War Thunder – Somua SM “France’s New Beast”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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France this week received a new Premium Heavy Tank! The Somua SM, a large, fast, and deadly tank with a devasting autoloader. This thing was a blast to play and is an awesome combo to pair with the F4U-7.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Société d’outillage mécanique et d’usinage d’artillerie, Say that three times fast. For those who wonder what that is, that is what Somua stands for.

  2. @Bo Time Gaming I dare you to get a kill with the RBT-5’s rockets! 😀

  3. @02:50 – “…that’s memorizing.”
    Uhh… did you mean “mesmerizing?”

  4. So, it’s good, it’s bad, it attracts planes and bombs.

  5. For the problem with tanks targeting airplanes, go into controls, ground vehicles, under camera control unbind “target tracking (ground vehicle)”. That seems to fix the issue

  6. If you want to stop tracking planes turn off the track enemy camera

  7. can i ask what settings you use

  8. The end is an example why planes and the people who play them are cancer

  9. The discord ping

  10. France 7.3 right now is very fun with the FAU-7 and the ground lineup. I would say 7.7 and anything above is not worth the grind. LeClec is suppose to be god like but everything in between is pain.

  11. Looks as if France lengthened a Sherman and added the oscillating turret.

  12. “That’s memorizing”?

  13. love when got bomb three times a row

  14. Welcome back Hambone! Haven’t seen, or heard, your squeals for a while now.

  15. I do not recommend at all that you buy this tank, it is cute but when you least realize it, they will do the same as the t40

  16. 8:07

  17. 2:50 “That’s memorizing.”

  18. 2:09 “T-series” 😂

  19. You know this type of french tanks are look similar panther

  20. Christopher Western

    What plane is that at 17 seconds.

  21. Gaming with the Desert Fox

    Oh my gosh so I’m not the only one who has problems with the tank wanting to target a plane when I don’t want to. That’s literally the most annoying thing. I’ve been killed because I wasn’t able to fire first because my tank targeting selection auto changes to a plane exactly behind me

  22. I cant stand franxe line

  23. I’d play the game if the tank RB matches had no planes
    Tired of being bombed after killing a single guy

  24. This tank looks like a RTX 3080

  25. [OAT] Stef Your boi

    Bo just asking how long are you in meters I’m dutch so I don’t know feet but how long are you I’m 1,80 meters and I’m 14 that’s almost six foot i guess

  26. Can you make a video about Leopard a5

  27. See i dont play like this. I come in goin real fast and kill as as many tings as I can before being killed. With no regard for my tanks own life.haha

  28. 3:48
    Bear: I got the flank
    *2 seconds laters* He’s dead

  29. Bo, if you wanna turn off that auto tracking of target everytime you switch on gunner optics, go to settings and disable ‘track target/lock on target’ (It’s default attached to RMB).

  30. 2:46 The other day my AMX-50 surbaissé got destroyed and the turret was doing that while making loud clanking noises for the rest of the battle (8.0 ground AB).

  31. Данил Ермаков

    Очередной прем для мазохистов 🙂

  32. Isn’t this just a modernized Panther with an ugly turret?

  33. Really enjoy your channel BUT <- have come to a conclusion WT has no idea what it players want. I love playing AB and enjoy even more when I get into a battle tank on tank. But lately, I spend more time looking up and trying to shoot down planes attacking me than enjoying tank on tank battles. My attempts are in vain tanks don't have the speed, elevation, or time to watch the skies. And now when I knock off some guy in a fair fight he jumps in a plane and goes for the revenge kill. And in WT AB that is not hard to do the killer shows up like a sore thumb to the revenge-seeking less talented tanker. And there is no consequence in the form of lost life so he throws caution to the wind. Each time I get killed in this manner I cringe and accept it but that day is coming to an end. So I ask here other than WOT what other game offers the gameplay and graphics WT does minus the aircraft? PS will be able to play more games in the future as I will be an upgrading system built around RTX 3080 if I can find one. GLHF

  34. I’d just call this tonk Sommelier

  35. I don’t even like tanks, I just came for the commentary lol

  36. Almost makes the french grind look worth it

  37. do a video on the new p51

  38. Why does it do that where your tank decides that you must be pointed at plane

  39. It s a funny channel. Respect from Russia.

  40. 8:46 NOoooo, not the Unimog!

  41. “Watching it’s turret sink into the chassis….it’s MEMORIZING” 😂😂😂 you mean mesmerizing??😂


  43. all these french tanks are panthers with oscillating turrets and it is pretty cool

  44. This tank reloads faster than the Germans invading Denmark

  45. it is like the panther of France cause look at the style of the body.

  46. Формула Воды


  47. OMG XD All the plane’s absolutely hated Bo’s rear end at the end part of the video!
    Enemies: “Send in the 1st plane” *Bombs Bo*
    Enemies: “He’s back! Send in the second plane!” *Second bombs Bo*
    Enemies: “Final round, Fight!” *Plane flys near*
    Bo: “Am I being bombed again?”
    Plane: *Shoots him to death*

  48. plane down the road

  49. Luck wasn’t on your side this time, Solo Wing.

  50. Don’t forget guys according to War Thunder this is the “best British interceptor”

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