War Thunder – Smoke and Mirrors

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Welcome to your annual thunder video! Wait, is it 2019 already?


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Yeah, we Warthunder players get conditioned to react to the slightest traces of movement and sound…that snapshooting was uncanny though.

  2. Is this a game of “how many times Jingles can say “”previous position?””

  3. Any word about WT boats?

  4. Actually jingles, it’s called a gun tube, not gun barrel.

  5. *nasal voice* actually jingles, the second kill was a leopard 2K, NOT a soviet tank *snif*

  6. You are such a sailor jingles

  7. exactinmidget92

    you can tell that Jingles doesn’t play WT much if it’s “just” a Mig 15. never underestimate the Tiny Ivans.

  8. Can we Have more War thunder Film

  9. This game looks amazing.

  10. Awesome intro!!!!

  11. Kaiser-o- things

    The soviet Leopard 2k has a habit of going under ground when shot at.

  12. It’s that other bloody tank game again, lole

  13. Leopard 2K is soviet? ORLY

  14. I miss Jingles reviews. Especially the historical look at the War Thunder vehicles. I still remember the ol’ 2013 War Thunder bomber vids. Loved those.

  15. SDtheVA Entertainment

    I just can’t. XD

  16. Has Jingles played The Stanley Parable?

  17. jingles please, it wasn’t a smoke grenade that laid that screen it was the smoke screen that laid the screen, you should know that grenades don’t follow the tank

  18. Uh, that second guy was hacking right?

  19. Jingles, that Challenger looks a awful lot like a m1 Abrams doesn’t it?

  20. I wish I could get some of my War Thunder videos played by Jingles

  21. LOL, great vid. More:
    World of Warships, Far Cry 5 and Ghost Recon, PLEASE!

  22. May the fourth be with you!

  23. -SFB-J_Charles_L

    Jingles is torturing his OGs 🙁

  24. That second guy is most likely cheating judging by his snap movements.

  25. Did they pay you in togs

  26. Yes the longer I watch it and from what I can tell, WackySparrow is using aimjunkies. His tracking through rocks around 15 mins in is easily seeable.

  27. Jingles, a second War Thunder video? Oh jingles you spoil us.

  28. who are you and what have you done with the real jingles?

  29. Jingles, get your specs checked.

  30. Actually Jingles, today was a preview of year 2019, so you are still on the annual War Thunder video… However, next week is a preview of the year 2020, so you will have to make another to keep the annual theme going 😀

  31. Every Freakin time I play War Thunder RB, I am getting dry eyes, damn in

  32. Why are you playing this like WoT? :/ so disappointing :/

  33. xToy_Soldier 808

    Jingles calling a Leo 2k a soviet tank Not surprising

    What is surprising is how much you save when you switch to Geico

  34. I love how the smaller machine guns remain useful for declaring targets, and of course shooting thinly armored vehicles and exposed crew – and at the planes.

  35. Richard Petrusev

    All we need is an Archer “Smoke Fight!” Gif, would describe the video perfectly.

  36. “Oh, Challenger. Got him on fire.” ‘Battle logs says Abrams’

    Never change Jingles, never change. 😛

  37. Little Miss Saki

    Thank you Jingles-senpai for this gift! I hereby pledge to work twice as hard!

  38. Pretty bang-up match by WackySparrow.

  39. Could you do a review/info video on some war thunder aircraft like the I-16, Hudson Mk V, B-10B and Ju-88 please.

  40. I’m calling aim bot on the second replay

  41. TWO war thunder videos in a year?!? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL JINGLES?!

  42. Soviets have Leopard 2Ks now?

  43. A war thunder upload?!?!?!? Christmas cake early!

  44. I actually wouldn’t have minded tanks instead of war thunder not really been able to get back into warthunder

  45. Clifford Bryan john Wilson

    I know that you said annual but could you do a Naval Forces vid, please.

  46. Great Video Jingles.

    Have you tried Phoenix Point?

    No, seriously, it’s the next X-Com style game (by the same devs). Looks interesting but is not out until later this year.

  47. why is the aim from the second guy so laggy and sharp? and also stops EXACTLY at the enemy tanks center to shoot..im not saying he is cheating im only wondering Why his aim is so weird, because i have sharp aim too but its more smooth on the screen when you move where this guy teleports his mouse or something

  48. Hi Jingles not off to the AvN this year.

  49. George Warren II

    The games were both good, but the second one I would question his graphics settings. I didnt see a few of those tanks either and Ive been playing since 2014. I call ULQ.

  50. Rustled jimmies

    Guys I’m having a stroke, jingles finally uploaded another war thunder video. The madman actually did it!

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