War Thunder – Stalin’s Super T-34-100 Premium Tank

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. u wot m8

  2. ISU-152

  3. Ansonpangaargh Ansonpangaa

    T1 m8

  4. First!!!

  5. T44 OR M41

  6. Jacob “Cornhauler” Revelle

    Baron play t95!!!!

  7. kinda first!!!

  8. drive the is3 baron pls

  9. Baron love your stuff! You three (Phly and Slick) have entertained me quite
    a lot here on your channels. keep up the great work! And hows the Keys
    going? I was in Pensacola the last two years and Florida was a solid state

  10. Baron, please play the Panther II next.

  11. Cant log onto Twitch since last night. Anyone else?

  12. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    now with new and lower BR

  13. “The Maus is in the House x10” – Slickbee

  14. Panther 2 with Slickbee

  15. What settings do you play on?

  16. Panzerkampfwagen V Panther II

  17. Francisco Guerra


  18. is3 or is4

  19. T95 t95 t95 pls

  20. KV-1 (the second one)

  21. Bully with the M41 Walker BullDog!!!

  22. M4 105. I was going to send a blackmail message to you so you play it, but
    you don’t have a PO box. So I’ll send it to Phly.

  23. Drive the M3 Stuart Mini Hellcat!!!

  24. Rudiksli effective? Woah, no wonder they won.

  25. Panther ll for deutchland!

  26. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    I would like you to drive the Panzerkampfwaggen Pz.kpfw III Ausf JI

  27. Edward Williamson

    Is3 or soviet bear will drag you to gulag 

  28. M10 GMC wOwOwOw

  29. use the is2 REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!

  30. baron play more mount blade naponeolic wars

  31. Dude walker bulldog. NOW….please.

  32. t95 or surströmming

  33. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    just had a 10 kill round with the kv-1 😀 funny tank, eh

  34. Kristoffer Laursen

    T-10 M with AP only ! ;-)

  35. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    You gotta drive the M6A1, the American Mini-Maus! 

  36. Subbed to you, Phly and Slick for a long while. Ya’ll just keep doing what
    you’re doing! And be mindful of torpedus xD o7

  37. Please take the mouse for a spin I haven’t got to see it yet

  38. T32!!!!! That turret tho

  39. The new teir 1 t26 with the 75 plz!

  40. Enough of the higher tier stuff we see requested all the time, let’s get
    back to basics: premium panzerczech SdKfz 140/1 – rip through enemy tanks
    like they stole your kid brother’s lunch money.

  41. Panzerbefelswagen IV!

  42. This is completely off topic but did you see Phly’s video where he sniped a
    Horton 229 with the M60? 

  43. is3 plzzz

  44. ISU-152 or Gulag

  45. t80 in tier 5. do it, just DO IT.

  46. Because you usually do 2 games can you please do at least 1 realistic
    because you give us the stats for realistic but mostly play arcade. Please
    play REALISTIC 

  47. Do you play arcade mode

  48. Six kills, already. Mom’s spaghetti

  49. Never mind


    asdfkkz 140

  51. Hey baron, On one of your videos that you played with other famous
    WarThunder Youtubers, you said you said you didn’t asked to be famous.
    Weren’t you expecting to be famous when you first made your YouTube

  52. the Ferdinand!!!

  53. Baron drive out the Calliope please!!!!!

  54. Panzer 3 e? (One with 37)

  55. Dana Wahyu Ramadhan

    Baron play the doom turtle !!!!!!!

  56. Play the m3 Lee or grant

  57. Baron that is-2 was the Ukrainian flag on it. Sweden has an off-center
    cross, Ukraine has two equal sides of blue and yellow

  58. Alec Joachim Quintanilla

    Panther II

  59. Baron play some jackson.

  60. La-5FN

  61. M6A1 plz

  62. Whatever the hell is the tiger patton drive it. Drive it now

  63. The king tiger or the tiger 2

  64. Great video! Consider the hellcat next please! 

  65. Drive the M3 Lee or we’ll send you to McDumb!

  66. Panther D das Panzerkampfwagen V für das Vaterland bitte Baron 

  67. Geoffrey Tappenden

    T-95 DOOM TURTLE!!!!

  68. Punther II :* my love :)

  69. baron plz do a custom game narwhals VS spitfires

  70. Lol ice chewing my isn’t a bad habit, it’s a nice way to enjoy a snack 

  71. baron I got 12 of my friends to love you like I do

  72. tiger 2

  73. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    I’d like to see the kv85 so you can suffer being put against is2s a whole
    tier above you

  74. or the Su 122

  75. ภัทรพล ศรีนวล

    M41 or Tiger plz.

  76. The Ferdinan! The vaterland demands that you field the glorious TD! Or else
    its a free ticket to the camps!

  77. T-28, both tanks, in realistic, and attempt to get a ground kill with the
    I-301’s epic 23 mil cannon!!

  78. T95 or Panther ll

  79. panzerkampfwagen iv ausf. h

  80. I chew ice as well but what’s so bad about it?

  81. SMK Attempt 16

  82. the obvious American

    Could you do the Ferdinand?

  83. ISU-152 or T28 please Baron 🙂 Yay! You’re the best!

  84. Henrik kalashnikov

    Wait did he say ADHD at 7:30 ?

