War Thunder – Slow and Steady Wins the Race! Doom Turtle!!!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder Tanks – Doom Turtle vs Planes!
War Thunder 60fps Request series! US Tanks!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hey Baron play Easy 8 plz

  2. T35! The stronkest land battleship

  3. Have the BT-7 on the next one, and use the BT-5 as your backups

  4. Panzer III Ausf. M baby lets see them Schürzen!

  5. sd.kfz 140 / 1 please you haven’t played it!

  6. the tiger e

  7. KV-2 or su152 plz

  8. M5A1 Stuart… prepared to experience OP T-34-76 anal trauma like you’ve
    never seen.

  9. any low tier sherman or even lower with the lee

  10. PZ.IV G

  11. T-34e for the win

  12. Neubaufahrzeug on an urban map plez. Really good for small streets.

  13. KV-2? Hey Baron it’s my first time commenting and hope I win!!!

  14. Ze ferdinand plz

  15. The german t35 the nerburfigafurz

  16. I was taking out the Doom Turtle for a walk yesterday, and a T-54 mod 1951
    one shotted me with a ZBM-5 HEAT round through the front…mind you, that
    was a frontal mantlet shot…

  17. M4a3 105

  18. try to beat my record in rb on the t34-85 d5t: 18 player kills, i challenge

  19. mason linenweber (onixfane296)



  21. Sherman Jumbo tier 3 or M10 GMC Tier 2

  22. Do a panzer lineup or Auschwitz

  23. Mighty T35!!!!!

  24. hetzer c:

  25. T35 land battleship 

  26. KV-2!!! GET STALIN!!! “Wait he’s dead?” “Get Baron!”

  27. StuG III A – rapid fire….
    (and get well soon)

  28. do the hellcat


  30. Teir 1 StuG lll A

  31. kv-85 Russian beast

  32. Play the JUMBO T3 please ~

  33. Why are you playing arcade tanks?

  34. M6A1 Murican heavy

  35. love you barn☺

  36. Kv-2!!!!!

  37. How about M8A1? I’ll throw in some apple pie!

  38. M4A3E2 The Mighty Jumbo!

  39. Do the Panther D or camps!

  40. KV 1 ZIS 5 or Stalin’s going to come visit you at night

  41. Thx baron for all the great videos I have been watching them since I was a
    10 year old boy

  42. M22 Locust!!!!!!!

  43. Pz IV F2 OP

  44. zis 30!!!

  45. play out the locust or suffer a great famine!

  46. play ze good old Tiger H1, für das Vaterland Baron!

  47. T-34-85 Best Russian Tank Ever.

  48. is there a PO box for de Powerhaus?

  49. Play the Stuart.

  50. Sebastien Descoteaux

    Take out the Hetzer for a spin

  51. do the tiger 1 h

  52. play the m18 hellcat for freedom

  53. Panzer 3s and 4s, Do it for the Reich!

  54. Kv1 no zis

  55. poor Baron 🙁 you must have the worst immune system bud, i swear your
    always sick :P

  56. the panzer luchs

  57. t-26-4

  58. the doom turrtals such a cool tank definitely my fav American tank

  59. Take the kv-2 out for a spin baron

  60. Play locust at tier 3 against tigers!

  61. Tier 1 half track TD

  62. I mean tier 2 or what ever I forgot

  63. Su-76

  64. Kv 2 please

  65. baron can you ples do the T-18

  66. Nice vid keep it up ?

  67. I’m gonna be honest with you, Baron. I’m not gonna say “IS-4 OR GULAG!” or
    anything. In fact i’m giving an offer you cant refuse.

    IS-4 or you fucking die.

  68. ZIS-39

  69. T-34 line for next video

  70. tier one t 50

  71. The t-35 or smoke the Russian school buses

  72. Aww… Man you alright

  73. Play the panzer F2

  74. you might not be able to predict what map your gonna get, but at least you
    can have more than one choice, unlike that other game i wont mention

  75. Tiger II or Auschwitz

  76. pzlll m tier 3 German

  77. You want fast with a big gun, why not the Super Hellcat? Well at least
    after you get done doing the lowbie episode.

    -btw Baron, most seem to request tier 5 tonks because those are the ones we
    might not yet have access too, and were curious how they play. You probably
    don’t know what a shit grind this game is with a press account, but you hit
    a wall around tier 4 no matter how well you play.

