War Thunder SUPER PERSHING FIRST GAMEPLAY ( War Thunder Tanks 1.57)

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FIRST GAMEPLAY ( War Thunder Tanks 1.57)

War Thunder Update 1.57 Patch notes – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/301855-preliminary-update-notes-war-thunder-update-157/


  1. first

  2. 72nd

  3. I’m so glad this tank is going to be in the game now :D

  4. play the chieftain

  5. well this is not the first time i am writing you mister phly and it’s about
    a little project that i wish being able to create with you it’s a serie of
    videos where a bunch of french british and Americans are going to
    participate and i realllllly need that oki from yous o that i could push it
    this is not the account wher i put my videos on you can always contact me
    on facebook
    Omar BOUAARFA .

  6. Super Pershing yes!!!!

  7. Hey Phly did u c that war thunder quiz

  8. Hey phly

  9. do der CHIEFTAIN!!!!

  10. 420th comment 69 lol blaze weed m9

  11. I wish iT was releasd

  12. Encore Encore!!

  13. i personally dont like those fire effects when stuff hits you. its a little
    too much. they should just add some sparks not a campfire effect lol

  14. play the kv 2 once again and shoot some planes!

  15. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawX Omega)

    The tank
    And his flying tank friend combo
    Super Pershing

  16. do you have a sound mod on?

  17. Dude….favorite tank

  18. the spring take the recoil of the gun

  19. “None of my business” buttttttt… the super pershing has tripple spaced

  20. Super Pershing and Chieftain!!! This Patch is soo great

  21. try tigerh1 and bf110 please

  22. lol so many live.wt posters were in that cb


  24. Normally shit kids who only shoot the barrel

  25. Big boom, that’s how I call it

  26. TA 152C?

  27. And I would’ve gotten you too, if it wasn’t for that meddling Arado! 😛

    (Also, nice hiding spot on the hill. I was wondering where the heck you
    came from. XD)

  28. It’s staying alive because of the bastardly “last man standing” “Feature”.

    Gaijin might aswell lick WG’s ass because they’re arcadifying the shit out
    of the game.

  29. Gaijin forgot to put in the 2nd and 3rd plate.

  30. There’s actual not much point to taking a lot the solid on this tank as its
    APHE can pen a tiger 2s mantle past 500m

  31. sooo basically, the super Pershing has armour for its armour, that is
    protecting the armour….

    good one murica, good one xD

  32. lol WeBe flying sunderland

  33. so how will we kill this thing 0,0

  34. i really like it how they chge all there sounds but they still sucks

  35. I want to see a turkey shoot out custom battle. A lot of Sunderlands Vs. A
    few High tier heavies using HE rounds.

  36. Dick butt Nick butt

    I hate how I have to now worry about AI now great

  37. APCs and APHE should not be able to pen from the front, the fuse on those
    shells is like 25 – 28mm they should explode between the spaced armor

  38. The new mini mous arises!

  39. Creepypasta_ King

    is that still dev server or not

  40. When the pussy too good

    hellcat has i think 227 pen with apcr

  41. do a video on the chieftain!

  42. Wait, so they did add the 1 crew thing? noice

  43. Phly, are you using the sound pack or is that just the new sounds for 1.57?

  44. Communism is the best ism

    You gonna cover that Chieftain my sire?

  45. Is the update out or not because i dont see it

  46. Carl Marcker Christiansen

    Phly, try taking out the A-26!

  47. QuadDuckOG Farmer

    Did you see at 6:10 minutes in the video the tank was controled only by one

  48. This game is soooooooooooo bad

  49. Hello phly,

    Before I start you’ve gained +1 sub 🙂

    Anyway seeing as you play War Thunder (btw Super Pershing is the American
    gulag :P) I thought I’d share a game with you. This game is called Wings Of
    Duty. It’s a combat flight sim for IOS and Android and is still currently
    in development. Now I’m not saying make a video on it or anything (I don’t
    know if you record anything on IOS or Android) but think of it as DCS
    combined with War Thunder for mobile. It’s quite realistic and I suggest
    you try it. It’s free to play, pay to add on. Updates are constant and are
    coming out very fast with Battle of Britain maps and various British and
    German planes coming. There is a forum al, you have to do is search up
    wings of duty or visit the page through the App Store.

    Current features of the game are: Pacific theatre maps with both American
    and Japanese planes. A5M,A6M2,A6M3,Ki-43,Ki-61,B5N for Japan and the
    P-35,P-40,P-39,P-38,P-47,SBD,F4F,F6F3,F6F5,F4U-1,Lockheed Hudson,B-25, and
    the B-26.

  50. who would rather get free pizza with choice of any topping for the rest of
    your life or get 100 kills in rb for every game mode and tanks or planes

  51. Please fly, m82 is love m82 if life dont use those apcr rounds. :-D

  52. Firing at the frontal and lower glacis of the of the Cyka Pershing should
    be futile even with HEAT.

  53. Does the spaced armor go off when you shoot it?

  54. The Hellcat gets over 200 of penetration with the apcr shells

  55. Phly remember, it’s a medium tank that ate too many McDonald’s burgers and
    glued a riot shield to it’s face.

  56. I like how phy thinks that he HAS to switch to ap to pen anything that’s at
    his teir like wtf the apcbc has 204 mm of pen

  57. How did he unlock these tanks so fast? (sorry maybe I’m being stupid)

  58. The next video you should do the FW 190 Z-17 if they have it

  59. Is 1.57 out on full server?

  60. alright phly attempt number 13! become a ww1 ace by flying out the
    swordfish and getting at least 5 kills in rb

  61. Holy crap, finally. If there is one surviving crew it can be a gunner and
    shot the tank that used to of killed you

  62. I can see plenty of pissed off T-10M and T-54 drivers plunging shot after
    shot of HEAT into the spaced armour because they don’t understand how HEAT
    actually works. The tank was supposed to have multiple layers of boiler
    plate welded onto the front at different angles, but it doesn’t look like
    the game can handle that yet. This should be immune to anything HEAT
    related from the front.

