. Great video guys. This tank destroyer looks fun. 07 and <3

  33. id rather have an angel like stik rather then my current one… my current one is like my babysitter jus sits watch tv eat chipsn burgers dopesnt share and doesnt care

  34. 21:01
    “I have you now Mr Bond!”

  35. Stickboy, Adapting to the battle field is the best thing ever, not being bale to adapt means you’ll fail miserably.

  36. Bear really dropped it like its hot in that first clip

  37. I love you guys. You humor is Un-Ursus-able and yet I always find myself smiling at all your dad jokes.

  38. How do you mark/ping?

  39. “Stick. I can see your crew”. So very wrong sir.

  40. Wait, fuel can explode? When was that a thing?

  41. I like the tank, but with battlepass and the events being rank3 and higher. I never get to play them because I want to spend my time trying to do the tasks. Please make it rank 2 and higher….or just 3.0 and up.

  42. You know, Bo, at 16:00 you did the exact kind of stupidity that my friend and I did that made it into fail montage #69. Probably the exact same cliff.

  43. It ain't Original

    Pak attack

  44. king_of_dairy_queen

    I love that new things, super happy Bo and the crew made a video so soon and very entertaining one at that

  45. So sad how the crippled duck was still flapping its wings trying to return to the sky at 19:13.

  46. Shocked they haven’t resorted to “They’re all (tree)bark and no bite”

  47. Personally I prefer the term “Pak Track”

  48. I always knew that thing would be OP.

  49. Radioactivgrunt 1

    16:45 last thing that driver saw was a very angry halftrak boi

  50. I think the first KV1 you killed was me

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