  78. M5a1!!!

  79. play te su-85, stalin’s death ramp

  80. T-34

  81. broooooo go rest vids can wait your health is more important man

  82. Hetzer’s gotta hetz BARON

  83. the su85

  84. t34s with the boys

  85. Do a Colab with the other stonk tankers and make me proud in the Mighty
    T-50 in realistic

  86. M4 Sherman

  87. Famous last words- ”Those are enemy bombs… I think we’re fine.” –
    BaronVonGamez, 2015. R.I.P. Doom Turtle crew

  88. T35 or smk with friends

  89. Panther 2 and pounce upon the prey

  90. although i’m not complaining, he did a doom turtle vid about 3 months ago.
    just fyi

  91. Mindaugas Beliauskas

    KV1 the hated one :D

  92. Umbrella Corporation

    I have to say play the T-26 for Soviet russia :D

  93. I saw that monster in 83 while in basic training. It was on display at the
    Patton museum at Fort Knox. Legitemate jaw drop to floor moment. Freekin

  94. Panther(D) PLEASE!! :)

  95. Drive out the M22 and pull people over with it

  96. Baron, I can’t remember the exact name, but I’m voting the Tier 1 Hellcat!

  97. Also feel better dude

  98. Pz IV Ausf. J! It is the lost 4.7 king!

  99. WHY ARCADE ??!?!?! why …

  100. Panzer IV H or concentration camp

  101. lets try out the m24 coffee I mean coffin I mean Chaffee, yes thats it! M24

  102. IS 1 or Gulag for u sir, no escape

  103. KV-2 derp or Gulag!!!!

  104. Blitzkrieg Panzer IV F2 please

  105. Panzer 4 J!

  106. Tiger 2

  107. jagdpanther

  108. Tired of Axis Tanks Baron! Play the M4A3 (105). LOB THOSE SHOTS! :P

  109. M18 hellcat spam!!!!

  110. do the chasis

  111. su-122

  112. in honor of the event this weekend you should play the su-76M 5th kav.

  113. Russian SMK CMON MAN

  114. m4a1 the wanna be tank

  115. jadgpanzer hezt life for ze fatherland!!!

  116. Bt7 stronk soviet racecar!

  117. the neubaufahrzeug

  118. M3 Lee pls very hard to use

  119. T-35..Stalin’s land battleship,give em a broadside

  120. kv2 stronk tank hand of Stalin

  121. Play the M4 sherman

  122. +BaronVonGamez Hetzer, cause you know it’s time too hetz.

  123. How about you stop playing arcade and play realistic like a true tanker

  124. Pz 4J DO IT

  125. The T-35 Landship is quite fun. Do that.

  126. king tiger

  127. m47 like in battle of fulda gap for general PATTON OR ELSE

  128. Baron needs to learn his shells, its alloying to see him lose his tanks to
    the majority of ammo explosions

  129. T 34 57

  130. Hetzers gonna Hetz


  132. Tiger duce 105

  133. KV-2 Baron plzzz

  134. Baby derp

  135. Pz II J.

  136. panzer 4 f1! !

  137. Tiger II (P)

  138. Sorry I made you sick sorry ?

  139. m18, gotta go fast, premium one for that matter

  140. I do agree with you barron. We need more Tier 1 and Tier 2 videos.

  141. Baron , do the M6A1

  142. How about a Tiger1 I mean it’s tier 3 so make it happen BOYYYYY

  143. Baron
    Please do the Pz IV F2, the cannon on that thing is amazing.

  144. colin “thexgaming” hall

    kv2 op tank of its tier

  145. Panzer III m, the punishment tank before the tiger, the worst medium tank
    in the game. I just want to see if you can rek with it.

  146. Panzer iv G t3

  147. I want the M8A1 tank destroyer I know you have in Barron and I want to know
    how you got it please

  148. Do the wolverine please

  149. id like to see the kv1b the Russian and german monster tank

  150. Wat Lego WWII is the most awesome thing? You clearly haven’t seen the
    Russian Red Army Choir sing Sexbomb.

  151. Is4 or gulag for life and you will have kids just to have them sent to

  152. M22 locust!

  153. Hey what happened to playing with Sherman?

  154. T3 Panther D

  155. M2 Medium Tank!

  156. allahu akbar alalalalala!

    come on! do the su-85!

  157. DJAModsᴼᴳ ❶❸❸❼


  158. Leopard next episode pls!!

  159. Take out the T-82

  160. Kv-2

  161. Pz III J

  162. t35 battleship

  163. Use the “KV-85″

  164. Play the M4A3 HVSS 105mm… in RB. Arcade is scrub city for howitzers!

  165. M3 Stuart!

  166. Hetzer

  167. T 35 Stalin’s land cruiser.

  168. The BT-7

  169. Panzer 3m. The baby tiger

  170. PZ IV F2 or Gulag :3

  171. t-34-85

  172. Teeeeeeeeeeeeee 35 ……. “Doom chicken”

  173. Tiger I or t35

  174. Tier l Russian tank T-26-4, Mini Hand of Stalin Cannon

  175. Gabriel Mark (Gabrielol777)

    M-18 Gotta go fayst

  176. the panzer 38T

  177. panzer 1

  178. premium TIGER plz baron

  179. T 26-4 :D

  180. bt-5 squad

  181. The_Aleixicon Gaming

    pz 4 f2 or pz 3 j1 please

  182. German KV-1 please.

  183. Do premium P3 N. It wrecks.

  184. kv 1 l 11

  185. Hamish Campbell (TheDarkFire000)

    dont you think that the t 95 looks like the bat-tank from behind?!

