War Thunder – Sherman II “Dirty Laundry?”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Sherman is such a beast in-game right now! well jim’s twisted mind.

All Good In Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What would you like to see us play next!

  2. “The quiet before the loud, or something like that.” xD

  3. ohho 450th comment


    “who uses a desert camo in the middle of a snowy contructions site”.


  5. Anyone else wishe they could have heard more about the Letter A factory? XD or is that just me?

  6. Imagine being a human and killing other humans.

  7. 9:10 “don’t argue with capitalism”… underrated.

  8. Patton Kesselring

    Alright we’re checking out the only game where an identity crisis is fatal….it’s war thunder

  9. I have this Sherman is cool

  10. Everyone talking about the A factory
    Me looking for unclean parts on the sherman

  11. so are italics produced using some type of angular press?

  12. Jim is quickly becoming one of my favorites of the gang

  13. Stephan Stockinger

    At the A factory gift shop, can you buy the pieces they punch out of the blanks to make letter A’s? You know, like donut holes. Except they’re A holes.

  14. Kinda baffles me that this is 3.7 while the *absolutely identical* M4A1 in the US tree is 3.3

  15. Does the A factory also make the famed Canadian Eh?

  16. 5:22 Oh Jim, you are a treasure. 😂😂😂 Yet another splendid episode as always Bo and team.

  17. Bo can y’all play call of duty or pubg


    This is a new skin . I have dead 5 times yesterday because of this tank . 🥲🥲

  19. Great to hear Gaffs voice

  20. ISU-122

  21. Honestly watching these videos, got me playing war thunder but the amount of T 34s I encounter is overwhelming lol.

  22. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    Stick and Jim were on point with saying the same things 😀

  23. 9:58 hupsz

    *blows up sherman*
    T50: “But not for me”

  25. It’s been a few months since I played War thunder but I love the Sherman

  26. Hey bo what kind of battle is it when your in American planes cause I see you destroying ships and stuff

  27. When is the next tour of the A Factory? You have me enthralled.

  28. The A factory sounds like fun

  29. Great video. It’s been a long time since you tried helicopters, maybe in a next video?

  30. HyperDimension Bliss

    “Gaff, no, 3, M3 Lee to our le- right, nope that’s left, nope, wait, hold on… right.”
    “With Stickboy, instructions are absolutely amazing to listen to.”

  31. What computer can u play war thunder bc I’m going to buy a computer to play war thunder 😁

  32. SketchbookGuitar

    Watching this guy makes me want to play warthunder. On the other hand reading so much negative feedback but the community is on stockholm syndrome gives me WOT vibes and I still have PTSD from that game. I probably need a squad to have proper backup as well.

  33. How does a sherman 2 struggle to damage a kv1 when the p40 medium tank can go straight through the frontal armour

  34. engineer gaming

    *Uses Sand Camo In a Snow Map*
    *Sneak Increased:100*

  35. Am I the only one who though it was the “Eh” factory?

  36. At least now i hate shermans a little bit less than before.

  37. Fun fact: the British Santa Claus isn’t called Santa Claus. He’s called Father Christmas.

  38. 6777 Productions

    It took me uncomfortably too long to figure out how to spell “transmission” and where the A was

  39. Christian Reuterez

    “they’re little baby T-34 but they got teeth” my favorite quote in this vid lol

  40. KrafnaMLoloGaming XD

    Havent watched tje video yet but there is the comment 😉

  41. touch the hips you get the.. li- whips

  42. 10:45 Bo killed a plane with a bomb and didn’t even notice

  43. off-brand Cheez-It

    6:43 my friend is sorry for killing your friends bo

  44. Jim is a mountain of laughs great seeing him in more videos

  45. “Oh look theres a tank behind us and its alive”
    *gets shot*
    “Why meeeeeeeeee”
    -stick 2021

  46. Tiger royaled that “Big Mac” quote when it was a Quarter Pounder in the original quote.

  47. You and team are hilarious to watch and listen too. Another awesome video again and I really like the camouflage pattern on the Sherman II looks like a good desert pattern.

  48. TIGER!

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