War Thunder Sim is Broken – An Explanation Of Exploits And A Failed Economy System

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Source: TeaRex

War Thunder sim is currently suffering systematic abuse by those who wish to circumvent War Thunder’s broken progression and economy system, regardless the negative impacts this has on the greater community.

As a result exposing cheaters in the past, and due to my channel now gaining some popularity amongst the sim community, I have literally recieved hate mail, horrific messages, threats of DDOS attacks from those who abuse this game and don’t want to be caught. So yeah, the matter has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Am I deterred? No. I love this game, I really do. And I believe it is important to raise awareness about this issue.

Music at the end: Fuck You – Lily Allen

0:00 Introduction to the problem
1:45 The broken economy system
5:29 Types abuse in sim
5:50 Stat-padding
9:24 Zombers
14:27 How the game is manipulated
20:20 Zomber’s tactics
27: A message for cheaters/outro

VR: Oculus Rift S
Head Tracker: ED Tracker Pro
Thrustmaster 16000M Flightpack
Thermaltake View 27 Mid Tower
i7-8700K (6-Core) 3.70GHz OC to 4.70GHz
MSI Z370 Pc Pro Motherboard
Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU Cooling Unit
Corsair 16GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM
Corsair 850W CXM Power Supply
1xEVGA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB
2 X 1TB Samsung SSD 860 Evo
1 X 1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME
1 X 3TB WD Elements HDD
Asus ROG Strix 32″ Curved Monitor


  1. Holy cow, I’m happy to see this has sparked so much discussion so quickly!

    • Being zomber killer is fun mate. I love raging someone like zombers.

    • @Beau Atkinson Im thinking I want to get a vehicle to have fun, lol. Also that statement contradicts almost all reasons as to play this game. If I don’t spend time and money unlocking vehicles then Ill be stuck playing low tier- What if low tier isn’t my preference? What, make the most out of it? It breaks the two things that are actually fun in this game. Getting new vehicles and having fun. How am I supposed to have fun being stuck at low tier? and vice versa- how am I supposed to get new vehicles playing low tier and getting 0 research points and no silver lions?

    • My grind method is spam bombers in realistic BATLES, as when bombing, I get something good, but sometimes I die and lose

    • @E C If you don’t have fun with the game, then there’s no reason for you to play it.

    • I have to admit i have been a zomber and i also tried to manipulate the game i tried to ask the enemy team if we could not shoot each other i did this to grind some SLs cuz i cant adfford a premium account or vehicle however i have found an alternative to grind SLs it’s very simple just play an american attacker use Anti mech order and kabooya you could gain a good amount of SLs after the game and if you use a thunderer wager you may get more SLs this method is not as effective as playing sim but its the only method that i find fun and effective for me ofc

  2. sad that only gamemode that I play is so badly managed. I love Sim Ec, but bombing airfields is fuckin annoying, maps are too small, bots in jets are dumb, spawning system is retarded. It has potential, but gaijin wont do anything cuz this mode doesnt give money

  3. Like everything in the science of economy, that describe the behaviour of rational economic actors, can be boiled down to incentives. When an economy goes awry for some reason, the error isn’t in the rational economic actors but in the economic policies. Now, Gaijin is obsessed with the policy of “frustrating players into buying in-game items with real-life currency”. The widespread existence of such economic exploits (explained in the video) is the direct, logical conclusion of this policy of frustration.
    Let me explain: the more you frustrate players in-game economically, the stronger incentives you create to research and engage in “unwelcome in-game economic exploits”. This policy of frustration creates an incentive for behaviours that are unwanted by the policymakers (Gaijin). In economical terminology, such an incentive is called “perverse incentive”. This perverse incentive is inherent to the policy of frustration. Due to the huge size of the game, that makes its survey insanely difficult, fighting such behaviour will be a Sisyphean task, there will be always loopholes in the system that will go unnoticed by the dear policymakers.
    The easiest and fastest way to disincentivise these exploits is to eliminate this policy of frustration.

    You are overtly hostile and hard on these players. You practically blame these players because they are acting rationally in terms of their in-game economic pursits. It’s like blaming those downtrodden people who live on welfare because they cannot obtain a job that pays well enough to climb out from the relative poverty, because of some horrendously wrong economic policies. The ones that can be blamed here are the economic policymakers because their messed up policies resulted in the current situation in the first place.

    I do not engage in any of these exploits, however, we should see the rationale of the other side before we make our judgement.

