War Thunder SUPER BABY DERP! T-26-4 Gameplay! W/BARON!

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Source: PhlyDaily

Thunder DERP! T-26-4 ! W/BARON!


  1. jebhediah kerman

    2 secs ago!

  2. SUPER BABY DERP! Snipin :)

  3. first! derp herp

  4. So adorable X3

  5. 5 mins ago

  6. Wait a sec, how did you look through the “Binoculars” at 1:27? Did not know
    that was possible

  7. Nice vid phly keep up the amazing vids!

  8. Sergio Gonzalez

    Hwy phly 😀

  9. Christian Torres

    I stole your cats and are holding them captive and feeding them once a day
    instead of 2!!!!!

    I’m so evil!

  10. Oskar Andreas Berg

    Phly is phlying his tank

  11. Police and the fireman

  12. BlueDrakilicious

    9:12 I almost cried!

    • BlueDrakilicious

      +Allura Ambrose I wouldn’t wish real life death on someone over a video
      game, but ya that team kill was so lame, my jaw dropped when that happend,

    • +Allura Ambrose settle your Fucking balls dude, if you can’t take a little
      joke/emotion get the fuck off this channel

    • +BlueDrakilicious seriously what a fkkng wankstain and that kid needs to
      die irl,

  13. Fly can you tell us when yu will play WarThunder so the fans can play whit

  14. I want it too

  15. *american-viking- youre such a ***** dick

  16. the guy who dislike this video: can you find another meaning of life?… I
    dislike that guy which dislike the video

  17. Fuck you *american viking

  18. PHLY you aim wrong when your tank is on a slope every video! at 19:08 you
    are not aiming at the BT-5 you are aiming to the left of it, thats why you
    missed it twice. The vertical line of your reticle is only in line with
    gravity when you are on level ground! when you are on a slant the centre of
    your crosshairs should be above your target your round will fall in line
    with gravity not your vertical crosshair.

  19. Fuck you *american-viking- 

  20. Phly my WoW sound is all buggy. I have never had this problem with any
    game. Do you know a fix? Plz help. Btw keep up the good vids. 

  21. Anon ymus (keiththefish)

    I’m gonna report that dude. That was clearly on purpose.

  22. when repairing in cap circle after the repair is done it automatically
    starts loading missing shells,so after repaired you can cancel the loading
    by holding repair button for few seconds.

  23. Phly! Load shrapnel!!! Shrapnel is so much better than ap and he with that
    gun. Shrapnel all the way!

  24. If anyone sees *american-viking- in game, make sure you team-kill him! ;)

    • ____ “thxcomeagain” ____

      +American Viking i doubt this is the real player from the game but if it
      DUMBASS. hope you liked my little rage moment, it was a lot of fun writing
      this comment. have a good day and go fys. XD


    • Guys, it’s just a bit of playful banter. I own a PS4 as well as a PC.

    • I hate when idiots like that give us PS4 players bad names :/

    • Yea and anyone can message him with the PlayStation app.also I’m a PS
      player were not all douches

  25. But the ZiS 30 with a smaller gun and worse armour was moved to tier 2 with
    double the BR, the same as the even better one.

    • +Starwars8539 For balance probably, I’m not an expert. :p But if I had to
      guess, I’d say it’s because the 57mm of the ZiS has less
      explosive/fragmentational power due to its smaller load of explosives it
      can carry compared to the 75 mm of the Su. The Su however, probably loses
      to the ZiS in the penetration departement.

    • Oh.. But why the same BR as the next TD?

    • The gun of the ZIS-30 is vastly superior to the gun on this tank. It’s so
      good that it completely makes up for the other shortcomings of the tank
      with it’s rather flat trajectory and high penetrating capabilities.

  26. They nerfed the last il-2 it can only carry 4 rockets now instead of 8:(

  27. Phly and everybody. Here’s a quick tip. If you high mm cannon do not
    penetrate with HE so shoot under the tank. The explosion will do the job.

  28. Hint

  29. Fuck you *american-viking-

  30. It goes trough the weak roof of the tank

  31. American Viking could’ve ranged his shot COMPLETELY wrong, it’s a

  32. Pedro “RaMir0” Amaral

    13:07 that’s what she said! ^^

  33. When a fan boy kills u and hes on your team…

  34. Cool

  35. Reserve tiering with pby and the m2a4

  36. the TK was on accident it looks like, he aimed too low for the enemy
    infront of you

  37. What a team killing cunt.

  38. You gotta pen that rear baby…. hehe yeah you do.

  39. Антон Ротанов

    They definitely should improve punishments for teamkills.

  40. What about p-51d-5 with red tail skin and m4a2 with fury skin

  41. FrankensteiN14RO ___

    The first 10 seconds gave cancer.

    >cries about getting on kursk with a derp

    >plays AB


  42. I once used a sherman 105 on kursk with HEAT rounds. All the enemy tanks
    were over 1.2 km away. I had to use HE to range them while zoomed in since
    I couldn’t see the range lines over the 1 km mark with HEAT.

  43. Emperor Palpatine

    Why it more effective with further range because of the kinetic energy
    with the shell.

  44. 69th comment.

  45. +BaronVonGamez There is a BT-7a with that same turret only a BT chasie

  46. PyrotechnicMailman

    How stupid can some people be? Probably shot you on purpose..a lot of your
    subs are idiots who grovel and shit. 

  47. That little cute thinkg destroy’s like a KV-2 against a ZIS-30 IT IS STRONK

  48. *Dear American Viking*
    *I don’t despise you because you’re mentally deficient or because you’re
    unsightly, I despise you because you live in a trailer.* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ~Dead Pixel

  49. Damit friendly fire american viking you had one job 

  50. T26 American sniper haha

  51. MCibuliakTV Yop

    Phly do you think that there will be T-26 AA ?

  52. You killed my i am progamernl

  53. plz take out the m4 or the hellcat again plz

  54. Because of those teamkilling fuckers i stopped to play WT Groundforces. It
    happened just too often… -.-

  55. Of course the guy who TK’d you is a console player.

  56. Plz fly out the F8F 1b or 1 aka the nerfed cat because of fan boys not
    being able to handle the Americans having 1 good t4 prop 

  57. #Micro KV-2

  58. They should ad the real baby derp
    De bt 42 

  59. The Doge Channel


  60. one thing I have to say to *American Viking fuck you

  61. MrImmortalityPrince

    So that team killer did that because he knew fried delly as Phly or he did
    it just because he’s an a-hole in general. Oh poor them trying to be funny.

  62. I use T-60 in tier 3 as AA gun cuz to lazy to research XD


  64. how do you do xray view in game?

  65. Ducky McQuackins

    XD I had a War Thunder ad at the start of the video, except it was
    advertising Patch 1.45 Steel Generals! A little late for that lol

  66. American Viking

    It was an accident guys 

  67. I like seeing these impotent assholes tk Youtubers. Gives me some more
    names to add to my blacklist.

  68. Can you please do the new Derpy German nb

  69. TheUndead Gamers

    I killed somebody from 1746m it was pirtty hard

  70. little potato unicorn


    Phly-come on man you gotta pen that rear man

    Baron- ya you do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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