War Thunder – Strv 122 “The Swedish Leopard!”

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Source: Bo Gaming

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This Swedish variation of the Leopard 2 absolutely devasting tank in-game. I hope you enjoy the highs lows from our other night of playing tier.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming patch?

  2. Always happy to see a high teir video. Nice hull down position I might use that

  3. are the Abrams really that bad? or is the top tier sweeds that broken atm? if ive been grinding for nothing in the US tech tree for a crap tank…

  4. Bo, when they say “bring everything and the kitchen sink” in your tank, that does not include the enemy’s live shell.

  5. What’s everyone’s key binding for thermal/night vision?

  6. lol I was that 2a5 in 3:50 im try to save you

  7. The grind for that bad Bo-y tho 🙁

  8. Watching Ham derp around in the M22 at this BR is the best thing ever……..😂

  9. 2:40 “get in there ham!”

    Was that planned?

  10. “we only gave you fake certificate so you feel important”……… i can relate to that.

  11. 4:53 I legit thought that was one of those TV commercials/ads that showed up in the corner of the show you are watching and was like, “Why would Bo advertise a cafe?” Then I thought “What kind of cafe is open 24/7 and has nice flashing neon sign hanging out front?”

  12. How long does it take to reach Top-Tier if you’re a medicore player?

  13. I’ve been watching Bo for a while now and the thing I’ve noticed on some of his videos is that he manages to ping the map with either Third Person or Gunner view. Is this an option somewhere?

  14. “We only gave you a fake certificate so that you felt important”

    Hambone: *DIES INSIDE*

    Why so cruel, Bo? Why so cruel?

  15. hey bo i play sweaden teir three starting on tear four thanx so much im now really exited when i one day get max tear Sweden. please can you do a vid on the high tear planes for sweaden

  16. Love all your vids. I cannot wait for clouds and new explosion graphics!!!!!

  17. Haven’t been here in a minute. What happened to Cobey? Used to love him, especially on your side chat podcast, any plans to do any more?

  18. You could have named it IKEA LEOPARD

  19. Lordpuffer Der erste

    high BR must be so stressing

  20. i subbed bcz u were funnier than i expected

  21. 9:14 he was just trying to chill there why you do that to him? 🙂

  22. Ham like 1 cm to bo XD

  23. “This is a good plan” – Bo

    Famous last words they’re Bo

  24. *”Hey I will file a claim of hr and they will take your teddy bears from you. And you will only be able to visit them on the weekends”*

  25. Why shoot that heli?

  26. the blue tank was trying to protect you

  27. Is retro israeli? Lol

  28. 18:07 *”Lets push Bravo. It seems like a happier place. I heard they have cotton candy, they give out hugs”*
    Then I hear, “Do they?”

  29. Can we get a video of your crew VS PhlyDaily’s crew??? Because that would be epic

  30. Thank you guys for an amazing video. Ham you have too much fun in your M22 LOL This tank is a beast. Thank you for the laughs. 07

  31. That M22 is Ham’s spirit animal

  32. That guy with the Mexican flags had more firepower using that tank in a video game than what we’ve had in a century :’))

  33. Eyyyyyyyyyy

  34. Can i play with u guys next episode,

  35. Shoutout for Retrp for having Israel’s flag on his XM

  36. He sound so much like phly

  37. how do i get the decal?

  38. Hes a poet and didn’t know it but his feet show it…..
    They’re Longfellows

  39. 4:18 the leopard 2a5 was trying to protect (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

  40. How much time does it take to grind out this tier level let’s say with premium and avarage performance?

  41. You has a teammade was in MG42 my old clan she speak german

  42. Guys can some one tell me how to mark with those yellow arrows? love your videos guys GG

  43. U still play this. Xd.. Love..
    Im new at this game. U and ur guys have tips for me?

  44. hahah u got nice temmate 🙂

  45. 5:26 I think you meant to say “He’s a poet… and he didn’t even know he was rhyming those words.”

  46. Lets respect the fact that Ham has a teddy bear on the front of his tank.

  47. Дмитрий Никулин

    Весь топ тир в таких чмошных игроках, особые анскилы даже на м22 против топов воют

  48. “youre the primary target ham” well OFC you are an STRV 122

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