  4. What’s the point of reporting them exactly ? Don’t blame them, blame the game mechanics

  5. I play as a Bomber because I like,not because Im farming

  6. I’m just over here laughing at people that excuse exploiting a game mechanic. Like you’re essentially saying “This country’s economy is shit, so it’s okay to smuggle drugs and do illegal business.”

    The fault lies on both sides. Gaijin, for the majority, having made such a shitty system for grinding. But also these people who just keep inflating repair costs for the vehicles they use, making it worse for others and potentially making them cheat as well.

  7. EfTuvx, KFP Ghost division

    Why did you report the guys just let them grind in peace and screw gaijin over maybe theyll consider fixing the game

  8. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    So people found a way to screw (BACK) Gaijin and not give them money and you are not satisfied?!?Fuck Gaijin,they deserve thist since they are lazy greedy morons.We should i report these players and not simply join theyr team and grind my tech tree for free?!?WHY?!?

  9. I see the issue and I agree its a problem. I’m just more inclined to look the other way due to Gajins economy and seeing as how their continued incompetence leads to these things…… Idk. I know its wrong, I just understand.

  10. Playing this game started on 2015 when the russian bias still a thing.
    Never spend a single dime, got all tech tree on rank III all nation but after rank III? Nah past, the only nation that grind my ass to the core was japan. I barely get the mbt ST-1 after spending my butt for 100+ because Im not good either on this game (make the assault mode count since Im grinding the japan tech tree on that battle mode kek). Dont forget about the damn costly repair. Fricking economy fuck all the player. even if you didnt get any single assist on ST-1 tank the repair will cost you more 20k+ SL (I guess? Im rarely playing war thunder at this point since the economy more frick up than great depression). Well this doesnt suprise me because lmao my friend do this kinda cheating too

  11. i quit playing ages ago and uninstalled the other day because the grind with a non prem account is horrid especially since i don’t play the other two modes never could have fun in them as regardless of how i played i died even more than in arcade. i mean you have to do insanely well to profit half the time. hell gotta play pretty passive even in arcade to do well cause it’s so easy to get one shot. wot’s is far better because you don’t easily get one shot often and crew death doesn’t cripple you as bad unless your whole crew gets knocked out which doesn’t happen often. and seriously trying to play tanks with shitters over head in bombers is such garbage bad enough having to deal with targets on the ground

  12. and the constantly changing br system is really shit to and playing sim just isn’t easy with a keyboard when i tried it with the way controls are

  13. I was not aware of that stuff. Thank u for that informations

  14. Wow! what a lovely song indeed!

  15. Someone send a professional email showing how this effects their bottom line and change would be instant

  16. Uuuuuuuu Nice let me grab my sim stick, time to spade some top tier jetsssss 🤪

  17. It’s not just sim, there are statpadders in heli ec as well. They usually sit in the corner of the map. They are easy to spot if you pay attention to the minimap as they are always stationary at the edges.

    I usually go in and brake them for a couple of free kills. Luckily in heli ec there’s not much they can do about other than getting pissed, which is also the best part.

  18. Screwing Gaijin. Awesome.

  19. What he says was always correct, cause he was a SIM player. A kshatriya not as a normal person

  20. Omg Im so glad so glad someones actually calling it out. Im forced to be a free 2 play player because i cant buy things in game and its actually painful to try and get enough SL for a new vehicle once you hit 5.0. Some days you end up with less SL than when you started. One thing I can tell you for certain is WT was never meant to be played free to play. So I can’t actually blame the game abusers.

  21. The goal of this video: call out exploits

    Everyone watching: Just tell us how to do it already!

  22. Who’s side are you on, traitor?!

  23. Tbh it’s gaijin’s own fault people do this, so I really couldn’t care, also the bomber problem is just gaijin not fixing problems in the game mode, I don’t think sim is their priority in all fairness

  24. honestly i have no issue with this, until gaijin reduce the grind and make the game enjoyable to play for more than 30min

  25. Serbian War Criminal

    Still not cool that you snitched on someone

  26. You really had to send it to the mods. Nice

  27. You tried getting ppl banned because you don’t like ppl having shit?

  28. I think there only needs to be 2 airfields per side. At the very corners of the map. And at jet br they need SAM sites. The bases need to take more damage before being destroyed. And after destroying X number of bases then the 2 enemy airfields can be bombed. With the added SAM sites this would become extremely hazardous and force bombers to either climb to ridiculous altitudes to attack the af or force the bomber players to play fighters or ground attackers to keep bleeding tickets. Also the maps for jets need to be much bigger. But honestly gaijin doesn’t care much for sim and will probably just remove the game mode except for the way they do tank sim. 2 battles with predetermined rank planes that alternate on a daily basis.

