War Thunder StuG III F “Bananas!?”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The StuG III F is at 3.3 now!! What a fantastic lineup this guy and the other german tanks make. This is two rounds with chaos, laughs, and some okay game play.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Yes, I was up till 5 AM to get this video out. The weather is crazy in Texas and these power outages suck! Stay safe and warm everybody.

  2. Yup, totally bananas🍌

  3. literally everybody uses the stug III G/F now

  4. Cha cha real smooth 😀

  5. tblf face reveal?

  6. 0:18 Don’t look up “T – Bone” on Urban Dictionary. LMFAO

  7. Soooo… next time I donate 25 on stream, we can be blessed with your full rendition of the song?

  8. omg im luaghing so hard at first 7mins XD

  9. Bo, love the vids. Is it just that people find the tanks more entertaining for your audience, or do you love tanks more than planes? Hopefully you recieve no harm out of this question, I was just wondering because you haven’t uploaded an aircraft vid in a while. Again, love the vids!!

  10. BO stay safe. This weather is crazy. Great video guys. Thank you for the laughs. 07 and <3

  11. It’s the return of the Stug, yay.

  12. Bo keep up the good work

  13. It sucks in Texas we just got our power today

  14. Charlesj HemphillIII

    DAMN that was great!

  15. ApokalypticNightmare

    I hope i see these guys in tank rb I started working on american tanks for a first nation kinda (I tried others and got bored quickly) honestly working to get the doom 🐢

  16. And it’s minus 30 here in Canada

  17. 4:38, dayum thats pretty interesting, thought this died a long time ago lol

  18. I had a nice experience in ground rb today. I killed a Matilda lll from the front with a coaxial 7.92 mg.17

  19. It seems like every time you go into that warehouse all hell breaks loose, 3 of you die, and the last one has to try to mount a defense against a horde of enemy vehicles

  20. Aickavon the Techpriest

    taking the shittiest tank destroyer for a spin? Interesting. I like it.

  21. Bo’s “under attack” call out version of Alicia Keys, “This Tank is on Fire”!!!!!!!!

  22. “Bananas! Ba… Chiquita Bananas!!!!”


  23. It is always Connecticut nobody ever says that word if you want to be saucy go with the goose has lay’d the golden egg

  24. My favorite low rider

  25. I just love the track width modification, looks so thicc

  26. I hope everyone and their families are safe during these crazy storms we are having. I live in Utah and it’s been snowing all day and expected to keep snowing tomorrow with frigid temps.
    Bo and his team are awesome and funny and lethal all wrapped up in one. Thank you so much for the good videos

  27. going up there never ends well….

  28. baaaaaahhhhnaaanaaaaaaaaaa

  29. C’mon Bo. Dancing Matilda? Really? It is Waltzing Matilda! Everyone knows that. 🙂

  30. Famous last words: “BANANAS!!”

  31. Was that a Junker 87 or a stuka bo

  32. “Saved his life with” pause “violence”
    perfect TBLF

  33. More aircraft pls

  34. I am glad that I am not the only one who loves the StuG/H’s

  35. You realize for towing to work you have to move in a direction, even if you are upside down.

  36. There’s just something so amusing about hearing Bo yell “bananas” several times.

  37. I hope i can play this game soon

  38. Your Thunder Gaming

    Hey Bo, can you please make a video about the F2G-1 please

  39. I’d rather be T-Boned than Tea-Bagged

  40. danka for the laght

  41. Was it Bear’s time of the month and you said his but looked huge, before these games?

  42. Die Scheiße ist Bananen!

  43. Ngl it is very easy to kill that tank

  44. O Vendedor de Bananas

    Look my channel! Abraço from Brazil! Like!
    Sale Bananas!

  45. Let’s get a Bo and team vs Phly and team, it would be a hilarious video I feel like, open mics all the way around

  46. *A set of tracks:* 30 second repair
    *A whole ass transmission: 2 6 s e c o n d r e p a i r*

    superb german transmissions

  47. 13:53 I have never laughed so hard at war thunder

  48. wait you can cancel repair?

  49. Is a swarm of hostile tanks young you guys into a bunch of bananas?
    Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today.🎶🎶🎶
    Ammo rack = peeled banana/banana split?.

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