  63. How would you rate the super Pershing Good,okay,or average

  64. Kryštof Novotný

    Do a stalin organ please with russian roocket tanks

  65. We want the star of patch 1.57 THE CHIEFTAIN MBT!!!!!

  66. T10 is of stronk

  67. King Tiger vs super pershing

  68. yea, if you haven’t already figured it out, it doesn’t matter what American
    tank your in, you will get your ass beat.

  69. that’s awesome that they added the one crew member tank thing

  70. Yes Sir the Tubes are Springs becouse the Shield was after wards Edit and
    it was to heavy for the Hydraulic of the Turret. Have a nice Day Sir (btw.
    sry for Bad english im from Germany 🙂 )

  71. the hellcats a good tank, dont shoot it

  72. tank request plan the m18 hell cat and club a t10 like i did when i met

  73. tell me how that HEATFS shell went through 3 layers of armor

  74. man those sounds. are they from the update or just a mod?

  75. I have discovered the greatest way to grind in war thunder, play during my
    GLE and lunch period, there’s like 2 and a half hours and if i do that
    every day… i’ll have the CL-13 in no time.

  76. thanks for doing the super Pershing for me. Can you put it in a combo with
    the B-17? General Pershing’s son flew in a B-17.

  77. please

  78. I am a subscriber to you. I also really love your videos.

  79. +PhlyDaily those tubes on top of the T26E4 if I remember correctly are
    electrically fired anti-tank rockets.

  80. Whats the best way to kill myself?

  81. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    i wish it was faster!

  82. pershing looks awesome

  83. What’s Phly’s theme song called it sounds amazing

  84. wait, can a guy reload, aim,shot, and drive in the same time? omg its a
    super guy

  85. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    T26E4 does not care for puny russian guns. Does not pen.

  86. Those 2 things are bazookas

  87. m18 hellcat and
    SB2C-4 Hell diver
    The forces from the underworld.

  88. Russian bias is bs, it doesn’t exist

  89. you shot a centurion in the side of the turret, he survived and you say the
    tank sucked? how many tanks would have survived differently when shot in
    the side of the turret?

  90. When you see how usefull are the spaced armor in this game I would rather
    see US doing a pershing with directly 300mm armor everywhere in the front..

  91. Play the chieftain when it comes out on the dev server!

  92. Apparently they added that last man standing feature. That sucks, it’s such
    an arcadey mechanic and doesn’t belong in rb or sb.

  93. wait wait wait, you don’t die when you have 1 crew left anymore?

  94. Andrew van der Hoop

    The springs aren’t for holding the gun up, they are for negating the gun’s

  95. the tubes are hydraulics to help left the super heavy mantlet of the super


  97. how is tiger 2 suppose to pen this?

  98. Those are recoil tubes for the cannon

  99. The hype is reallll when will 1.57 be outtttt?

  100. fhfhfhrtgrgfgfdrdhfhrdgfgfdh rhfdhdhrdhfhfdhdrhfdh

    6:43 will you be able to still use your tank with one crew member when 1.57
    comes out, or is that just a dev branch thing?

  101. fly the p-39!!! nose mounted cannons for the win!!!!

  102. Why u gotta kill me

  103. Does this game needs a joystick?

  104. is this tank being put in the main tree or will it be premium? being as
    there was only one made, or at least used, i would expect it to be premium
    but you never know for sure.

  105. at 6:35 the tank has only one crew memeber so now you can man your tank
    with one crew member?

  106. do you have special access or something?

  107. hell cat has up to 224mm penetration at 10 ft

  108. anyone else see the lighting effect when he was on fire, you could actually
    see light coming from the engine block or through the air vents

  109. Just use HE on the AI. Use it like KV-2

  110. Anyone else notice the entirety of Warthunder Live was in this game?

  111. How to show all of the HUD?

  112. Seriously… those people in game chat… are like 13 years old and really

  113. 3:33 wow isn’t that depressing…? I literally don’t want them to add the
    Chieftain because I know they’ll make it suck dick. With companies like
    Gaijin and Wargaming they need significant financial incentive to make a
    nations vehicles okay. The UK isn’t a big enough market so meh lol. Whereas
    Russia and the US…. Yes they are best comrade! 😉 Raaaant over

  114. id odn’t know why you are not using the m82 shell. You do understand that
    that has the most tnt of them all, right? And it can oneshot things a
    littlebit better than 85 mm soviet gun but a little bit worsed than 122?

    WITH ACCURACY!!! (Not like the KV-2)

  116. Warthunder Should have the f2y seadart

  117. you have serious issues! go see a psychiatrist

  118. how do u play on dev server

  119. cHEATFS shot by T-10M gets through not ONE, but TWO spaced armour plates.
    Oh yes, working as intended. Certainly not enabling players to compensate
    for their lack of aiming skill. Nope, great addition.

    And please don’t say that they added the function that you have to kill
    EVERY crew member for a tank to die… That’s going to be beyond annoying
    it it’s true.

  120. Can you play that in tank RB?

  121. Nice new effects

  122. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    i love your into keep it up :D

  123. Just why did you use AP??? LOL

  124. Alexander Snowden

    Phly looks like Webe was in your match as well, he was a Sunderland

  125. lmfao the chat at 1:36 xD i’d react the same tbh

  126. Play the new Tiger plz! :)

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