War Thunder – SU-76M “Hello Death”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

I was recently able to acquire the SU-76M 5th Guards Cavalry Corps. I thought it would be a good time to break it in and have some fun with it. Instead, I think this historic vehicle almost broke my sanity. always ask for videos of things not going my way. Endulge.


  1. Is it weird that I’ve been watching bo since he had 62k subscribers but I didn’t actually figure out how to subscribe to him until 119k?

  2. lol Bo shot the asses off those gunners on that truck @11:15

  3. Dangit, two days ago this would have been a great Birthday video.

  4. the first five minutes of this is like a mini fail montage

  5. Good vid, more this kind

  6. lol i was in that m22 who came fast and rammed into you xD
    i was kinda surprised and didn’t know what to do
    that T-III saved both of you xD

    Edit:i am in the first M22 in poland
    Not the second one

  7. From now on if Bear is in a video all I will picture is the commander bear in charge of his vehicle. XD

  8. So all it takes is a locust to send the entire group into panic mode

  9. bo you should do a game with the g.91… i dont think you’ve done it yet. its quite a fun jet to fly…

  10. TheRaptorOfGaming

    Fuck those damned Locusts. Given how tiny the stupid maps are in that game they can be on you before you’ve even gotten into a position just outside your own spawn.

    Also 4:17 Daaammmnnn, look at all those premiums that probably didn’t cost you much since Gaijin probably gives them to you like candy/you can write off purchasing them on your taxes because this can be considered part of your work 😛

  11. I will describe the first minute in three words.

    Panic, death, panic.

  12. No offence Bo but your tank videos are more eventful and better than your aircraft videos

  13. “Never leave a man behind”

    Having just told Sturmling to ABANDON BEAR!

    You guys in a nutshell. LOVE IT!

  14. Vincent Godenir

    If it weird if I love it when Sturmling fails so hard he gets everyone killed? xD

  15. Massive coronary alert!!! Your team defines finding trouble. Great videos, thanks. o7

  16. “Sturmling’s body rocked me”

    Oh my.

  17. 11:14 dear god you sent that shell right up Kostya’s asshole! What a brutal death!
    Not to mention the shell continued through Kostya and hit Vlad square in the crotch.

  18. Gaming Saba Saba

    Is that premium version su-76?

  19. Neat bo that’s neat

  20. Interesting Facts

    nice and very well played bo, ii like first moments very much. Please make a video with tiger 1 type E

  21. Cachorroloko 5143

    ”it’s all about speed and accuracy” well looks like the locust is faster

  22. Oh dear, so much chaos. and poor Sturmling, he tries so hard. Love what you and the TBLF crew do Bo! love the video, keep up the great work.

  23. Glorious’ Bear is a blood bag.

  24. Bo is Peter, confirmed. Not a hero, just an average guy.

  25. Wait, at 4:08, Bo got killed through an entire house from an angle at which the killer never could have seen him coming because Bo was always behind that house?

  26. I think it might be time to add a few bears to your tanks.

  27. Commisar bear is ordering you to charge, he will not hesitate to kill deserters

  28. The M22 is like the honey badger of tanks.

  29. Hello darkness my old friend, Bo is here to talk with you again~

  30. Bo i always loved your channel and videos! Whenever im depressed i watch one of your vids and it makes me feel better. Thank you so much Bo!

  31. PTSD Pamphlet Company

    Anyone else love to laugh at Chris’ incompetence?

  32. Blaqwolf0303 03

    sturmling is the best of tblf!!! him and bo!!!!!

  33. *abandons Bear*
    “Never leave a man behind”


    75mm M3 next plz

  35. Who would win in a fight?
    *Bo’s Bohican’s Street Gang*
    *One Tiny flanking and highly maneuverable boi.*

  36. Zen: Hippity Hoppity get of my property

    “never leave a man behind”

    abandons bear just before he said that

  37. “He’s executing everyone.”
    Said nobody about a Locust until today.

  38. So bo what game mode is are you playing because I saw that u can use aircraft and land vehicles

  39. “It’s all about speed and accuracy… where did he come from!… I shot and missed!”-Bo

  40. Richard Shirley

    As always, you guys put the ROFL in ROFLSTOMP

  41. what game mod do you play?

  42. 2:33
    You’ll thank me later

  43. Where did the squirrel thing start

  44. You may be terrible tankers, but at least you are great content creators. 10/10 muh dudes. 🙂

  45. Very SnipySharky


  46. Ghost of Razgriz

    “So do you want danger close arty, or…..”
    *Bo is killed by arty*
    “Blow up the entire freakin’ city man.”

    I loved that little moment of silence

  47. 5:36 that intern guy from Monsters inc be like

  48. EY this is o funny and just binge watching all of the vids lol i can’t get enough!

  49. This VOWRS squad got TBLF pretty good.

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