War Thunder – Sturer Emil “Being Bullied!”

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Source: Bo Time

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I am ashamed admit this is first time I have seriously looked at this vehicle since it was introducted. That 128mm Cannon at 4.3 just silly. Enjoy blowing stuff up!

All Good In Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. What series had the best opening theme music? My vote, Cowboy Beebop!

  2. 6:48 Bo: “There’s a bomb inside me! *I had a baby!”*
    Also Bo: **Le dies**

    Me: **Dies laughing**

  3. Antisocial Engineering

    So many planes during the event. It’s bad enough normally, but now so bad I’ve stopped playing. At least while the event is on… maybe permanently.

  4. Mmm nice Dicker max you have there.

  5. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video man! For me, there’s quite the List of Series with great openers.

    Anime: Cowboy Bebop, RWBY (only seen Volumes 1-6 though), Girls und Panzer, Azur Lane: The Anime, Majikoi/Samurai Girls aka Love Me, Seriously, as well as Sword Art Online

    TV: Hawaii Five-O, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider (Original with David Hasselhof), The A-Team, The Incredible Hulk (Original with Bill Bixby, Lou Ferigno and Jack Colvin), Airwolf, Battlestar Galactica (Original with Dirk Benedict, Randolph Mantooth, and Lorne Greene), Star Trek (Original, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise), Babylon 5, Andromeda, JAG, Blue Bloods, Laredo, Bonanza, The Rebel, The Rifleman, Have Gun will Travel, The Wild Wild West, Iron Horse, Maverick, The Rockford Files, M*A*S*H*, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (even though I’ve only played the Lego Games for Nintendo DS/DS lite), Baa Baa Black Sheep/Black Sheep Squadron, The Rat Patrol, Combat, MONK, Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century, …

    I think that’s about it from me. Anyway, we need to see *A Panzer Corps* with the *Sturer Emil* in War Thunder!

  6. The tail rudder maneuver should have been named: “Dropping it like its hot”

  7. Ah yes, the Suffer Emil. Two were built, one was captured by Russians and the other one was destroyed in combat.

    Suffer Thunder certified moment.

  8. What mode are you playing in?

  9. Only 8 days into the year and we already have the TBLF quote of the year of “I had a baby”

  10. Bo= I’m Special

  11. 9:55

    Im not sure if that was Retro or Ham, but the sheer amount of utter *TERROR* in their voice…

    Even if you’ve never played War Thunder, or even if you’ve never heard of tanks beyond a Sherman and _maybe_ a Tiger, you *know* that you should be afraid of a KV-2. _Especially_ a KV-2 on B.


    The heck was that voice Retro did?

  12. Bo maybe could have survived the head on if he rotated his aircraft to the left

  13. Ayyy I’m in this! I was the t/34 that went around the corner and got shot.

  14. Everytime bo uploads he makes my day better

  15. ASU at the corner….he’s selling somethin. -Bo

    Me: Bwahahahahah!!!!!!

  16. I love it with how everything it kills the gun is completely overkill

  17. Subscribe to Bo Time Gaming and My dear friend TheShaginator OFFICIAL

  18. 5:59. The innovation of spaced armor is discovered on the battlefield.

  19. I have no breach but i must scream

  20. Love the Vid Bo and Co Keep up the Great work Cheers!

  21. Average Tiger H1 Enjoyer

    Bo, can you please link us your user camos in the description? Thanks a lot!

  22. How am I always in the same lobby as bo

  23. Can you see my first comented video? Check and give me your opinions! https://youtu.be/im3fxEXn1v4
    Thanks you! =)

  24. next ags?

  25. SIR! You are a BOMB MAGNET!

  26. That curfuffle of sound at the beginning there had me laughing so much! I thought he was panicking but no he was just eating and talking.

  27. I need to know what game mode your playing on and what a squadron is i really need to know.

  28. You should try the L3 in a higher br level

  29. I wish WARTHUNDER was on Google Stadia so I can’t play on my iPad

  30. Lies if you take this out.. the planes will come for you.. They’ll fly right past your team-mates just to wreck you.

  31. The Sturer Emil is underappreciated, it’s gun at it’s BR is a monster. If you’re on the receiving end of an Emil load HE you’ll either kill it in one hit or severely damage it.

  32. 13:54

  33. Zeacross Stormblade

    The He-219 is a lower tier Do 335 and better imo

  34. 6:31 “I shot your barrel” lol

  35. Had a chuckle over Ham’s voice being all gibberish and then Bo’s response really made me laugh

  36. 8:10 poor Retro.

    Like an attack dog sent to kill an intruder only to be executed

  37. That Hellcat took you all out

  38. Well I guess being a war trophy is better than being dead LOL

  39. That gun is scary good. It’s just annihilating basically everything you hit with it

  40. bro the “no” at 0:44 got me for some reason lol

  41. “There’s a bomb inside me!” ~~Bo 2022

  42. Only problem with the emil is how volumetric and shell shattering screws over the round, i non pen stewarts because my shell hit some dumb road wheel and it shatterd my shell

  43. The funny thing about WarThunder is that Sherman M4 had as much panic as they had 😀


  44. lol my bro and I was in two of those matches. Weird seeing them in game and yourself from Bo’s perspective.

  45. man what country u use?

  46. is it possible to go higher in the sky to snuff flames?

  47. Why a Buick? and not a Cadillac?… or a Crown Vic? , or a Dodge Monaco?

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