  85. TIGER 2!!!!!

  86. +BaronVonGamez I am curious. As a Lets player you need to get every tank so
    fast to show gameplay. How to you proceed so fast? Do you buy everything
    with Gold? And if you do how can you afford so much gold?

  87. do NOT vote for Panzer IV Ce

  88. Kv-2 the derp of king pls

  89. Watercooled gaz aa truck 

  90. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. F

  91. baron i am having trubbl getting in to t4 and t5 how did you do it

  92. M4A2 76 W

  93. +BaronVonGamez zsu-37 plz if you haven’t already done it 

  94. Colin “CrgBox” Gojdics

    Drive the Is2 modified version 

  95. T95 

  96. Anerican TD T28! No one gives those things love. 

  97. Marius Sikinykas

    I would like you to drive out the t-32 for ‘murica



  100. frank korthouwer

    Kv 2 hype

  101. IS-2 for the motherland or is-3 stalin’s sauce pan

  102. Tiger II (P) as i don’t think Baron has made a video about it 

  103. ZIS-30 – the armored garden tractor

  104. Magnus Salmonsen

    (I know the comments are for tank series)
    Hi Baron. How do you change the crossair on the M3 Lee? So that the
    crossair is set for the 75, not the 45?

  105. Lets try tiger (p) again it hit the most from the British m3 lee with 39

  106. Calvin Threepercenter

    Is 2

  107. Do the Panther II next!!!!!

  108. Gotta be the panther II next

  109. next tank pluz the: Panzer Kampfwagen 2 Ausf. N
    NEVER saw that premium tank in the game

  110. TiberiousThe Labrador


  111. M2 tier 1 tank

  112. Plz play as Tiger Ausf H1

  113. 6.0 BR for the IS2 WTF? M4A3 (76) W is 6.7!

  114. The mighty Maus baron or Rommel will pincer your bottom 

  115. IS-3

  116. Play the Panther D…for ze sousand year reich

  117. gonna hop on that ISU-152 train.

  118. IS-3 baron please?

  119. Heavy tank maus and meduim tank leapard 1 

  120. And add me as friend in warthunder me user name is henk zwier

  121. TIGER E plz!

  122. Farid Sakyakirti Aziz

    +BaronVonGamez IS-3 Do it! Do it for papa! 

  123. I don’t want to imagine how hard those geforces suck while turning the
    turret from inside the turret (especially while reloading) ^^

  124. Play Men of War or gulag will send you to stalin

  125. Zsu37 Please Baron

  126. Dragonslayer Ornstein

    i wanna see a panther 2 purring

  127. is 1 pls for za poetinland

  128. Super pershing 

  129. 28 Do 217 M-1s in formation vs 4 CL-13A Sabre Mk.5s or to the Łodż ghetto
    with you!

  130. Baron i love your videos but can u let the tanks be in the original skin to
    get a realist feel to it

  131. Ze Stürmgeschutz III F für ze fazuhlant!!! o7

  132. Americans and baron be like: o7
    Germans be like:o/

    thank me later

  133. cornellius cornwall

    Do ze ferdinand ze fuher`s bunker ja!!!

  134. M18 SuperHellcat 

  135. KV-85 kill bitch get money *russian accent*

  136. Is3 and why does phly uplode more videoes in a day then you 4 or5 a day and
    you only2 why baron your better then that

  137. Tristin Bontrager

    Is 3 baron do eeeeeet

  138. Luke Okins (Lukethevillain)

    Panzer IV F2

  139. so does the number on many tanks guns like 100mm, 88mm are for the radius
    or the diameter?

  140. The fury tank the easy 8

  141. Tiger 2 H, Das Turret Strong Ya!!

  142. jasonfloridacracker

    always arcade *face palm*

  143. Michael Kirkpatrick

    Please play the Ferdinand because we must get to ze bunker!!!

  144. Yeah, the Panther II plez “Spiel für Deutschland.”

  145. Panther II

  146. Louis Van Der Westhuizen

    IS- 3 for stalin !!!!!!

  147. T28!!!!!!

  148. 2:30 It’s because of your white camo.

  149. Вадим Масловский

    Drive the M26E1, for Uncle Sam!

  150. The Great black Panther II!

  151. Isu 152

  152. is there a T29 in war thunder?

  153. Pls play the panther II for Deutschland !! :)

  154. M3

  155. thezombiemauler gavin

    M4 shermon

  156. Do the me 262 jet

  157. 11:02 ima guess that it is Ukraniun… SHIEEEEETTT

    Lol baron, you always make me laugh, that’s why your in mah list of
    favorite youtubers.

  158. M46 ,,Tiger” pleaseeee Baron!!

  159. Z panzerkampfwaga V Panther,jawohl 🙂 ,…or holy scheisse 🙂 

  160. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    The T34-100 is a great tank on the Finland map I got 10 kills – 0 deaths
    the key to try and angle the tank to bounce shots coming in but that don’t
    away work lol

    Great video

  161. Hagelzuckererbse

    Is this a premium tank? How mutch did it cost and should i buy it?

  162. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    Epic camo for Poland! You’re like The Moby Dick of Russia, The Great White
    Elefant of the East or a white lion male ready to pounce on the enemy. :)

  163. Tiger 2 plis :)

  164. Sry but what is so special about the Tiger Pershing? I have The M26e1 and
    this Pershing is scary 1 hour ago I had 11 kills with It but I only think
    the turret is a bit weak 

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