  29. Warthunder did this to themselves. Reporting the issue is kinda lame cuz they might make it harder to do but never reduce the high prices to unlock anything.

  30. I’m mainly a sim pilot and I just hope they dont nerf the rewarding system because honestly I work for all my rp and lions and with the amount of skill and work put into flying sim I’d hate to just have my reward nerfed due to an econ change but rather see an increase in reports of the cheaters and boosters by honest players so that the part of the community like myself that play honestly dont suffer

  31. Remove repair costs and increase rewards in the normal game modes. Then stop letting people create their own custom sim games.

    Reduce crew costs so that way people don’t need to grind like that.

  32. Fascinating now I understand what’s going on for a change… And why my bombers which I love to play keep getting nerfed .

  33. Clonetrooper4297 Captain

    Every time I play sim I lose sl

  34. Oh no, someone found an effective way to grind!

  35. Great video but ypu reminde me of that kid who want accept someone is smarter and menages to finde easier way for something

  36. To be honest i dont blame any players that use this method of getting RP because gaijin made a broken mess of a game with a stupidly long grind. Also they dont hurt other players they cause no damage to the playerbase only very slightly to gaijin

  37. Yea sorry but I dont really see how this is bad I mean the dev’s made the economy awful and so these people are using there Brains to climb up the ladder its not hurting anyone anyway I will not report players over this I see this has a good idea both to climb the near-impossoble grind and a way to hit back the dev’s

  38. Princess Applestrach

    Bro you are just mad these guys don’t have to grind as much as us , they exploit the game yes but does it ruin your experience ? I know gaijin did but not them

  39. hey, i dont want to be a cheater, but if i play bombers in sim and drop on bases and ground units then go back to my af to reapair, or i take my fighter for similar things, im a zomber? pls guys i wanna be a honest player

  40. Christian Camilleri

    Laughs in easy anti shit

  41. Stat passers exist in helicopter ec as well I found these guys in a populated lobby having 120 kills in a bo 105

  42. You should create a list of best planes to kill the zombers

  43. Who cares if they’re just grinding rp on their own? I don’t see the problem with ‘stat padding’

  44. why would you report them? how they affected you? wtf dude

  45. How to solve the problem: gaijin needs to be less greedy

  46. Imagine being such a beta that you think people not wanting to grind for literal years or give the snail thousands of dollars is worthy of tattling on. This video is just targeting poors and people with lives.

  47. still u should not blaming player finding the exploit and benefit from it. Just because Gaijin would shit everyone with fixes does not means you should help gaijin to ‘fix’ the exploit when gaijin actually do not give a fuck about the community. why should we?

  48. Just a simple meme

    To be honest here, may be a shit idea, no clue… but I think if Warthunder went with something like they did with Navy, separate the era of vehicles into their own trees, it would allow less compression on BR. More players getting to start with vehicles they would be more interested in, would draw more people in. This would also probably lower down queue times for matches given players actually would be less likely to quit the game before getting to higher BR for said tree.
    From my experience most my friends hate and typically quit playing WarThunder for the grind and the fact they will be fighting post war vehicles in World War Two vehicles. I dont necessarily blame them. I don’t enjoy the grind much either.. especially for example when you finally unlock a nee vehicle and are now forced to buy enough mods for the vehicle so you can actually survive while using it. God Forbid you just bought your new Tank using your remaining silverlions on purchasing and crewing the vehicle. Now you manage to get an unlucky arty strike on you and are now on fire. Back to hanger and now in debt.

    Also take Bombers for example, I played my B-29 quite a bit. But I am actullly now afraid to just take it out for fun in a RB as I am worried I will be uptiered and just immediately destroyed by a jet near the start of the match and that I had no chance to avoid.. then boom 59K Silver Lions down the drain.

    Again, this all just falls back to separation of vehicles by era. World War 2, Post War, Korean War, Vietnam, Modern… idk.

  49. Im not sorry for abusing the sim battles for gaijin has made me want to do it and I want to bring down the economic system

    tho i do not make peace treaties
    cause thats pretty ghei

  50. All people complaining about him exposing those Abusers are part of the problem and just idiots or kids that cannot foresee the consequences of their actions. And all the loudmouths that say “fuck gaijin” and “its their fault”. Good luck trying to tell the company which owns the game what to do. They wont give a fuck. You re just ruining the game for everyone else. So fuck you. I really appreciate your work here Mr. Tea Rex. Hope there will be more people like you.

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