  186. Do the Jagtpanzer38t (hetzer) cuz hetzer’s gonna hetz


  188. M4a1 and experience stalins t34 domination

  189. Kv 2

  190. M18 hellcat

  191. do the m18

  192. M2A2!! That it can barely even pen a Pz.2 with stock rounds

  193. valek est une fille

    kv2 or t26 With 76mm

  194. The Panzer 4 F2, very solid tank

  195. T-34 (1942). I have AMAZING luck with it

  196. Feel better soon , bud . Oh and the T34 1942 is a honey imho .

  197. pz III m pl

  198. Dats A Toilet (Tempest Ace)

    The KV-85, it’s so underrated!!

  199. tiger 3. do it. plz?

  200. The Combat Commission

    T-III* in SIM feel pain

  201. Its time to bring out the Kv2 again! :)

  202. Let’s see some M4A3 105mm derpness

  203. Panther D

  204. The M3 Lee?

  205. ‫רועי אגם‬‎

    t-80 for the big headed tank

  206. T 34 1942

  207. Lineup or not I don’t care it’s a good tank

  208. This tank from behind reminds me of the batmobile

  209. jagdpanzer iv/70 for ze fazerland!

  210. 75mm GMC the half-track tank, Baron!


  212. m4a1 Sherman plz

  213. do the sturmhaubitze

  214. Calliope Murian Derp

  215. Planetside 2 with friends :D

  216. Play the Flakpanzer I, it tears through every tank and plane you’ll face.

  217. Is this tank Russian

  218. KV-2 The King of Derp please!!!!!!!!

  219. t-28 e the soviet stronk tank

  220. killergator13 gaming

    M4 is love M4 is life play the M4 because its love and life

  221. Tier 3 German Captured KV1. Been asking for months, and you haven’t
    recorded a non custom match in it yet

  222. Baron, do the Marder III H ! This little thing is fockin great !

  223. +BaronVonGamez KV-2 please !!!!!!

  224. nb.fz……. that tank would be fun

  225. m3 lee, because it would be funny watching you try to use both cannons

  226. Rodrigo barragan martin

    tiger h1

  227. Rodrigo barragan martin

    tiger h1

  228. SU 122 I think would be cool :)

  229. pz-1c german light tank lol


  231. the panzer 38t-a

  232. T-28, best tier II tank IMO!

  233. tiger h1

  234. m4 105 HE. Tier two murican durp!

  235. Baron, do the t-80 russian tankette or putin will spank you

  236. I’m gonna cry now get m10 gmc or don’t :(

  237. Su76 with the windows down

  238. tiger 1?:D

  239. The Zis-30 Stalins golf cart

  240. m4a3 105

  241. Panzer 3 L!!! No one ever plays it!

  242. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2 next plase

  243. do the SMK or T-35 land battleship :D

  244. play the 76mm sherman

  245. How about the is1 the first Joseph Stalin tank

  246. Tiger H1:)

  247. Jagdtiger for the fatherland plx

  248. Best line in the game – I think we’re fine – bommmm

  249. Sd. Kfz 6/2

    Herp some derps with the glorious autocannon on the halftrack!

  250. m2a2 the challenge tanks

  251. Maus please…

  252. Hetzer gonna Hetz!!!
    Just do it!

  253. Panther II

  254. M18 hellcat

  255. T-28 Baron, you know you want it.

  256. Bt-7 race tank

  257. Tiger 1 plz

  258. T-10M :)

  259. the herpa derpa sherman

  260. Go with m18 hellcat

  261. Zis-30, the shoppingcart from soviet russia

  262. KV-2 next?

  263. (SMK) GO BARON ?

  264. Straight outta Panzerkampfwagen IV C!
    cuz i want to see how ze Baron wrecks everybody with ze Pzkpfw IV (thats
    all i’ve got right now)
    getting like 5-6 kills if I’m lucky tho

    from ze neuer Panzerkommandant in Australia <0

  265. T-28 and m4a8

  266. SorryM4a3

  267. the mighty SU-152 plz!

  268. marder III

  269. Panzer II H, the german hellcat!!

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